4-1-Zoo: Would Robinson, Forcier Come to Pitt?

PITTSBURGH — One of the intriguing things about hiring Todd Graham as head football coach at Pitt is his staff and how well it might recruit.

Offensive coordinator Calvin Magee and recruiting coordinator Tony Gibson are both formerly of Rich Rodriguez’s staffs at West Virginia and Michigan, and it appears they might have a chance to lure some talent away from the Wolverines.

Namely: quarterbacks Denard Robinson and/or Tate Forcier.

Robinson was arguably the most dangerous offensive threat in the nation in 2010. He threw for over 2,500 yards and 18 touchdowns while rushing for over 1,700 yards, powering the No. 25 scoring offense in the country (32.8 points per game).

Forcier experienced a good deal of success at Michigan two years ago, throwing for over 2,000 yards and 13 touchdowns. He lost his job to Robinson in 2010.

And now their head coach, Rodriguez, is gone.

It leaves a big decision for both players, who will have to choose between playing for new Michigan head football coach Brady Hoke or moving to a different school. It’s such a big decision because not many people can utilize talents like Robinson or Forcier like Rodriguez did in his spread offense.

One person that might be able to, though, is Magee.

He was offensive coordinator at Michigan and likely will run a similar, if not the same, offense at Pitt. Both Robinson and Forcier are familiar with that offense and could make a rather seamless transition to Pitt — though transfer rules would require them to sit out a year.

But the big question is, do they want to transfer?

Well, the answer seems like a resounding “yes” from Forcier. He is not enrolled in classes for the winter semester at Michigan and is rumored to be transferring to Montana.

As for Robinson, the situation is much more cloudy. He recently gave “no comment” to questions regarding his future at Michigan. His high school football coach, however, believes Robinson is likely to stay at Michigan.

It’s something interesting and a story worth watching.

Would you welcome Robinson or Forcier? Do you think Pitt will go after either one?

Chris Gates | Area 4-1-Zoo Blog


One Comment

  1. Tom Pickle says:

    Lol, who the hell gave you a journalism degree? I have to ask because you’re not important enough to have your own profile.

  2. Cecil Newton says:

    report some facts and maybe people will take you seriously. Cam Newton is thinking about transferring to Pitt if the money is right.

  3. Doug Heffernan says:

    more like a big fat NO.

  4. John Loub III says:

    The QB’s that Pitt has in place are more than capable and are available NOW. Why worry about players who would have to sit a year anyways? Robinson is interesting but not likely.to transfer to Pitt. In my opinion Forcier is no better than Sunseri, so why ven bother. I agree with Mr Pickle…who the hll are you and who are you related to at KDKA to get this gig.

  5. John Loub III says:

    Seems as though my “e” key is getting stuck…sorry

  6. Steve says:

    Pathetic article. Why would they transfer to Pitt to sitt out a year and only have one year of eligibility left???????

  7. honz says:

    Forcier is academically in trouble with his school work.. Maybe PITT can lower their standards to let him in.

  8. pitt fan says:

    I think what the new coaching staff at Pitt needs to do is to go back after some of the players that de-committed, you know the ones that would fit into the new offense, and of course the better defensive players also.. They need a really big crash course on the top W. Pa, Ohio, Maryland and NJ players, and of course I’m sure they are aware of others through-out the country…

  9. TBaby says:

    No way Robinson leaves U of M

  10. Ryan Tracy says:


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