Former Steeler Great Rod Woodson Says Roethlisberger Not Top 5 Quarterback

Rod Woodson talked with Joe Starkey of Seibel and Starkey on Sportsradio 93.7 The FAN about a number of topics surrounding the AFC Championship game between the Steelers and Jets.

Rod and Joe opened things up discussing Jets Cornerback Darrelle Revis and how he is considered to be the top cornerback in the league, but Rod said the fact that he doesn’t have an interception this year does take something away from him because if you truly are a game changer, you find a way to get your hands on the ball.

Joe had Rod tell him how he would attack each team if he were still playing on the defensive side of the ball.  Woodson said the Steelers don’t change what they do so much on a game to game basis because they don’t need to, whereas the Jets are constantly changing what they do in order to get to the quarterback, which will be a key for them this week facing Ben Roethlisberger.

Speaking of Roethlisberger, Rod said he would not rank Ben Roethlisberger in the “elite” or “Top 5” categories among quarterback’s currently in the league and had a number of reasons why to support that claim.  Woodson went on to say that Ben winning this week would solidify who he is as a quarterback.

Joe wrapped things up with Rod asking for a prediction for the AFC Championship, and he said he does like the Steelers to come out victorious.

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One Comment

  1. mike says:

    Sorry will have to disagree with Rod. I would rank him 3rd behind Brady and Manning, who is 1 or 2 is an another argument.

    With what Ben has to work with O-Line issues and not a superstar cast at WR, he has had one constant with Hines Ward. He has won two Super Bowls.

    The other 3 Rod probably has ranked ahead; Brees, 1 Super Bowl and a super star WR corp. Rodgers playing at a crazy level but still has to get a Super Bowl victory to leap him. He also has a receiving corp that any QB would lick there chops to have. An I would assume he would put Phillip “I choke down the stretch” Rivers or Matt Ryan, has a lot of work to do. Was just embaressed last weekend.

    Ben can play toe to toe with any of these guys. Remeber the playoff game against the Colts how he made the saving tackle after the fumble. Can you name one of those other QB’s that would of hustled like that to make that play?

  2. jeffrey green says:

    whats up w/ all these former steelers hater no1 told bill 2 leave and rod ur not a real STEEELER!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. myspaceyourface says:

    Manning continues to lose in the playoffs and Ben Continues to win.

    If Ben wins this game he will be 10-2 in the playoffs with 2 SB Wins.

    Manning has a losing playoff record. I would argue if Ben wins a 3rd SB.

    The conversation is down to 2 QB’s.

    If I have $5 in my pocket and you have $5 in yours, what makes your $5 better than mine. Brady and Ben will be the lone rangers with 3 SB’s.

    1. aj says:

      The only difference is Ben hasn’t beaten Brady in the playoffs and Brady has been to 4. Only when Ben wins a 4th will he be above Brady….imho. I love Ben and I believe he wins every sb brady did wit his team, but no way can u say the same about brady. For that reason, I think ben is better, but until he gets a 4th, he wont be considered to be by anyone.

      1. Thomas says:

        AJ, HUH? Your ramble makes very little sense. Why does Ben have to win 4 over Brady, who has won 3? Think, pause, think again before you post so that you can make some sense.

    2. Nate says:

      oh yeah…..Ben is the whole reason we win playoffs (sarcasm).

  4. Freddy Mercury Cougar Melloncamp says:

    Woodson is the top 5 gayest cornerbacks of all time until he shaves that stache

    1. Timmy D. says:

      Freddy, with a name like that I wouldn’t be calling anyone gay.

  5. OWL61 says:

    Hey, I thought playing sports was a Team Game, why single out Ben! I hope I’m around to watch The Steeler “Top 10 Super Bowls” That’s something to think about!!!!

  6. big cahuna says:

    How many superbowls did woodson win? He’s taken a few too many hits to the head.

  7. endaround says:

    Here’s another guy that once played in the black and gold and now all of a sudden has no respect in them and or thier current players..Just last week on the NFL channel Woodson is picking the Ravens over the Steelers..Now this week they are good enough for them..Give me a BREAK…Then we have Cowher,,,,,who out of the clear blus sky is picking the Jets this weekend..Looks like Coward still has a vendetta against management for not getting the big bucks that the tyrant wanted…

  8. Photog says:

    Winning one game will put Ben in the top five?
    If Revis would intercepting a TIP JAR would that impress Rod?

  9. TIMSTER says:

    Hey Rod, I think it’s time to shave the porn mustache and possibly change your first name “ROD”. People like him and Coward purposely pick the upset and make comments. It’s the only way they can get media exposure they so crave.

  10. shooter says:

    Rod Woodson is a has been Ben is easily in the top 5 and is 1 or 2 in my way of thinking. Peyton Manning has lost his edge and Brady is a whiny litlle kid, reminds me of neil odonnell with that whiny look he has

  11. JARHEAD says:

    hey rod?you and all ur anal-lists all got your heads up your butts,rivers? brees?rodgers?manning?steeler fans will take rings over stats anyday,big bens a winner,even the great brady has not won anything since spygate,and is 0-3 last 3 playoffs,i wouldnt trade ben 4 any of those cheaters or losers.steelers let u walk rod so get over it.dont know whos worse u or bradshaw whith all his jealousy, GO BEN !!!

  12. jgreen says:

    rod take ur HOF bust & go 2 baltimore u weasel ur way back 2 pittsburgh pittsburgh diddnt ask u 2 come back!!!!!

  13. U DONT SAY says:


  14. ADIZZ witcha BIZZ says:

    hey rod lick my azz cheeks. thats an insult to the steeler nation and the league to say he isnt top 5. look at his playoff record 10-2, with 2 super bowls and about to be 3. some quarterbacks dont get to experience the playoff enviroment that much. now im not saying hes the reason for the super bowl wins but he has a lot to do with it. look at his o-line.. not to good, its alright but not that good, now ben gets sacked a descent amount of times a year so thats where his awarness comes into effect. look at how many times he should be sacked a year.. with that said i think my point is taken.

  15. Ronnie Brown says:

    that game winning championship drive evidently did nothing for Big Ben!!!!

  16. Kenneth Tabor says:

    Like Ben, Don’t like Ben, learn to love him, because he’s the best thing going. No it does take a team to win the game but the qb is a big part of that ratio. What does he have to prove to Rod Woodson? Not a damn thing. Now there is a lot of people who don’t believe in Ben but take a look at his numbers and he came into the season 4 games down!

  17. Fred Apple says:

    Don’t care about subjective position rankings, only care about 1 thing……getting to 7 rings.

  18. Jeff Davis says:

    Here’s hoping my 6 Super Bowl championship jacket is “out of date” this february.

  19. jarhead says:

    just watched nfl total access,gay rod still doesnt give ben any respect.i said it before,indy fans,sd fans,and all the big stat cities love their teams during regular season,how much they love them during sb week ?,i dont know,dont care .the great bill polian said gm s across the league would put ben in top 3,so who the hell are u?i know, your the ego maniac that was on our only losing super bowl keep talkig about what he did in his 1st super bowl,you never say on total access what he did the 3 games leading to the some research on that dumb ass,and why do they keep annoucing you as pittsburgh great rod woodson?you left steeler nation, your a freakin raven your a traitor !!!

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