Corbett Prepares To Take Oath Of Office

HARRISBURG (KDKA) – Tom Corbett will take the oath of office Tuesday as Pennsylvania’s 46th governor.

Workers at the State Capitol have constructed stands, platforms and chairs where thousands of Pennsylvanians will witness Corbett’s oath of office n Harrisburg.

“I think it means a perspective in the administration and particularly with what leadership we have in the General Assembly from western Pennsylvania, that the needs of western Pennsylvania will be considered along with everybody and hopefully, in a fair way to all of Pennsylvania, we’ll be able to meet as many of those needs as we possibly can,” Corbett said.

Pittsburgh’s native son will become governor at a time when the Pittsburgh Steelers will take on the team of New York’s new governor.

“We’re already researching to see where Gov. [Andrew Cuomo], which team he roots for. Does he root for the Jets or the Giants? I have to assume he’s going to be at least rooting for the Jets, so we’re already working on that,” Corbett said.

KDKA’s Jon Delano: Have you lined up the bet yet?

Corbett: No, we have not lined up the bet yet.

Delano: It’s got to be something from Pittsburgh.

Corbett: Oh absolutely. It will definitely be something from Pittsburgh, but we’ve not talked to Gov. Cuomo yet.

Corbett has already examined the governor’s office and sat at the desk. He said the portraits of Benjamin Franklin and William Penn are a reminder of how awesome his new responsibilities will be.


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  1. Mark says:

    Let us not forget about the Castle Law. You know, the one that the former Gov. thought that we did not have the RIGHT to protect ourselves in OUR OWN HOMES!
    Yes, the ones that we pay horrific taxes on.
    Maybe we can get a road road paved west of Harrisburg.

  2. 2059 says:

    Wishing Gov. Corbett all the best as he tries to reverse the slide that Gov.”Boss Hog” Rendell has put the Commonwealthin.

  3. Daniel says:

    Tomorrow a Republican will be our Governor and hopefully in 2010 A Republican will be our President!

    1. Loren DiGiorgi says:

      Amen to that, Daniel!

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