Pitt Introduces Todd Graham

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The University of Pittsburgh formally introduced head football coach Todd Graham during a press conference Tuesday.

Graham has been the head coach at Tulsa for the last four years where he earned a 36-17 record. He also had three bowl game wins during his tenure.

“Looking at this opportunity, this is a dream come true for me and for my family and for my staff – guys I have been with for a long time in this business – to get an opportunity to head up a BCS program, and one of I think one of the finest programs in the country,” he said.

This will be Graham’s third head-coaching job. Before Tulsa, he spent one season at Rice. Back in 2001 and 2002, he was an assistant under Rich Rodriguez at West Virginia.

“I started 26 years ago coaching seventh-grade football and [have] been very, very blessed,” he said.

Graham talked about the type of football he wants to play here.

“When I think of Pittsburgh and I think of [the] Pitt football program, you think of blue collar, hard edge, tough brand of football,” Graham said.

“Coming back to the Big East, I’ve had the opportunity to be in this league before – that’s how you win football here and we’re excited to bring a high-energy, innovative – a high octane approach to this university,” he added.

It is being reported that Graham’s deal will pay him $10 million over the next five years. If that’s true, Graham’s $2 million would be nearly double what Dave Wannstedt was earning.

On Dec. 16, Pitt introduced Mike Haywood as Wannstedt’s replacement; but just about two weeks later, the university dismissed Haywood following his arrest on a domestic violence charge.


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  1. Satan Pedersin says:

    Welcome to hell, Todd! At least the pay doesnt suck

  2. drc says:

    Good luck to him and I do wish him well but not to hire Tom Bradley was an egocentric move that Peterson is going to regret. Idiot.

    1. Zach says:

      Again, what is with the obsession with Tom Bradley?? I’m not taking away from his abilities as a coach but seriously.. if he was that great then why wouldn’t PSU be doing what they need to do to keep him on ice for another year (even Joe Pa has to stop soon.. one season maybe??). If he was that great why not Temple – which also didn’t believe he was the right guy? The idea that you have to be from a specific geography to be effective is so archaic its ridiculous. Dave Wannstedt proved that while he could recruit he lacked other abilities required to take Pitt to the top of their conference. Stewart at WVU same thing. Time will tell whether Graham is worth the money but of the available talent pool I think he is a pretty good hire!

  3. Mon River Towing says:

    Actually, the Mike Haywood hire was the egocentric move. Pederson wanted to be the guy to find a diamond in the rough and it backfired big time. Graham should have been hired the first go-round but Pitt wanted to save money. This time Nordenberg and Cochrane are on the hook if Graham doesnt pan out. Not just Pederson. Welcome to Pittsburgh Mr Graham. $2million spends much better in Pittsburgh than most cities.

  4. Scott says:

    I just hope this man is going to be a great ambassador to the city and university as we knoow Mr. Bradley would be…

  5. pitt fan says:

    Good luck to Coach Graham. I hope he can be a success at Pitt. Now for the other one. Pitt fans- don’t let him off the hook. Pederson still has to go NOW! He and the chancellor will go into hiding now and hope everything blows over. Don’t let it happen! Keep the financial heat on !

  6. Isaah Duck says:

    Yea, let’s get rid of the bum.

  7. dobreshunka_59 says:

    give the guy a chance and the very best to tom bradley


    I’m glad we finally have a new head coach.
    Now Pitt has no excuse and must FIRE PEDERSON NOW!!!!!!!

  9. St8tr4life says:

    You all forgot the 2.5 million buyout from Tulsa that Pitt is paying for. So to sum up, you got a guy with less of a background in the area, not as much experience, at higher price tag and oh yeah, he’ll be gone to his next gig in the next 4 or 5 years than Bradley. Pitt makes me laugh every time they are in the news!

  10. St8tr4life says:

    I sure hope the Steelers never use any of these people at Pitt.

  11. Clue says:

    that’s what happens when your first choice batters his baby mama.

