Judge Accepts Plea Agreement In FBI Agent’s Death

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The woman who shot and killed an FBI agent, more than two years ago, made a plea deal that will send her to jail for nearly 16 years.

However, it’s less than the sentence her husband faces.

His drug operation set in motion the events of that morning.

The victim’s wife spoke publicly for the first time about the case, the plea deal and what her life has been like since her husband was killed.

Many FBI and other law enforcement agents packed the courtroom Tuesday morning. Many tears were shed as Christina Korbe told the Hicks family she was sorry.

Many tears were shed by Brooke Hicks as she thought about being a single parent.

“I will play Santa without him, go to Cub Scout meetings and teach my son to ride a bike when it should be Sam,” Brooke Hicks said.

Noah Hicks is now 4-years-old. He was on Brooke Hicks’ mind as she listened to Korbe accept a plea deal that will send her to jail for 15 years and 10 months for voluntary manslaughter and a weapons charge.

During the hearing, Korbe turned to the Hicks family and said, “To the Hicks family, I am deeply, deeply sorry. More than you’ll ever know.”

But, she also said the actions of the police drug raid, that targeted her husband, led to the tragedy.

The agent’s widow was not impressed.

“I would have to say it’s the hardest thing that I’ve ever done. To sit there and listen to the person who took him from me talk about how she feels. You know? I just kept thinking about my son and what he’s missing and what he’ll never get. It was extremely hard,” Brooke Hicks said.

The federal prosecutor said Korbe got 15 years while her husband got 25 years in the drug case. The difference was because Robert Korbe set the wheels in motion for the tragedy and had a longer criminal history.

However, Korbe’s family is upset with the plea deal.

“We oppose the plea and we’re angry about it. We don’t think Chrissy’s gotten a fair deal. We don’t think she would have had a fair trial and we believe the plea was coerced,” George Waksmunski said.

Within the 15 years and 10 months sentence, is 10 years for possessing a gun during the commission of a crime.

On that charge alone, the maximum could have been life.


One Comment

  1. Joe says:

    Wake up people – My guess- She sang like a canary- She did what she had to do to see freedom again. Attention Friends of The Guilty- That loud knock on your door is not a home intruder- It’s the Police- surrender and Keep everyone alive!!

    1. Sandra says:

      Hey Joe, it is not a loud knock. It is breaking the door down while you are in a restful sleep and I don’t blame her for the shot she took at Hicks, I would start shooting too thinking it was some crazed killer breaking in to get me and my kids. If that cop HIcks was so concerned about the kids in the home, he would have not tried to shoot up her home with the kids sleeping and cuddling in the safety of their home. Hicks could have arrested Christina when when she drove the kids to school in the morning. She should not be in jail and if Hicks wasn’t a testosterone meathead, he would not be taking a dirt nap.

      1. Kelly says:

        Can you show me any evidence that Special Agent Hicks fired a single shot? Every report I have read has stated that they identified themselves as police officers, that Mr. Korbe knew it was officers at the door and tried to flush his drugs, and that the door was forcefully opened only when officers saw Korbe running away from the door in an obvious attempt to evade police. It was dawn, not the middle of the night to most citizens. Mrs. Korbe has admitted she was high on cocaine, which obviously clouded her judgment and ability to react appropriately in the situation. If Mr. Korbe was able to ascertain that it was police officers at the door, and ran to flush his drugs rather than protect his family, why couldn’t Mrs. Korbe? Perhaps because of the cocaine in her system. Perhaps she was able to figure it out and is lying. One thing is certain, if Mr. Korbe had the opportunity to identify the door knockers as police, find his drugs and run to flush them, then Special Agent Hicks and the other members of law enforcement with him gave ample time for someone to respond appropriately to an announcement that police are at the door. We will never know for certain what was going on in Mrs. Korbe’s head, but I think the evidence is fairly clear that in this particular case, law enforcement acted appropriately and the Korbes did not, and it was Special Agent Hicks and his family who pay the price. If you believe in karma, and you have stated that you think it is a good thing that a man who dedicated his life to protecting you and yours is dead, then I hope to be nowhere near by when karma comes looking for you.

