National Media Hammers Big Ben About His Past

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – With the national spotlight on the Pittsburgh Steelers, reporters from around the country are starting to ask some tough questions about Ben Roethlisberger.

Questions about Roethlisberger’s four-game suspension following allegations from a college student in Millidgeville, Ga. were among the toughest.

However, Big Ben dismissed those questions as something that’s in the past.

For Roethlisberger, Thursday was conference call day. Reporters from across the country phoned in a variety of questions for the star quarterback.

After a few of the usual questions about football, the Kansas City Star wanted to know about Roethlisberger’s four-game suspension:

“Take us back to those first four weeks when you couldn’t play, when you were suspended,” Randy Covitz said.

“The great thing is, that it was so long ago I forgot all about it. Right now, it’s not about living in the past for me, it’s about the here and now and this game,” Roethlisberger replied.

Roethlisberger was hidden away in a private room during the call, but more personal questions came, including this one from the Cleveland Plain Dealer: “I wanted to know if you thought you are a better player and a better person for having gone through what you’ve gone through.”

“When it comes to being a person, I just try to be the person my parents raised me to be,” Roethlisberger answered.

The personal questions didn’t end there.

“Can you talk about what you were thinking back then and could you imagine being where you are today?,” asked another reporter.

“I can’t really afford to look back and focus on the past. We have to do what we [have to] do now and that’s trying to win this game against a really good team,” Roethlisberger said.

Should the Steelers advance to the Super Bowl, Roethlisberger has likely only seen the beginning of these types of questions from the national media.

You can watch the AFC Championship game on KDKA-TV at 6:30 p.m. Sunday.


One Comment

  1. rick says:

    why don’t they just let sleeping dogs lay. he did what was ask of him by the commissioner so it should be a dead subject.

  2. castnbash says:

    Yea without sin cast the first stone ………..

  3. hc says:

    Jets fans of course are bringing up anything they can. The media is a strong tool and it is used if someone can gain something. I am sure they are hoping to get under his skin. I have a feeling, he could care less and is focused on his job. Stupid article.

  4. Mike Wadowsky says:

    Just like the jerk…dismissing what he did for a game. I am ashamed of anyone that accepts this guy. He is a no good and just because his team won games that doesn’t make him a better person. He is trained to give the answers that he gives, that is obvious. Shame on the Pittsburgh ‘fans’ who think he is anything but a fraud.

    1. Bill Silver jr. says:

      Hey Mike what did he do that was proven? Im ashamed of people like YOU! When you point a finger at someone you have three pointing right back at you!

      1. pierce Berman says:

        Nothing was proven against O J Simpson either. Double standard?

      2. a father says:

        provided alcohol to a minor how was visably intoxicated.

      3. Pgh Proud says:

        The bar that girl was allowed into should be cited for that. She was kicked out of the bar for having a fake ID 6 weeks before this incident occured. Shouldn’t that say something for the ppl working at the door? Or how about the bartender? He/She’s serving them the drinks to a visibly intoxicated person who was busted with a fake both which violates a liquor licence.

    2. Scot says:

      Hey! This guy is a great football player, and at the moment his focus is on football. It appears that he has been ill behaved from time to time. I like watching Ben play football. I have no desire to watch him being ill behaved. I do not confuse approving of his football plays and disapproving his antics. His ill behavior is his business, not mine.
      It is the place of the courts to watch Ben when he’s being ill behaved. He can sure throw a football, and I for one sure can’t throw the first stone.

    3. kt says:

      Ok, yeah Ben wemt out got drunk on his Birthday and acted totally inappropriaetely towards that young woman that was out drinking with them. Did he wip it out, probably. The Reno event was in a whole different category. It was a “he said she said” and I am not convinced there is blame to be had there. He is a single adult man, unlike Kobe. but if you have not made any mistakes in your life, I think you need to back off just a bit.

    4. Steeler fan says:

      who and what are you Mr Wadowsky?????
      Perhaps we should be discussing the matter at hand………….the next SuperBowl Win!!!!! I am betting that you Mr. Mike have a flawless platter………

      Go Steelers

    5. CAM says:


  5. anon says:

    I was thinking recently about our sports figures and how we treat them. Thought of Ben and Jagr….we can’t forgive someone for saying they’d like to try a new city but we can forgive rape allegations in a heartbeat. Interesting.

