Staying Warm Will Be Difficult Task At Heinz Field

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Heinz Field will be a very frigid place to watch a football game Sunday evening, and any fan not dressed for the occasion could be asking for trouble.

Hopefully the Steelers will keep fans in a frenzy during the AFC Championship showdown with the New York Jets so they won’t think about the extreme temperatures.

However, the best advice for anyone going to the game is to use common sense and be prepared.

The sunny skies over downtown Pittsburgh Saturday morning may have fooled some people, but right now the city is caught in a deep freeze. The forecast is calling for winter’s arctic grip to hold on for kickoff and through Sunday’s game.

When Claude Council Sr. and his son arrived in town from Nevada and Texas today, they immediately stocked up on warm Steelers gear.

“I have fleece jackets that say Steelers, fleece shirts – so I’m going to be layered up,” said Council. “They’re going to have to peel me out of the stuff after the game.”

“I’ll probably be just as layered down, if not more,” said Claude Council Jr.

Tim Wilson, from Yonkers, New York, came prepared for the high winds whipping off the Ohio River.

“I’ve got on two warm-up suits,” said Wilson while showing off his layers. “I got on my Notre Dame jacket, Boston Celtics and the guy announcing the game tomorrow, Phil Sims.”

Local emergency room doctors have already treated a variety of cold weather-related illnesses from frostbite to patients becoming unconscious with low body temperatures.

Dr. Fred Harkelroad says dressing in layers is a good idea.

Also, experts say any fans planning to drink alcohol before, during or after the game should be cautious. Doctors say drinking too much could make you more susceptible to cold-related injuries.

“Your body temperature drops much faster when there’s a lot of alcohol in it,” added Dr. Harkelroad. “Even though you feel warmer, it dilates your blood vessels. You lose heat a lot faster the higher the alcohol level is in your blood.”


One Comment

  1. Dan says:

    I will be quite warm while I wach the game on tv. Thanks for all the tips though

  2. PGHPA611 says:

    I love that the AFC Playoff game is once again being held here in Pittsburgh, BUT once again I question the logic of building this type of stadium in Pittsburgh’s climate. I truly believe a dome on the stadium would of made great sense in a city whose weather changes so dramatically. The die hards will say football is meant to be played outside , I will say the players and fans welfare is better served with a control enviroment. Just food for thought !!

    1. Tom Slater says:

      you are an idiot. are you originally from FL?

      1. FL guy in Pgh says:

        I AM originally from FL and I think this is perfect football weather. Heck, I’d go if I had tickets. Domes are so boring and antiseptic. Most people that live here know how to dress safely for these conditions. Go to a game in Tampa or Miami in Sept and you have heatstroke to worry about. Should every team have a dome? lol

  3. Joe DI nardo says:

    I wouldn’t attend this event even if the steel curtain came out of retirement and a doomed stadium could have attracted the super bowl and maybe even a few large conventions but I’m sure Hotel rooms could have been a problem , but they are having a super bowl outdoors in New York / New Jersey

  4. Zach Morris says:

    Good Joe DI nardo wanna be, don’t go to the game. We don’t want skirts like you there…

    1. frank says:

      Exactly. The cold is what football is all about. If we had a dome it would be disgusting. Just saying…

  5. Copswife says:

    Drink lots of alcholic beverages, eat lots of burgers on a hot grill, jump around and act like true steeler fans. You will be fine !!!!!

  6. cliff says:

    when the steers go to the super bowl it should be played here in pittsburgh not in the south

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