      2. TomK says:

        Right on Kelly.

      3. Joe says:

        Sandra , read down a lil further at my other comment. How do you respond to That??

      4. Mlou says:

        O m g 15 years, shame shame shame on the judge and the others who make those deals. Explain to Sam Hicks son why she murdered his dad and she will be out and playing with her kids and he will never be able to play, hunt or anything else with his dad. Mr Hicks worked and supported his family. They sold drugs, God will be the last she has to answer to, I hope the judge and the others are happy with the deal and someday I hope they meet Mr. Hicks son.
        Shame Shame. FBI step in and change this plea please let there be JUSTICE FOR ALL FBI agents.

  2. kevin Weissenstein says:

    You have to admitt that she’s Hot!

    1. bobbyjo says:

      Kevin, what are you? her brother

    2. Jen says:

      You’re a dirt bag. Timster. I am sure you know the crack pipe well. Does Timster like him some Jimster? Christina Korbe should not be in jail. That cop was wrong.

  3. Joe says:

    Think about This – If Mr. Korbe just would have opened the door and surrendered. Both He and Mrs. K would be at home this weekend, in their beautiful home, with their children, enjoying the Steeler Game. Probably having a Party. So Family of the guilty- If ya wanna protest- protest the fact that Mr Korbe didn’t man up and instead brought terror to his entire family and orpaned both he and Agent Hicks children. This whole chain of events was because of one man who didn’t care about ANYONE but himself. Not His wife, Not his kids and certainly not the Police.

  4. bobbyjo says:

    this skank shouldn’t be allowed to breathe>>>>

    1. Mepet says:

      Amen bobby Jo amen

  5. Maxtonio says:

    “On Monday, sources told the KDKA Investigators that Christina Korbe faced more than 100 years in jail if the feds pursued every case. Sources indicated that they “threatened” to do so.” Why would the feds “threaten” to pursue this case? Didn’t they have enough on her that she would have gotten the maximum sentence allowed under the law? Wondering if the case wasn’t as strong as the feds wanted and that’s why they went for the deal

  6. noe327 says:

    None of you people fully know and understand what either family is going through. What happened was a tragic accident. I feel for the Hicks family and am very sorry for their loss. However, the Hicks family is not the only family suffering. Three, not one, children are without parents. Two families have been torn apart and are forever changed. No amount of years served will change anything that happened that morning. Your cruel words and comments on the situation do not change what has happened. I can only hope that what people take away from this situation is the true value of a life and time spent with loved ones. Remember not the bad but the good.

    1. Nate says:

      These children are better with social services than with these people anyways. So I disagree with this.

    2. TomK says:

      I agree Nate.. Having both these parents in jail is the BIGGEST BLESSING these children could have received.

      1. Noe327 says:

        You don’t even know her or how their family life was. She was a great mom and her kids loved her to death. How could two young children being away from both of their parents be a good thing? You just have no idea what you’re talking about.

    3. johnny69 says:

      When someone pulls the trigger, noe327, they make a conscious decision to kill. Don’t make the mistake of thinking anyone feels sympathy for someone who murders (and that IS what it was) a policeman. She WAITED for over 2 YEARS to express remorse…and we ALL heard the tapes where she referred to Agent Hicks’ kids as “Everyone has sympathy for that DEAD GUY’S CHILDREN”. So your argument carries no weight. She was the BAD GUY, agent Hicks was the GOOD GUY. And if you support her or her kind that makes you a BAD GUY WANNA BE!

  7. CONNIE says:


  8. Cele says:

    Oh yeah, home intruders knock, announce themselves as the police and use battering rams to gain access. GET REAL! How stupid do you think we are? Justice is NOT served by plea bargaining. The other law enforcement officers on scene that fateful day should have taken her OUT within seconds after she shot Agent Hicks and the taxpayers wouldn’t have to feed, clothe, etc. this woman for however long she is in prison. Enough is enough!