    1. jmat40 says:

      You know it’s really simple for any woman to accuse any man of rape or sexual assault at any time whether it’s true or not. Women know that all they have to do is put a sexual assault out there and people automatically believe it’s true.

      I wouldn’t exactly say that Ben was forgiven in a heartbeat. He’s still working on being forgiven.
      As far as I’m concerned with the effort and time that the Georgia police and District Attorney put into finding something, anything, to arrest Ben for they didn’t have enough to do anything. That cleared Ben in my mind.

      1. Bill Silver jr. says:

        Well said and very true.

      2. Once Proud says:

        If you are soo sure that nothing happened-why does he even need to work towards our forgiveness? Rapes occur every day without prosecution-does that mean that nothing happened? Imagine your teenage daughter being wooed by a football star, being fed drink after drink by that same football star, being lead to a bathroom, than being taken advantage of on a toilet-these are the UNDISPUTED FACTS-maybe some of you should go back & read the actual complaint & investigation.

      3. frank says:

        to “once proud” : imagine if your daughter was a drunk wasted mess. have you ever been to a nightclub like the one where they were at? those girls are a dime a dozen. i don’t think he had to force himself on anyone.

  6. Eric says:

    am sick of people talking trash on Big Ben!

    Ben has raped 0 people. One case was a fraud, other was no proof. Now Ben prob did do something the 2nd time but wasnt found guilty.
    The legend of Big Ben continues!

    For all you non believers in Big Ben, he is going to tie pretty ass boy Tom Brady with his third Super Bowl this year.

    You may not like him, but he is back and better than ever!See More

  7. Albert Bonanni says:

    Nobody is perfect,we all make mistakes.Ben did what was asked of him, and hopefully he learned from his mistakes and becomes a better man.I know God has foregiven him and so should we.I believe in Ben and think he is a awsome quarterback , and a good person. GO STEELERS !!!!!!

    1. Once Proud says:

      “God has foregiven him” BLASPHEMOUS! What makes you think god has forgiven him? I cannot believe that you would actually invoke those words about a sexual predator

      1. GOD IS FORGIVING! says:

        “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1JOHN 1:9

        Do WE agree what he did NO, but the only person Ben has to care what how he feels about him is GOD.

  8. Brad says:

    Ha! Media hammers big Ben.. No pun intended

  9. jmat40 says:

    Why doesn’t the media ask Mark Sanchez about his arrest on suspicion of sexual assault in 2006 when he was at USC?

    He was arrested. Ben never was.

    1. Bill Silver jr. says:

      you got it! no proof…no arrest…NOT GUILTY!!!!!! This whole topic is dumb!!!

      1. Once Proud says:

        Bill, this is like the whole ‘tree falling in the woods with nobody there’ argument-just because he was not arrested, does not equate to a clear conscience

  10. Annette Baker says:

    I wish these people would just leave Ben alone why don,t go and talk to Sanchez about his arrest . Oh yea what about Holmes and his drug prolbems and his 4 game suspension this guy has been in trouble since he got in NFL so the STEELERS KICK HIM TO THE CURVE !!!! So the JETS better sweep their own door step . The thing is Holmes can not keep his big mouth shut thats why he gone its amatter of time he will find troulbe again . LETS GO STEELERS!!!!!!

  11. Daniel says:

    So serious about a game…no objection to those who love the Steelers or football but we have such serious problems in this country now. For those who like football just enjoy the game and have fun. But let us not forget all those who are unemployed or underemployed and are looking for work. Not knocking anyone here but something is wrong when a man can be paid millions to throw a ball but a police officer or fireman getting fully paid medical benefits is called excessive and out of line with the private sector. Too much for a PAT driver to make a good wage but ok to pay millions for football. And yes our tax dollars did go to pay for Heinz field…city pension funds were spent for that.

    1. steeltown hitman says:

      The same bullchit america will listen to a jerk like Howard Stern to pay his 100 million dollar a year salary.

      1. STFU, Seriously says:

        $100 million a year? I guess you have access to his contract. He doesn’t get paid that much you twit!

        You call him a jerk but you probably don’t even listen to him. He makes a lot more sense than all these blow-hards like Limbaugh, Hannity, and Glenn freaking Beck!

    2. Bill Silver jr. says:

      Daniel…were talking football here brother and its important to alot of people here in the Burgh.i get what your saying but to comment just on the last statement, that may be true about Heinz field..but do you realize just how much money it brings into the city? just look at how much revenue its bringing just this weekend!

