Chris Peak Breaks Down The Graham Hiring

Pittsburgh (93-7 The FAN) – Chris Peak of joined the FAN Morning Show to discuss the hiring of Todd Graham as the new head coach of the Pitt Panthers football team.

Peak said that “time will tell the story” whether Steve Pedersen made the correct decision to take Graham over the other pool of candidates. Peak said he knew that Pitt was not going to sign a high profile coach. He added that he thought the candidates Pedersen considered were either BCS coordinators or non-BCS head coaches.

Overall, Peak said he believes Graham is a good hire for Pitt. As for the overall tone on campus, he added that people around the administration are much more optimistic this time around than they were after the hiring of Mike Haywood.

Graham will reportedly receive around $2 million per year as head coach along with $2 million for his coaching staff. Peak said he doesn’t know exactly where that money came from; but he suspects that Pitt finally decided that if they want to win, they will need to “pay like winners.”

Peak said Graham and his assistants will have to work fast this week to get on the phones with recruits as they begin to declare by the beginning of February. He thinks that some recruits that de-committed after the Haywood situation might now re-commit to Pitt. Graham might also try to snag some of the recruits he had coming to Tulsa.

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One Comment

  1. Boondock Saint says:

    Sorry, but this is going to be just a continuation of the joke that Pitt has already become. They had Tom Bradley gift wrapped on a silver platter. A man who practically runs one of the best programs in the country and would be a great figurehead for many years to come to actually get Pitt out of the second tier of obscurity that they now will always be. I don’t care what Grahm did. It’s still a lower level program in many aspects. And I actually do hope he wins 30 plus games in his first 3 seasons, Pitt goes to BCS bowls and whatnot because then he will be gone for whatever high profile position is open at that time and make twice what he’s making now. Then it’s back to the drawing board again. Pitt didn’t swing for the fences like it needed to, therefore they will always be SOP (Same Old Pitt). While they’re at it why not bring in Cam Bonifay to be the special assistant to the special assistant to AD Steve Pederson.

  2. Pitt Fan says:

    It is an absolute joke that Pitt passed on Tom Bradley, a guy who wanted Pitt as a destination job. This clown from Tulsa’s big win came when he beat Notre Dame…big deal, EVERYONE has beaten Notre Dame the last decade. He runs the same junk defense that Rich Rod does and has no recruiting power in this area at all.

    Bradley, on the other hand, is a guy who would instantly boost your recruiting in PA, become a fan favorite, and SELL TICKETS. Isn’t Pitt embarrassed to be playing to a half-full Heinz Field every weekend? It’s not bad enough that Pederson RUINED Nebraska, he has to come back and ruin Pitt too??

    1. Excited Pitt Fan says:

      Did Pitt or Wanny beat Notre Dame last year? Everyone needs to get over the fact that Tom Bradley wasn’t hired. Pitt has a new head coach support the guy. It is good that a Western PA native didn’t get the job. And guess what? The WPIAL is far from the football gem that it once was. Give me a break.

  3. Chris says:

    Get over it folks. Get over the fact that Pitt didn’t want Tom “Temple didn’t want him either” Bradely. And this “desitination” job is too cute. Worked real well for Wanny huh? Where are his championships? If Graham moves on in 4 to 5 years it’ll only mean he’s won at Pitt. Johnny Majors did the same and he is remembered fondly. Want to root for a “lifer” head coach? Is it that important to you? Root for Penn State. Hail to Pitt!

  4. Let's go Pitt says:

    For all the Bradley supporters who think that the Pitt program made a huge mistake by not hiring him, I’m wondering when Bradley became the second coming Vince Lombardi. And if he is all that some believe him to be why on earth would “one of the best programs in the country” let him even think about going anywhere else. No doubt he would have been the comfortable hire, the popular guy who everyone wanted. However, that does not guarantee he would have been the right hire.

    Second Dave Wannstedt recruited pretty well in PA the last six years. That did not end up so well for Pitt.

  5. Ralph says:

    Ralph from Mckees Rocks and I approve this message. I like the hire of Todd Graham I wanted Tom Bradley. but I have one thing to say and I speak for all Pitt fans Steve Pederson if this hire does not work your FIRED. and Pitt the donors are important people and the money is needed. do not bite the hand that feeds you.

  6. Jack says:

    Great selection hiring Graham. His offensive approach to the game will make it fun to attend a Pitt game. Tom Bradley is a great guy, but we don’t need a baby Joe Pappa running the program…….. good luck Todd…… show the nay sayers Pitt is back!

  7. On the Right Track says:

    I am SO sick of hearing how important it is to have a coach that can recruit the area. What is worth recruiting around here? An occasional DB or a little above average lineman! SEC has won the last 5 National Championships and how many of those players came from WPa!

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