U.S. Airlines Have No Plans To Help Stranded Passengers

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — USA Today’s Gary Stoller discusses the lack of help being offered by airlines in the U.S. to stranded passengers. This is despite the changes being made to many European based airlines that are now offering various compensation for the trouble.

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  • Daniel

    If an Amtrak train is delayed coming into Chicago a customer service rep will board the train several hours out of Chicago, you will have a hotel voucher in hand, money for a taxi and food with a sincere apology. Even if it is weather related. Take the train folks. And remember my saying…friends do not let friends fly…..GO AMTRAK!

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    […] U.S. Airlines Have No Plans To Help Stranded Passengers USA Today’s Gary Stoller joins Rose and Paul to discuss the lack of any help being made available to stranded airline passengers. Read more on KDKA Pittsburgh […]

  • Megan

    I’m sick of all these radio clips ending up in my news feed. If I wanted to hear this I’d be listening to the radio. I’m only interested in articles.

  • 2059

    Why should they help them? When you travel in the Winter you should expect the unexpected. Gov. Rendell hit the nail on the head we’re becoming “wussies”. Shut up and quit whining!!!

  • Ken S

    Amtrak doesnt pay. our taxes going to help Amtrack pays. Thats why they give it out so quick.

    • John

      Air transport receives far more taxpayer subsidy than rail. According to the US Dept of Transportation, highways receive $33 billion, air $14 billion, and rail only $0.5 billion.

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