Bishop Zubik Discusses Ties To Green Bay

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There another Pittsburgh native with ties to Green Bay in addition to Packers head coach Mike McCarthy.

Before Bishop David Zubik returned home to Pittsburgh in 2007, he was bishop of the Green Bay diocese for four years.

“There’s no question about divided loyalties,” Zubik said. “Everybody knows in this one I’m going for the Black and Gold – not the Green and Gold.”

Rooting for the home team is also a family matter. His father has been a Steelers fan since before the bishop was born.

Bishops Zubik and Ricken will put together a friendly wager in the next few days.

Zubik, recovering from back surgery, hopes to get the nod from doctors to travel to Dallas and root for the Steelers.

  • WPXIisbetter

    Who cares what Emperor Palpatine thinks? Great story KDKA…P.S. This
    new web site sucks.

    • KD "The Pittsburgh Catholic" KA

      You’re EXACTLY right. Who cares what Zubik thinks about football? I surely don’t.

      KDKA has become an extention of “The Pittsburgh Cathoic” newspaper.

      Good bye KDKA. I’ll remove your bookmark and replace it with WPXI.

  • Slyfox

    ‘There another Pittsburgh native with ties to Green Bay……’ Nice proofreading. What has happened to this website?! It used to be phenominal, now it it TERRIBLE!

    • Slyfox

      Guess I should learn to proofread – I meant to say ‘… now it IS terrible!’ Monday after a big game… You know how it goes.

      • Dave

        yea, but difference is, YOU’RE not paid to write articles….so typos in comments aren’t a big deal. It’s tough to find a KDKA article where they don’t have typos.

  • slownewsday?

    This is the dumbest article I have ever seen on KDKA.

  • Daniel

    Well praise the name of Jesus, Adonai, Allah, Budda and all them other fellers…..

  • Jen

    I think it is nice. People should have someone to look up to. If you don’t like it,DON’T read it!

    • Jen Loses

      6 votes AGAINST

      1 for FOR

      You lose.

  • Jen

    I’m suprised elementary kids read the news !

    • Jen1

      I’m surprised you can eat a donut and type at the same time!

  • Jen

    GO BISHOP ! We love you! You are good for our city. I pray for your back to do well this time. I think it’s cool that you cheer the steelers on! Keep up the good work ! By the way I hate donuts ! Maybe you have had this trouble before, yourself ?GOD BLESS YOU !

  • Jen

    Also KDKA, You do a good job ! I like the heart felt stories!!!!!

    • Anne Robinson

      Jen the people of Pittsburgh have voted. You are the Weakest Link, goodbye!

      • BAM

        Hasn’t that show been off the for like 20 years ??? If you are speaking for Pittsburgh, It must be the elderly population of Pittsburgh ! Go ,take a ride on your hover-round or something!

    • ReallyJen?

      How is this a heart felt story? This story is a waste of web space. It’s good
      to know that simple minded people are so easily entertained….great job KDKA!
      ….by the way I heard Jesus is playing the half-time show.

      • Jen

        People don’t know how to have a good debate! If you don’t think the story is heart felt, that’s fine. However calling someone simple minded shows exactly how simple minded YOU are. If so many people hate KDKA, why are so many people reading it? By the way, I would LOVE Jesus to play the half-time show! It would be better than most of the stuff they put on today.

  • Jen

    By the way, What is wrong with you people ! It’s good to have God on your side. Polamalu makes the sign of the cross before every play!

    • GetReal

      Umm, yea, because God cares who wins a football game.

  • Jen

    GO STEELERS!!!! GO BISHOP!!!! GO KDKA !!!! GO GOD !!!!!!


    GODS A STEELER FAN !!!!!!!

  • Jen

    Now That is just lack of intelligence and disrespectful. I think KDKA should know about people like you, so they can not post such a hateful comment.

  • Stephanie

    Who cares if this guy has ties to Green Bay? Does that make him special or something?
    I think it’s hilarious how Pittsburgh tries to connect itself with everything going on in the world – like Pittsburgh is that important.

  • Don Wuerl

    WAHOOO!! Bishop Zubik is going to unleash Satan on the Green Bay Packers!
    …..Give me a break KDKA! This is the lamest report EVER!!! This report is even worse than when you reported he was having back surgery. Besides you’re number one fan Jen, who cares?

  • Kellie

    What, people don’t care about God. They can’t just have one nice religous story on KDKA. You guys are just disrespectful. Im ten and I even know better!!! GO JEN!!!!!!!

    • Uncle Pat

      No Kellie they can not. That is what the 700 club is for.

      • Kellie

        Yay thats what you should be watching!!!!!

      • BAM

        UNCLE PAT, You must be really old, What in the heck is the 700 club. I’m 15 and I’ve never heard of it. Is that like the ARP or auto club or something???? Go back in your 80’s cadillac and go to the YMCA. P.S. Say Hi to Jesus for me, you’ll meet him soon. You must be near at the end of your life!

      • Uncle Pat

        @BAM: lol…15 year old! Why don’t you go ask your mom for a ride to the mall, so you can go and stand around like the waste of space d-bag you are.

      • BAM

        Hey Uncle Pat, ( isn’t that a women’s name??) You can come to the mall with me, I’ll push your wheel chair!!!!!

      • BAM

        Uncle Pat, I got to go to school. Did they have school back then???? Later…GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!

      • Uncle Pat

        touché…..I love you BAM! GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!

    • Uncle Mark

      Kellie it is not a question of anyone caring about God. It’s
      that this story is ridiculous. Is it really news worthy who the Bishop
      sides with in football?

      • Kellie

        Its not a stupid story!! IF you don’t like the steelers move to Cleveland!!

  • Proof Reader

    “There another Pittsburgh native “……hey editors! Nice way to fix the news report!

  • Lexi

    Hey i think Bisop Zubick is awesome! im going to get confirmed this year by him! STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM!!!! i agree with kellie! GO KELLIE!

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