  12. Randy T says:

    ALL PITT SEASON ticket holders should not buy tickets if this second rate Coach from Tulsa is hired!
    The players should tranfer ASAP.
    Fire Pederson!
    Hail PITT!

  13. St8tr4life says:

    Yeah Clue, Pedersen sure does have an eye for talent.

  14. Mike22 says:

    Yeah fire the AD who brought the basketball team from the dregs & oh yeah u squealed about the second rate coach from N.Arizona (Howland). & what abiut those first rate facilities on the So.Side-all Pedersen! yes the Haywood hire blew up,but nothing was out there to indicate this could happen. GIVE IT A CHANCE PEOPLE! you may be surprised…

  15. Pittsburgh Guy says:

    Next year Big East Championship!!!! Year after Grahm wants millions more or he’s moven on!

    1. Len says:

      Pittsburgh Guy I realize u r a homer but do yourself a favor don’t say stupid stuff like next year a big east title. First of all your qb is god awful and not a spread qb second no recruits this team will be hurting for years because of that. Pitt has a long way to go, before they r even competitive

  16. PITT JOKE!!!! says:

    Pitt needed to go big name or somebody younger…… no interviews for Boise coach.. rich rod… ok st coord… leech.. bring in somebody who we can get excited about….. I will not buy a tick until we win a championship… same as Pirates….

  17. Brad says:

    Typical Pittsburgh fans

    Tear apart a man who just complimented the city because he isn’t chuck noll or Jackie sherrill. Folks coaches leaving is part of the game, both auburn and Oregon have had new coaches in the last few years, so has Alabama, stanford, wisconsin, arkansas , lsu all have been to a bcs bowl In the last 2 years .. If you all recall you are the same people who bashed Jamie Dixon and said he was leaving..

  18. Joe T says:

    He beat ND at ND and has won seven straight. Let’s give him a chance

    1. Bob says:

      beat N. D. Wow great accomplishment.. Give me a break,N.D. has stunk for the past 10 yrs..

  19. tony says:

    Brad, how many season tickets do you have? That cha-ching you just heard was the ticket price increase to pay for this ass-clown

  20. MK says:

    How sad that a a college is more focused on a sport than education. Where do they get the money to pay this goof 2 million a year? Oh thats right, outrageous tuition fees

  21. Roscoe says:

    This is a good hire. Dollars pale in comparison to what Mark Nordenberg’s friends/cronies ae Wilshire Associates stole from the University last year. Supposedly paid close to million bucks for fancy PR firm from New York for damage control.

  22. Monroe Milers says:

    Hey – the guy can not be that bad – he learned his trade under Rich Rod – and look at him now – you could have had him – plus a 2.5 mil buy out from the U of M — maybe Pitt will run the spread next season – see ya on the sideline Rich Rod

  23. bob says:

    the sports writers ,you know, the penn state haters, just got their wish by Pitt passing on Bradley..Cook, Phil S(the ultimate Penn State hater), etc….are all smiling now…Get over The Hate of Penn St…Your man wannstadt did nothing for the program.. peterson needs to go,the worse move was not building an onsite football stadium,then hiring Dave and then extending his contract for losing every big game in the past 5 yrs..Hires from Ohio U,Tulsa. a defensive coordinater,,,,,,,,,,,,Dave, of the Miami Dolphins(look up the defense of the Dolphins during those yrs.) Peterson has had blunders year after year…

  24. joe P says:

    Who was the Genius that signed Dave W. to a new contract recently..Thats Pitts problem,reward average coaching!! Give me one reason why a top football player would come to Pitt?? Not winning any big game for 5 yrs..Get to play at Heinz field,where the students need to get up and go across town on a Sat.. morning, great idea.. Cant sell out games..Scenic Oaland,,etc…

    1. JoeBob says:

      Learning how to spell Oakland……priceless!

