Jeannette Business Owner Fined Over Goats

By: Trina Orlando

JEANNETTE (KDKA) – A district magistrate today ordered a Jeannette business owner to pay $1,500 in fines for violating an ordinance that prohibits certain animals in the city.

Frank Trigona says he has been keeping four goats on his property to maintain the grass, but the animals have broken free on several occasions and been spotted roaming around the city.

City ordinances restrict residents from owning farm animals and also from allowing any animals to roam free.

Trigona has been cited five times.

He says the goats are his pets and he has no plans to get rid of them. He will appeal the judge’s decision.


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  1. Daniel says:

    Just like having a pot bellied pig. Loving and affectionate animals but because they are “farm animals” they are not permitted. I would much rather encounter a roaming goat than a pit bull anytime. Have not heard many news reports of goats killing young children lately.

  2. Daniel says:

    This is a classic example of government run amok.

  3. matt says:

    They have their own Facebook page, search Jeannette Goats and add yourself!!

  4. Le says:

    Wait till we no longer have gas and oil for cars and have to go back to horse and buggies, what will they say then? And yes, there is going to come a time when vehicles will no longer be available for use.

  5. Bill says:

    The fact they havent physically removed the goats is proof that this is NOT government run amok.

    I agree the laws are poorly written but they exist for good reason. They shouldnt forbid the animals but should rather limit the animals and what properties they can housed on. I’d love to have a goat but my yard simply isnt big enough for a goat.

    And this guy really dug his own hole. I’ve been following the articles on this and he just refuses to do the right thing here which is to have simply fenced his yard in or tethered the animals.

    Like all animals, you really cant generalize about whether or not its dangerous. I’ve met pit bulls that were nothing but sugar and spice and goats that were mean and aggressive. Much of any animals attitude comes from the environment it was brought up in, just like humans.

    Lastly, while a wondering goat may not pose a risk to the public, it does pose a risk to itself. Part of the reason these laws were enacted was to protect the animals as well as the public.

    i totally hope they relax the laws and this guy is able to keep his goats, but he really needs to get his act together. He’s just making it harder for responsible folks to own a goat.

    And pot bellied pigs are not just born loving and affectionate, they require a lot of training and attention. Check out the ‘temperment’ section on this link:

    All pets require responsible owners and this guy has to date not been one. That is the bottom line.

  6. Bill says:

    hahahaha i typed ‘wondering goat’ hahahaha obviously that was ‘wandering’ 🙂

  7. will g says:

    if the dude likes banging sheep let him. this is a free country

  8. 2059 says:

    As a resident of this sewer called Jeannette they should concentrate on the real problems they have.
    1) they’re broke and the tax base is dropping like a stone.
    2) excela Health is closing the hospital.
    3) the roads in the shopping district are full of holes.
    4) the other day during the ice storm a city salt truck broke down and the schools had to be cancelled, evidently they only have one truck.
    5) the former monsour hospital is a public nuisance and eyesore
    6) the former jeannette glass building is a public health hazard, and eyesore.

    All this and the city officials are worried about GOATS.
    By the way I hate this place, but as a property owner I can’t get out because I can’t sell my house. Only a fool would move here.

    1. Joseph Puskar says:

      sounds like i wont invest in jeanette….lol….saved me 200000 bucks…..

    2. Maxwell Brown says:

      THE ELECTED officials need to focus on the economy and nothing else until the economy is fixed all else is of little importance and only a personal side line agenda to waste time due to incompetence at improving the economy of the town.

  9. Brother Rhaan Wilkes says:

    I’ve got neighbors whom are squeamish about deer, raccoon, and groundhog sightings.. They’ve gone to such extremes, as to call for Animal Control to remove them. But their little non stop yapping little stink pods, aren’t considered a nuisance. Boy, does folk have their priorites twisted.

  10. Le says:

    2 1/2 acres is more then enough room for 4 goats. If neighbors don’t like animals, they need to move to the city and get an apartment. Animals belong here first!

  11. Myka Cordera says:

    Everybody thinks that pit bulls are such mean dogs. Which i mean some of them are and some aren’t I myself and my family had a pit bull and she was so nice. She wouldn’t bark at anybody and yet if those type of pit bulls would walk around Jeannette then your telling me you would rather have these stupid Goats walking around town getting so much attention? I mean come on now the city needs to stop worrying about these freaking Goats and start working on these freaking roads!!!!!!

    1. Joseph Puskar says:

      who cares bout your pit…..this is about goats!

  12. Brother Rhaan Wilkes says:

    @ Le.. I live in the city…in an apartment overlooking the Becks Runs Valley; a wooded area. It’s a scenic view, to say the least. The wildlife which are rarely seen, are a welcome sight… and they do no crimes! But the two legged things, which are deemed the predominant species? “OMG!” they’re out of control.

  13. Joseph Puskar says:

    try a dog shock collar for his yard…..its cheaper than those fines…….

  14. Joseph Puskar says:

    this is the ADHD blog….remember its about goats,,,,,not roads….not money…not pit bulls…

  15. BETTY says:

    first of all they look like they are starving ..If anything fine him for neglect….

  16. fred mertz says:

    He sure doesn’t look like he’s starving LOL

  17. john paliver says:

    ever been to jeannette? these goats are risking their lives to help this community, at least the lawn is being maintained. the soil in jeannette is contaminated with arsenic from the old vacant glass factories, read the recent articles in the local newspaper about it. focus more on the goats and less about your two- once proud- hospitals being shut down.

  18. kc says:

    I love the goats!!! Jeannette is a town that loves 2 b sooo dramatic. Like other people on here said, worry about the real problems that we have! I would love 2 take my kids by 2 c the goats. And i thot it wuz kool that he had them in the parade. Franks a nice guy if u know him. Give him and his goats a chance and use your drama in a better way 2 get this town booming again!!!

  19. wh says:

    I have seen the goats when they do get out. They are sweet and loving. They eat the trash others leave in the field and the side of the road. I do not agree with the fine! Dog owners do not get a fine when their dogs get loose until someone is bitten. These goats have not bitten anyone or destroyed any property. I like going into Jeannette and seeing these goats once in awhile, they are apart of Jeannette!

  20. Moe says:

    You gotta be kidding me? $1500 fine because of goats?
    I used to live in Jeannette, and it’s like a war zone compared to decent communities!
    I was once accosted in a laundry mat in Jeannette, and the perpetrator got a $50 fine.
    I’m guessing that the goat owner is NOT related to anyone on city council, or anyone who works for the city?
    Typical police state mentality! A crime ridden community, and they are worried about GOATS! Are they afraid that the goats are al-Qaeda?! Ha Ha

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