    3. JS says:

      Daniel, since you brought it up, from the reports I have read, the City police officers, fireman, and PAT drivers do quite nicely for themselves. Their salaries, especially their sweet overtime deals and taxpayer-funded pensions, are much better than what the average Joe makes in his private sector job. So they are not the best examples to cite if you are looking for sympathy from the rest of us.

      1. Daniel says:

        Taxpayer funded pensions? Perhaps if you had contributed over a hundred grand to your pension fund over 20 years without one cent of interest you would not say “taxpayer funded” pension fund. Have not heard of any Steelers not being able to get braces for there children. But I know of police officers who cannot afford them. Serving a homicide warrant or throwing a ball, who deserves the better pay? JS certainly does not have to live on a policeman’s pay here in this city.

  12. mark says:

    Mike get a life.You must be a die hard jet’s fan and i am sure your not perfect.I am very sure you have made mistakes in your life that you don’t let out and we are all on this earth to make mistakes.And how can you say if he did or not learn his lesson.I really those part’s you should keep to yourself.And don’t BRING IN US PITTSBURGH FAN’S.WE WILL ALWAY’S SUPPORT OUR TEAM NO MATTER WHAT SO MAKE ALL THE COMMENT’S YOU WANT.WE SUPPORT OUR TEAM.(GO STEELER’S WHIP THE JET’S!!!)

  13. Leige Lindsay says:

    Only thing Ben is guilty of is bad judgement. He has learned from his past mistakes and is moving on with his life in the right direction. Leave the past be just that, the past. As the saying goes to most of the posters that are knocking Ben,”You should not throw stones while living in a glasss house”, and I’m betting that your closet is full of dirty little secrets. We are Human and ALL make mistakes one time or another. So all I have to say is “GO STEELERS” knock the stuffing out of the Jets and bring the AFC Championship trophy back to the ‘Burgh….

    1. Once Proud says:

      “We are Human and ALL make mistakes one time or another” – we do not ALL live in felonious glass houses-think about what you are saying. What if down the line that girl ends up committing suicide due to the grief & damage that she endured that night? Disgusting….Shameful – do u really think that Rapistburgher gives a rats patoutie about your blog comment? I am Pittsburgh Proud, but, really, some of you need a serious look in the mirror on this one-this was not a simple mistake, it was FELONIOUS BEHAVIOUR, that which was probably a hairline away from prison time.

  14. Once Proud says:

    Folks, you really should be ashamed of yourselves 😦 Just because he wasn’t prosecuted in the second case, doesn’t mean he didn’t do it-It was pretty clear that the prosecution believe he dodged a bullet on the last case. Let’s say ben was ‘average african american male’, he would be serving upwards of 25 years in prison for his conduct to date & I recognize some of you-the same peeps who were saying ben should be locked up are now singing praises about this pos. What hypocrites-and how easily the wool is pulled over your eyes….his publicist has him get married to insulate him further & all of you lap it up at the urinal-he DESERVES the scrutiny, plain & simple-he is just lucky it is coming at him while he is a free man in the playoffs, instead of being locked up in a prison. Parents, keep your teenage daughters away from the bathrooms, ben is being idolized yet again.

    1. Hoss says:

      @Once Proud…where’s your criticism of the off-duty Pa. cops that allowed all of the alleged events to happen? Where’s your criticism of the bars that admitted and served alcohol to the underage girls? You have such clarity about the alleged events of that night. Name your source. Until you answer these questions, spare us your self-righteous comments.

    2. Get with it says:

      Because he was accused “does not mean he did it”. I am a women who grew up in a house with all women and I can tell you “once proud” women are mean and vindictive. Why was an underage girl in a night club drinking to began with? As a mother of 2 girls if I was told by my daughter that she was violated I can promise you I would not have let the case go until justice was severed. I would have probably hurt somebody football player or not. So tell me why her family felt the need to drop the case “Not enough evidence”.

      For God sake let it go he wasn’t charged just accused, We have a football game to win Sunday.

  15. Once Proud says:

    “When it comes to being a person, I just try to be the person my parents raised me to be,” Roethlisberger said.

    Yea, his parents should be sooo proud – you think this is scrutiny, wait how bad it is going to get for the superbowl.

