Bishop Zubik Makes Friendly Wager On Steelers Game

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – When the Steelers take the field against the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday there will be a lot on the line.

Even Diocese of Pittsburgh Bishop David Zubik has accepted terms in a friendly wager with Archbishop Edwin O’Brien of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

If the Steelers win, Archbishop O’Brien will make a personal donation to Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh.

He will also have to put on a Steelers jersey and become a fan of the Black and Gold through the rest of the playoffs.

But in the event that the Ravens win, Bishop Zubik pledges to make a personal donation to Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

He would also have to put on the dreaded purple of the Ravens and root for Baltimore as their post-season run continues.

In a press release, Zubik said: “Given that I would find it most difficult to don a Ravens jersey, all the more reason for me to ask Steeler fans to pray for a convincing victory. Otherwise I will need you to stand with me when I wear the Ravens’ purple and black with a frown on my face.”


One Comment

  1. Daniel says:

    Ok, a man of God asks people to pray for an event where millions of dollars are wagered. Give me a break. Supposed men of God should refrain from any type of wager especially on sporting events. God could care less who wins the game. Perhaps you could pray for the two women who met up with Roethlisberger while you are at it.

  2. Doug says:

    Lighten up Daniel. Who are you to know what God cares about. The wager benefits Catholic Charities who help a lot of needy people in both towns. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

  3. Daniel says:

    Well Doug is right about one thing. I truly do not know what God cares about. Actually no one does.

    1. 2Much says:

      I always laugh when I see sports players “pray” after a play. I’m not religious, but I would think God would have more prayers to consider than a millionaire playing a game…let along taking sides.

      1. Jimmy says:

        Daniel u r insane people need to be more energetic like him. At least he is out doing something unlike you

  4. JO'B says:

    2Much, you said you are not religious. If you were, perhaps you would understand that players who say a prayer on the field are thanking the Lord for the gift of their talent and/or for helping them succeed. It’s an act of faith and gratitude. Instead of laughing at these athletes, you ought to respectfully understand what they are doing, even if you don’t agree or believe as they do.

  5. Ann Lynch says:

    This is a win-win situation unless Daniel wins!

  6. Seth says:

    JO’B, Give me a break. Thanking the Lord for the “gift” of their talent and helping them succeed?! That is a joke, how about the people that are ravaged by disease and hunger in other countries. Don’t you think God would be a little more worried about not letting them die instead of helping a sports team win a meaningless game? I have no respect for athletes or fans who “pray” for a sports team to win, or athletes who constantly thank and praise God for their talents. Why in the world should they be so special to make millions playing a game while others starve. Does God hate those people and just take care of the athletes??

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