Graham Getting Right To Work

By Mike Vukovcan

PITTSBURGH (KDKA-TV) — New Pitt football coach Todd Graham hasn’t officially been introduced yet but he’s already hard at work trying to complete his coaching staff.

The university is giving him $2 million to spend on assistants, so coming up with talented people shouldn’t be an issue.

Considering National Letter of Intent Day is approaching quickly (Feb. 2), Graham is likely to announce this quickly so they can start hitting the recruiting trail.

Here are some people Graham is reportedly likely to bring with him to Pitt. These are guys he’s worked with at both Tulsa and West Virginia.

  • Keith Patterson: His co-defensive coordinator at Tulsa (also coached the DL)
  • Paul Randolph: His co-defensive coordinator at Tulsa (also coached the DL)
  • Spencer Leftwich: His offensive line coach at Tulsa
  • Tony Gibson: Was assistant head coach, defensive backs and special teams coach this past season with Michigan
  • Tony Dews: Was WR coach at Michigan
  • If Graham hires these coaches, he would still have 4 spots left to fill (offensive coordinator, running back coach, tight ends coach and one more defensive assistant).

    KDKA-TV Sports will be at today’s press conference and will have the latest on KDKA-TV Sports at 5 and 6.


    One Comment

    1. pghtomkat says:

      Pederson SPIT in Wannys face with this move!
      Good Grief!
      Im sure hes a nice guy; however this is a complete and utter Joke!

      1. he has no link to the program
      2. At WVU he was an assitant-assitant to the real DB backcoach.
      3. OK, so Tulsa got turned around under him. If you take a bunch of ragtag, unfocused athletes that no BIG TIME REAL BIG EAST school wanted and give them direction and implament a template that Graham “saw” at WVU under Rich Rod; then of course Tulsa is gonna get better.
      4. He’s gone in 4 years with 10 million in his pocket

    2. My Name is Earl says:

      I thought being a TV weatherman was the best job in the world becasue you could do or say anything without the pesky need for ever doing anything right.
      I stand corrected.
      The best job in the world is being the AD at Pitt.

      I can only dream…….

    3. Ralph says:

      this is Ralph from Mckees Rocks and I approve this message. I like the hire but I thought that Tom Bradley would have gotten the job but it is what it is. I have one thing to say to Steve Pederson if this fails your FIRED. and I speak for all Pitt fans when I say that.

    4. john esposito says:

      Why wait to see “if” it fails, it will. For $2 mil a year we better see a national championship. Fired Pederson now!!! You messed up Pitt’s program royally.

    5. Rick says:

      Wanny was a bad head football coach.
      JOhn Majors had no link to the program
      Steve Pederson will not be fired
      Fans will want to come to the games to see college football again
      Wanny was fired with over 6 million in his pocket and had an average program
      In 4 years Bradley will be retired
      And finally i actually buy tickets and go the games . (wow, a fan who pays)
      Without Steve Pederson’s vision when he came here , there would not be any program to speak about. The day that Pederson came to Pitt there were less than 8000 people in the stands for Rutgers . This university was very close to downsizing and removing itself from Division ! football . Ah , we have short memories.

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