  16. Todd says:

    Once Proud – I would say rather than if Ben was the ‘average african american male he would be serving time’, that if name wasn’t Roethlisberger we would have never heard a thing at all. Was he a jerk? Yes, without question. Criminal? Two police departments and DAs say no. If he couldn’t even get arrested, it shows that the females involved are just as much to blame for either situation.

  17. slm2007 says:

    It’s over, it’s done….no conviction, no arrest, no anything. I think he was guilty of being stupid and using really really bad judgment and I’m thinking that hopefully this has changed him for the better. If anything came out of it, it was a good wake up call for him and perhaps taught her not to use her fake id, get totally loaded in a bar and flirt with disaster. As for the horsehead in Reno….seriously, she is just ticked Ben didn’t call her the next day or even remember her the next year when he went back for the golf tournament. She was bragging about maybe having a baby Big Ben… assault there and I truly don’t believe there was an assult in the second situation either. Bad judgment on both their parts. I stand behind Ben and truly hope he has become a better person….and let some of that ego go.

  18. Jim Sangermano says:

    YOU have some MORONS who post comments JUST to ANGER Pittsburghers. Don’t let it get to you all. I’m FROM New York and I HATE the JETS. The Pittsburgh Steelers have ALWAYS been AMERICA’S TEAM. THEY will WIN on SUNDAY and SUPERBOWL FEVER will HIT Pittsburgh. ONE TWO THREE and the JETS are OUT. THEY are a MONGREL TEAM of MISFITS. GO PITTSBURGH STEELERS!!!!

  19. MsPittsburgh says:

    Reporters have always been known to ask “Jack-Ass” questions. This is done merely to embarrass the person being interviewed. Everyone knows this girl only saw $$ signs when she got saw Ben….hmmm….nothing new there. Ben was very polite in the way he answered and chose his words carefully. I, on the other hand, wouldn’t have been so polite.

  20. MsPittsburgh says:

    FYI….Girls have been doing this sort of thing for DECADES….extorting $$ out of famous celebrities and/or athletes. NO ARREST = NO CONVICTION = END OF STORY PERIOD SUBJECT CLOSED.

  21. JS says:

    What a dumb headline…the media did not “hammer” Ben about his past. If they had done that, the questions they asked would have been something like “Tell us what really happened that nigth in Georgia”. Instead, the asked what he was thinking during his suspension and how he handled it. Hardly tough questions. Typical media trying to generate hype and bring traffic to their web site.

    Regarding Ben, what happended in his past, and what kind of person he is, none of us posting on here know the answers. Not those saying that he was guilty of rape and a horrible person (like Once Proud, who is so sure of it), nor those of you defending him and saying that if he wasnt charged with a crime then nothing happened. As for me, whether he is a bad guy or not is not for me to say. He seems to be on the straight and narrow…time will tell. There are lots of bad people in sports and in life…its OK to be a Steelers fan and accept that some of the guys on the team may not be good people. We can still root for them to succeed, and that includes Ben.

  22. dansuxs says:

    The dude whiped out his deal in a bar and had sex with a drunk under age college student in Millidgeville, GA. These are the facts and it’s never going to go away.

    Unfortunately the ultra conservative Christian court system in the south has set the bar very very high to make a conviction for rape. The local DA knew this all to well and did the only thing he could and embarrassed him very publicly.

  23. moonsteel says:

    if god doesn’t forgive why does the catholic church take so much money from mafia and bury them with mass services god forgives anybody who asks for his forgiveness and he is not a predator those women were where they shouldn’t have been and drunk

    1. JS says:

      moonsteel – Congrats on your incoherent comments and excellent use of a runon sentence without any punctuation…are you drunk too?

  24. Brad says:

    Poop sandwiches … That is all

    1. Once Proud says:

      Poop sandwiches indeed my friend….poop sandwiches indeed.

  25. Ms. Steeler Fan from Florida says:

    Get a life Mr. So Called Reporter…where have you been all of your life Mr. Reporter? What have you done behind or open closed doors? You are so righteous??? It is the only way you can be heard. It already shows you are not a Steeler Fan. As far as this girl, she just wanted fame, “probably a job with Playboy” and of course $$$$$. These girls have no shame. They do it for a living! Get a life if it is possible for you.