  9. nik84 says:

    i am not trying to take away from the pain the hicks family feels…what happened to him should not have happened but this woman was protecting her children just as any parent would have done. and if you are a parent and say different you are lying to yourself.

    1. johnny69 says:

      Kelly, I cannot agree with you more. This is the same mantra we see from the other murderes families “He was a gooooooood boy”. They are BAD PEOPLE and the GOOD PEOPLE allways get the BAD PEOPLE sooner or later!

    2. T.T says:

      . I think what she is trying to say is that when put in a position like that (no matter if your a drunk, drug addict or drug dealer) and your kids are in the house your first instinct is to protect your kids. I am not sure what news channel it was on but they did sort of a reenactment and put one person up in the bedroom and the other was at the door yelling “police” and you could not hear anything but yelling. I find her husband to blame more than her. He was a coward and ran instead of being a man. I do not think she was a good mother for being on drugs or having drugs in the house…but just because she did..doesnt mean she didnt love her children. None of us would know what we would do in that situation and I hope none of us ever have to find out.

    3. Kelly says:

      T.T., she may have had an instinct to protect her children, but her responsibility extends beyond what her motivation was at the moment she pulled the trigger, in my opinion. To argue that her actions, while living with a convicted drug dealer, and high on cocaine herself, were excusable because she wanted to protect her children would be the equivalent of saying that a drunk driver with her kids in the car, who pulled the wheel at the last minute and hit a pedestrian walking along the sidewalk instead of a tractor trailer, should be excused because she was just protecting her children. In this case, the family is trying to blame the pedestrian, and excuse the drunk driver. It is absolutely detestable.

  10. Dan says:

    I guess we see what is coming for Popalawski who killed 3 cops, maybe 15 yrs? what happened to the chair? This country isn’t what it once was and its sad when killing a officer get you the same as a robbery

  11. Skip_Dawson says:

    This women is Trash. 15 yrs… Unreal..

  12. BarbB1948 says:

    This is NOTHING like Popalawski. Unreal you would even compare the two.

  13. noe327 says:

    You are all so influenced by what you hear in the media. Did you ever think maybe they don’t have all the RIGHT facts? They weren’t there that morning therefore they don’t know what really happened and neither do you. Keep talking like you know the pain both families are going through, but you never will. You may have known her 30 years ago but you don’t know her now. Your words of anger and hatred only help to make you look evil and stupid.

  14. lisa says:

    what does that have to do with anything? get over yourself.

    1. FedUp says:

      EWWW who would want it?

  15. Real Justice says:

    Hopefully the score will be settled out of court when she gets out!!! I know I would. She would be far safer to stay in jail all her rotten miserable life. Now her kids will feel the brunt of what she and her husband have done.

    1. Yoohoo says:

      Sandra, the person (realjustice) that made that post didn’t say they HOPE the kids feel the brunt of the situation……they just said that they’re going to feel the brunt of the situation. Read things before you get all sacked out.
      Christina is garbage, any mother who is part of a major drug ring deserves to have her kids taken away anyway.

      How about no one should kill anyone to begin with as a general rule of thumb. And if you do, you get the same in return. I’m all for an eye for an eye punishment.
      I’m sick of paying for all the pieces of trash that live in our jails. To me, they’re not worth the toilet water they pee in.
      Good Luck.

  16. BarbB1948 says:

    Real Justice..what kind or person does that make you? I fee bad for you…all that hate in your heart.

  17. SUE says:


  18. Ray Simonds says:

    5 years for killing an FBI officer, what in the heck is wrong with this country. The agent was protecting our children from drug dealers and this is the thanks him and his family gets. I give up on this country, we’re no better than the rest of the world.

  19. Trevor Bronder says:

    First of all they came in early in the morning and second of all she Killled an FBI agent…. I dunno maybe i don’t see how she is innocent!