  25. Bill says:

    Congrats coach Graham , but dont walk out of a room with your back to Steve Pederson. Fire Steve pederson NOW

  26. Mike22 says:

    hey P.S.Bob, where in then hell were they going to put an on campus stadium in Oakland?you can’t even squeeze a parking space in there;Pedersen didn’t hire Wanny &^ his only blunder was Haywood & nobody could see that happening.Graham was the first choice all along & now that Nordenberg has ok’d the dollars, it’ll all work out- and Bob if Bradley was in such demand why was friggin UConn the only school talking to him beside Pitt?

  27. Matt says:

    Steve Pederson wins in a landslide for MOOK of the year award!

  28. Steve says:

    Congratulations Coach Graham.

    My respect to Coach Bradley.



  29. rick says:

    and what does Jamie Dixon make if they jjust paid this guy 2million> hmmmmm

  30. billyd says:

    have a ball with this new coach thing media

  31. Joe T says:

    Kirk Herbstreit called Tulsa’s win over ND the biggest upset of the year, so at somebody else was impressed by it.

  32. bettygerbil says:

    here we go kids your going to pay more to go to this college now just because of football how do u like that one

  33. Doofus says:

    Any reason Pederson didn’t call this guy in December?

  34. Len says:

    KDKA get your stats correct his record is 36-17 over 4 years not 36-7

  35. Tom says:

    Please give Todd Graham a chance. None of us knew much about Jamie Dixon (when he was Howland’s assistant) and I recall many people were jumping up and down saying the hiring of Dixon was a terrible move. What is Pitt basketball now?…Number 5 in the nation. I agree that the handling of this football situation from the Athletic Department was an embarrasment, but let’s let that part of it (if Pederson is dismissed) play out in the days ahead. I am not an alum of Pitt (but do completey agree that alumni should indeed be upset with this), but love the Panthers and I wish the new coach, his staff and the young men on the team all the best . Welcome to Pittsburgh, Coach!! In the meantime, I am going to enjoy watching Jamie Dixon and Pitt basketball continue to rise in the polls. THIS is a special team.

  36. Sooner says:

    The best hire Pitt has ever made. congrats for finally hiring a FOOTBALL coach. guarantee he is a winner.

  37. Ed Rendell says:

    How long till Jamie Dixon asks for a big raise?

  38. Mister O says:

    What has Tom Bradley done that makes him the next big thing? Tell me, I’d really like to know. He hasn’t been able to recruit locally since Dave Wannstedt became Pitt’s coach. He certainly hasn’t developed any NFL players since Jerry Sandusky was forced out. His players go from ‘We Are’ to IR.
    Steve Pederson should be fired if only because he doesn’t have the integrity to resign after carelessly hiring Mike Haywood. How can you investigate a 46 yo man and not notice a potential problem in his background.

  39. truth says:

    You ars wipes even turned this into a pantherlair thread

    1. Harry says:


  40. Bill says:

    Bring back Penn State game and script Pitt logo and I (along with Todd’s kid) will be happy

  41. rick says:

    I moved from Pittsburgh 38 years ago but still love the place and especially the University but my god, some of the comments about Coach Graham make me ashamed to have come from there. I sure hope he and his family do not read these posts because you only make you and your City and school look small.

  42. JW says:

    I was a Bradley supporter, but after hearing Todd Graham’s press conference and that the players have bought in, I’m somewhat excited again about Pitt football. He certainly was a lot more energetic about getting the job than Haywood was. My biggest concern though is that he’s bringing the Tulsa D-coordinator with him. Given the YPG and PPG averages at Tulsa this past season, its justified. If Graham expects to deploy a 3-4 scheme at Pitt, he should make it mandatory that the DC go across the hall on the Southside and talk to the guy running the Steelers’ 3-4 and take a lot of notes! Pederson still needs to go!!

  43. Timmy D. says:

    Get some thicker skin Rick. You can thank Pederson if you think everyone around here is a bit cautious on Graham. I hope it works out, I really do, but having 3 head coaches in less than a month makes Pitt look like a laughingstock. Even after 38 years of not living here is no excuse to forget what pride means to everyone in this region.

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