Sleet, Light Snow Moving Into Area

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A wintry mix of precipitation that is moving into the region could cause some slick driving conditions this evening and into Tuesday’s morning commute.

Two systems are bearing down on western Pennsylvania, bringing the possibility of some light snow and sleet.

“They are both headed up the Ohio Valley towards Pittsburgh,” explains KDKA Meteorologist Dennis Bowman, “so maybe early evening we get a little bit of light snow and sleet… The chances increase as we get deeper into the evening and certainly into the overnight period it gets a little nasty with some freezing rain to settle into the Pittsburgh area.”

Since the snow and sleet isn’t expected to move into the area until Monday night, Tuesday morning’s rush hour could be a tricky one for drivers.

“Skeleton crews through the evening, maybe five or six trucks out in each section of the county. That’s probably half of our fleet, about 30 trucks, out monitoring the road conditions. In the event that it does come early or something does change, they can always call more people out to extend those shifts,” Jim Struzzi with PennDOT said.

“We’ll have people out there watching the roads. As soon as something happens or something changes, we’ll call out full crews. Even if nothing does change, we’re still bringing a full shift out at midnight to get a jump on tomorrow morning’s rush hour.”

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“A transition to freezing rain toward Tuesday morning will ‘slicken’ things up for the morning rush hour.”

KDKA’s Chief Meteorologist Jeff Verszyla is calling for an overnight low of 28 degrees. By daybreak, the temperature should climb to about 31 degrees and continue to climb through the day.

As temperatures warm to a high of 41 tomorrow, the precipitation is expected to change to all rain; but we’re not out of the clear yet.

“Cold air wraps back in for Tuesday night and Wednesday, changing rain to snow and ‘slickening’ things for Wednesday morning’s rush.”


One Comment

  1. muriel395 says:

    Oh I hate ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad I don’t have to leave my house . Hey everyone out there be careful tommorow morning.

    1. Richard says:

      Retired a few years ago and many days leaving to work in those cold icy mornings. Worked most of my years outdoors and don’t miss it a bit. Spring is just around the cornor????

  2. Eleanore says:

    Can’t do anything on ice but fall if you are walking and WRECK the car if you are driving. If there is too much ICE I will be staying at home tomorrow. Don’t make enough money on my job to pay for any OPPS that the ICE might cause.

  3. caterina says:

    please if road conditions are icy and hazardous, no amount of money is worth your life, unless you are trying to save someones life. Other than that, people should please stay home, less accidents that way. If you have to be out, be extremely careful!!

  4. Jess P says:

    Ice is formed when it is below 32 degrees… I wonder what the weather will be for the steelers game sunday… Be careful on the ice, Eleanore, OPPS can be expensive. Also look out for ICICLES, they can be like daggers. My freezer is broken!! Boooo, but I’m going to just put all the food outside so it will not SPOIL, BTW

  5. Mags T says:

    That’s really unfortunate Jess. I heard there is a sale on appliances at Home Depot. Caterina, please stay home, we don’t want you driving on the roads! I can tell you really hate ice muriel395 because you used 15 !’s, I would have only used 6!!!!!! Anyone know when we will have summer yet?

  6. Sue says:

    Just saw a notice on the TV that the snow/sleet is to start at acout 4 PM and not 6 PM! Any truth to this???

    1. Slyfox says:

      Looking out the window right now at 3:53 and I see no snow or ice!

  7. rick says:

    get a grip. it’s january in the burg

  8. BOBBYBAKER says:

    Im glad I moved to Charleston SC

  9. redrock100 says:

    there is nothing around on radar. dont know wht he is smoking.

  10. caterina says:

    the roads are already icy, its l am in the morning and the salt truck just came down the street, hopefully later it wont be that bad, be careful everyone.

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