    1. Boomer says:

      It doesn’t matter what the Ben Haters say at this point. The chance to destroy this man has come and gone because he is proving himself as THE best and most valuatble player in the league. And as long as he continues to set the NFL world on fie on Sunday’s….there are going to be jealous people that want to attack his image because he ‘seems like a jerk’ to them. 90% of the people that are still hung-up on the Georgia allegations are people that have wanted Ben to fail from day one. The situation in May was one of a drunken ‘woman’ (and i use the term LOOSELY) that got embarrassed by the way she behaved herself and tried to rationalize it by saying she got raped. And you honestly believe that Ben would have gotten away with this if he really had done something illegal? In the heart of Dixie Land nonetheless. They would not have let a big Yankee celebrity come down there and get away with violating one of their precious little southern belles if there was a shred of proof that he did something. Then you have a DA trying to run for re-election by blasting him…that was the most shameful, un-American thing I’ve ever seen. He had no evidence and decides to rant about his own views. It was one of the most slanderous rants I’ve ever seen. If Ben had been anybody else he would have been all over that DA for those idiotic remarks and you’d probably see his name get dragged through the mud as bad, if not worse, than Ben’s has as a result.

      Enjoy the game on Sunday Ben haters….because with every crooked nosed smile that he throws to the camera…your numbers are getting smaller snd smaller as Ben’s wallet gets fatter and fatter.

      1. Bloomer says:

        What is a valuatble player?

  26. Benpgh says:

    Hey I stand behind Ben Rapistberger….because
    who knows what would happen if he was standing behind you.
    On that note…..GO STEELERS!!!!

    1. cecil says:

      LMAO!! …Good one!

  27. Once Proud says:

    I’m an ill informed moron. I just run my mouth because this subject obviously hits too close to home.

    1. Benpgh says:

      Finally! Someone who understands me. Where have
      you been all of my life “Once Proud”?

    2. Hoss says:

      @Once Proud…that’s all you have? A pathetic response like that?? Where’s the proof to back up your earlier statements? Where’s your ill-informed opinion on the off-duty cops who were in the bars that night and the bartenders serving alcohol to minors? What hits close to home are cowards like you who hide behind a keyboard.

      1. Once Proud says:

        @Hoss, I’m not the same “Once Proud” from earlier. I was just making them out to look like an idiot, haha.

  28. russell h says:

    Hey what about the two cops that broke most all of the ethics codes in Law Enforcement. Both of those cops should be fired period. Yes the young woman was drunk, but she did not deserve to be groped,fondled or what ever Ben did behind the locked door of that restroom Anyone else would have been arrested and spent lots of money to be proven innocent but Ben being famous gets a break most people would not enjoy.Period

  29. Brad says:

    A wise man once exclaimed “poop sandwiches” … But I digress …

  30. dr michael says:

    Jeepers..its over he is guilty and it will follow him the rest of his life. When he is inducted into the Hall of Fame I wonder if he will get a mention of all his female conquests as well as football conquests???

  31. Jeff says:

    Even Pitt didn’t learn. They should have known from your quarterback the garbage that comes out of Miami Of Ohio.

  32. j says:

    if she is SO SURE about the night’s events where is the civil suit? and it was her family that said drop it, cause their drunken (DTF) daughter was so drunk that night her credibility would have been ripped to shreds! ben is not the first drunken pig, i mean guy to try and get laid in a bar bathroom and he certainly won’t be the last. bad judgement yes, criminal no.

  33. Ted says:

    Money can buy you Justice, it happens daily!! As far as the Georgia police are concerned like Ron White said, You Can’t Fix Stupid!! I don’t agree with what Ben did, but you have to look at this from a poor man’s view also, Being a QB for the steelers is a Job!! That is how he gets paid, can’t keep anybody from working, people do stupid things all the time and get to move on with their lives. Farve is doing the same as what Ben has done and nobody is on him as bad!! Same with lots of players in all sports Like Tiger, Kobe, Vick, Pacman !! Where is the public outcry for these guys!!

  34. Gail says:

    Why don’t all of you just leave Ben alone and let him concentrate on the task at
    hand. The past is just that, the past. He has become a much better person for
    all that he has been through. For God’s sake, just let him alone already. We love
    you Ben. Go get em and don’t let the media get to you.

  35. Ted says:


  36. Bob Lozano says:

    Charlie Batch should start. Ben has proven that he can’t produce in the Super Bowls!

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