Health Dept. Plans Restaurant Inspection Grading System

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The Allegheny County Health Department has plans in the works to start scoring restaurants with a letter grade, based on annual inspections.

The grades are like the ones given in school. A 90 is an A, an 80 is a B, 70 is a C. A restaurant with a D is closed down.

The county plans to post the grades on its website for a year and then may begin posting them on the front of restaurants – something owners aren’t happy about.

A draft copy of the new plans shows the standards may be watered down to make restaurant owners happy.

For example, under the old system the health department had a zero tolerance policy about rodents, but under the new system two or more rodents would have to be found by inspectors before the restaurant loses points.

It’s the same with rodent droppings. The new grading system allows some droppings. Your score is lowered only if there are excessive droppings found.

As for roaches, it’s the same thing. One is okay.

The plan will be available for public viewing when it is posted on the health department’s website – possibly as soon as Monday.

LINK: Allegheny County Health Department | Food Safety Section


One Comment

  1. Megan says:

    Who cares if the owners are happy? If they are graded poorly it’s their own fault, and they deserve the consequences. The so called “health department” shouldn’t sacrifice our health and safety to please irresponsible restaurant owners.

  2. Snarf says:

    They need to do this up in Armstrong County. There is one place I’ve always wondered about, and I bet they would get shut down.

  3. rda0315 says:

    As a restaurant owner, I feel it is a great idea to post your “grade” for the public to view. I take pride in my store and kitchen and have nothing to ne ashamed of.

  4. Amy Johnson says:

    I can’t believe one mouse or one roach would be passable! If there is one, there are many more. And mouse droppings!!!!! Give me a break. All kitchens and food prep areas should be sanitized and germ free. Getting to like my canned soup even more these days.

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