  20. fedUP says:

    She was busy flushing the evidence down the toilet with her old man. She knew who they were but did not care. She is a no good POS! Frantic 9-1-1 call to make her look good, or so she thought. They are both POS people. They both knew the law was coming after them and instead of taking responsibility they ran scared. Pathetic people!

  21. Desiree says:

    Daniel, You’re the voice of reason in the wilderness. Thank you for an intelligent, reasonable comment.

  22. db says:

    Oh I forgot. She was the June Cleaver of this era. Great mom. Her family new what she was involved in. Big house and none of them have jobs to support what it would cost to have it . Same with those nice cars. Next time you are being beat up, robbed or mugged. Don’t call the bad apple. You can lay and rot

    1. johnny69 says:

      Absolutely…the family and friends knew, and are now sorry that they are not getting their cut of the drug money that came in. I hope the FBI is looking into THAT!

  23. Desiree says:

    Harry, you too are a voice of reason. Those 30 federal agents are just a bunch of gun toting THUGS with a badge! Hope they all go to hell.

  24. Nick Manning says:

    If I would hear noise in my house early in morning I would not fire a gun first I would look and see what the noise was first. She just opened fire, i dont buy that excuse from her, she deserves to go to jail shes luicky she just got 11 yrs. piece of trash, and her husband gets more time for having drugs and yet she kills someone and gets lighter sentence

  25. Jamie says:

    Are you serious? She killed an FBI agent, she dealt drugs…no innocent person lives that lifestyle. 15 years is an injustice. It is not wonder there is a lack of respect for our officers. Our system has failed yet again.

  26. rain says:

    if i was in her position and upstairs and heard what i thought was someone coming into my home to possibly kill or injure myself and my kids and i had a gun. I would shoot first and ask questions later. I am sure if that had been a robber they would have shot first and then seen who was in the house. I am sorry a federal agent was killed. but, this could have been done without putting children at risk. wait till the children left in the morning. wait till the mother left and then arrest her. But, to bust in during the wee morning hours i would have shoot first as well. I think it is terrible that she got more time for the use of a gun in a violent crime…what do people think guns are going to be used for. whatever happened to being able to protect your home and family. if there was not a shooting would she have been arrested for the gun possession i dont think so. Two families torn apart for life….is this worth it over some drugs…i dont think so.

    1. johnny69 says:

      if your teenager died from their drugs you might feel different, you fool!! Note to others: THE DRUG PEOPLE ARE THE BAD GUYS…ALWAYS! IS THIS HARD TO COMPREHEND?

    2. db says:

      Kelly you are the stuff that is found in a Port a John in the holding tank. “He got what he deserved” Wow. What illegal B.S. are you involed in. I hope you sleep well at night. The poor Korbes .Wow

  27. Dafin says:

    I never reply to these things, but your response is sick! They come in the morning to avoid conflicts like this and take the criminals by surprise. To say that Hicks deserved what he got when both parents were commiting crimes is sinful. You must be a friend of the family , such good parents dealing drugs and havings guns in thier house. The parents were to blame entirely. Now that they’re both going away , these kids can have a chance. I hope you don’t have any kids.

  28. Kelly says:

    Yes, but one family is suffering because their son, husband, father dedicated his life to preventing crime, and the other family is suffering because they decided that a regular hardworking life wasn’t enough, and they had to fund a better lifestyle by engaging in criminal activity. I think the loss of Special Agent Hicks is a far greater loss than just the loss of a son, husband, father and friend. I think the loss of the Korbes, or at least the removal of them from our streets, is a loss only to their own family and is a blessing to all others.

  29. fed up with people murdering others says:

    they was ofter the husband not her every body feals soory for the lady that killed the federal egent she was the won putting her children at risk not them if her husband would of opened the door instead of dumping the drugs then nobody would of died but i believe if you take a life you lose your to the same way,but you get less time for murder than you do,beat somebody half to death what is wrong with this country there s killing every day it has to stop and for her,she should fry

  30. pittgirl says:

    She should have got more time, very sad…

  31. terry says:

    hopefully she’ll hang herself in prison

    1. Yoohoo says:

      I second that.

