Residents Take Precautions After Icy Commute

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – After cars went sliding out of control on Fallowfield Avenue in Beechview, people are taking precautions in case there’s a repeat of the icy conditions Wednesday morning.

Felicia Aiello parked her car at the top of the hill after witnessing the crashes Tuesday morning.

“Just seeing the collisions, the impacts, it was awful,” Aiello said.

James Byron positioned his vehicles facing up the hill instead of down. The move was made after the road resembled a demolition derby earlier in the day.

Public Works Director Rob Kaczorowski addressed the video seen on KDKA at a previously scheduled meeting to explain the city’s new snow plan.

He also said a full crew will be out overnight, and they’ll call more workers in if need be.

“Our main concern is going to be icing. Hopefully, the temperature doesn’t drop so fast that the rain that comes down doesn’t ice up on the streets,” Kaczorowski said.

If you want to read the city’s Winter Weather Emergency Resource Guide, click here.


One Comment

  1. Bill Coogan says:

    WESTHOFF the Jets special teams coach was raised in PGH. Maybe a story on him would interest your readers.

  2. Fred says:

    Those people are all idiots for trying to drive down that icey hill in the first place, and the total idiot in that Honda speeding down the hill at probably 40 mph flew onto that hill too fast for even dry conditions. Shame on the city for not getting to this spot sooner, but common sense needs to be used by drivers as well!

  3. Fred says:

    I really feel sorry for the poor guy who had his 6k mile ’07 Mustang totalled by the idiot in the Honda speeding onto that hill like a moron. The Mustang that was normally parked on the street was taken off the street and put by the guy’s house to protect it from damage and the Honda smashed it into the house. How will the owner ever get it replaced?

  4. Eric Martin says:

    As far as the icy streets story, why would the news crew sit at the bottom of the hill filming people slide down the hill doing damage to property and possibly themselves and others in stead of going to the top of the hill and warn people not to go tah way as it is too dangerous?

    1. Clueless says:

      The video wasn’t shot by KDKA. Iyt was raw video from a neighbor in his house taking the video.

      1. Jim says:

        CBS has claimedl rights to this video and has removed it from online places like Youtube etc.\

  5. Jason says:

    Stupid city slickers if the hill is soild ice DONT GO DOWN IT I dont feel bad for any of them

  6. Ed says:

    Hey Jason I bet if it was someone in your family that was in them cars you would have a different attitude you stupid hillbilly

  7. jw says:


  8. Sandy says:

    I cant beleive that after one car went sliding out of control the others tried to use the street and did the same thing. Use some common sense people, I agree with Jason, DONT GO DOWN

  9. Mike says:

    I live on Kennebec street in Greenfield. The salt was applied to only one side of the hill. So if you came up the salted side and proceeded down the other side you were in trouble. I would assume if one side is salted so was the other side. NOT. The sun did melt the ice by about 10 A.M.
    I think this is what happened here too.

  10. Joyce says:

    I can’t believe that anyone would try to go down a hill like that when the weather people had talked about it for days. All they had to do was wait an hour or so and would have avoided all that mess!! Nothing is that important that it couldn’t wait. I work, too and I was late – that simple.

  11. sheila thomas says:

    it wasnt a film crew from KDKA you morons. Listen to the sound on the video. It was a concerned neighbor while on the phone pleading for an ambulance and a salt truck.

  12. JS says:

    I hate to tell you guys but it WAS a KDKA cameraman!

  13. Diana says:

    In a city like Pittsburgh, with all the hills, weren’t residents warned about the ice and a traveler’s advisory put out, if not a driving ban? I live in Buffalo, NY, where we get many of the same conditions, but we don’t have the hills – but the news is very quick around here to warn people of driving conditions, issue driving advisories, and get salt trucks out, etc. I used to live in Pittsburgh and know how hilly it is there. When I saw a weather map on TV with the mixed precipitation over Pittsburgh, my first thoughts were the hills and driving. I’m sure the residents were warned, but yes, people have to have common sense and stay off the roads, especially on (duh!) hills!

  14. wrenchmonkey says:

    I wreckked my $75 car on that very same road in the winter of 1972-3, but I’m from California. Come on people, what’s up with that?

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