  32. jmat40 says:

    Fifteen years?! The legal system is a joke.

    It’s too bad Sam can’t rise from the dead in fifteen years.

    Lawyers and politicians have destroyed this country.

  33. Charles says:

    Sandra..please have your tubes tied…

  34. joe s says:

    she should rot in hell.

  35. Lin says:

    I’m so sick & tired of hearing the Korbe family crying about how unfair they are being treated. What do they think….if you blow someone away, they are going to roll out the welcome wagon for you? The police wouldn’t have been at their house that morning if they were law abiding citizens. She didn’t pick up that gun to protect her kids, she picked it up because she was high and frustrated that this was her husbands 3rd strike and her drug gravy train would end. In stead of her family standing on the corner passing out flyers proclaiming her innocence, they should be collecting funds for a college fund for Noah Hicks. They took his father away from him by their actions and are apart from their own kids by choosing the lifestyle that they lived. God Bless Brooke Hicks, Noah Hicks, Sam Hicks and the Korbe kids. Robert and Christina are where they belong and off the streets and no longer a danger to anyone else.

    1. Mepet says:

      Kudos Lin! Someone with some sense.

  36. RubyRidge says:

    Typical Government Gestapo tactics, early morning heavy armed “gun ho” PR raid in a family home w/ children. For what, cocaine? Those JBT’s could of arrested him on their turf and time frame, not endangering the entire household but they love that adrenaline rush shyt! I do feel sorry for the Officer’s loved ones for not convincing him to think of them by exploring other avenues of income

    1. Mepet says:

      Please Ruby- get a grip! They serve the warrant when they are aware of whereabouts of the criminal and early hours to catch them off guard. The a hole knew who was at the door! Such a crock that they say they didn’t yet he runs thru the house out the door. If they were so concerned about their kids, they would’ve let relatives raise them. Talk about unfit parents. I know my mom wasn’t doing coke before she got me up for school. And the dirtbag husband should’ve already been in prison. Boy they sure lived high off the hog selling drugs. Probably why the family is so up in arms. They all got a piece of the pie. Do these kids a favor put them in foster care. They would be better off.

      1. RubyRidge says:

        Hmmmm, Lets see, so you got all your “hard facts” from the media whom inturn interviewed the FBi / DEA ‘s Public Relations Liaison?

  37. bettygerbil says:

    thats are system my brother was killed by a drunk driver and he got life and the drunk got 2 years for killing my brother how fair is that

  38. ChillMarty says:

    That guy needs to lighten up…..I remember a couple of years ago during a SupeBowl win, he got all bent out of shape because the zealous fans were interfering with his “Steeler Super Bowl victory” reporting, lol

  39. Chris says:

    Sandra, you sound like you will soon be sharing a cell with Mrs. Korbe. If you don’t want the police breaking your door down, DON”T SELL DRUGS!!! It’s really not rocket science. Neighbor kids sleeping over? In a house that deals drugs? What kind of neighborhood did they live in? I would bet that not many of the neighbors would let their kids sleep at the Korbe’s residence.

  40. Mike says:

    Sandra is either out of her mind or just someone looking to get a response. Everything that she said is false, and everyone knows that. I want to know how a judge can agree to this plea deal, what was he thinking. Have fun living with this decision and if he gets voted back into office then the public is dumber than Sandra.

  41. kevin Weissenstein says:

    Apparently you have not seen her (korbe) all dolled up…She is Blazin HOT!

  42. Jess Sayen says:

    If Marty Griffin can get an exclusive jail house interview, she might kill herself before it makes it on the 6 oclock news

    1. Chuck Norris says:

      Marty Griffin is my idol

  43. bob butters says:

    Sandra, you need to die a slow and painful death!

  44. Dave says:

    The bottom line is that, the korbe’s were not able to own firearm’s. Due to Mr Korbes past. Not even if she was not a covicted felon. She got off to easy.

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