Dedicated Packers Fan Lives Behind Enemy Lines

By: Heather Abraham

MT. LEBANON (KDKA) – While most of the area will be rooting for the black and gold on Super Bowl Sunday, there are a few fans who bleed green and gold.

Mike Touscany grew up in Wisconsin. That’s where his love affair with the Packers began. He’s since moved to Mt. Lebanon, but that won’t stop him from cheering on Green Bay.

He’s a dedicated fan and a lone soldier surrounded in Steelers Country.

“I’ve been wishing for this for like 25 years, but now I’m looking at it and saying, ‘Careful what you wish for,’” Touscany said.

Touscany’s neighbor growing up was Bart Starr, who led the Packers to their first two Super Bowl titles. He has a picture in his man cave of Starr in the famous Ice Bowl.

The man cave proudly displays his obsession with his hometown team.

From the carpet, to the walls, to his Super Bowl tickets from the 90s and of course, he owns a cheesehead hat.

He even has a Chicago Bears rug for people to wipe their feet on before entering the man cave.

Touscany said Pittsburgh and Green Bay might have more in common than you think.

“They’re the same people. Here they wear black and gold, up in northeast Wisconsin it’s green and gold. Blue collar towns, rich in tradition,” Touscany said.

But, he won’t dare watch the Super Bowl in the company of Steelers fans.

“When I think about the Steeler game last year when they beat the Packers on the last play, that Mike Wallace catch was just devastating. So, I can’t be sitting there stewing while they’re jumping up and down. I don’t want to be the buzz kill of the party either. So, I’ll either be in Green Bay or here in the Pack room by myself,” Touscany said.

As for his prediction for Super Bowl XLV, Touscany is picking the Packers.

“Packers 27, Steelers 23.”


One Comment

  1. Onme says:

    No one cares.

  2. jack lambert says:

    lol how is this news? Like there aren’t a billion steeler fans in WI…or anywhere else for that matter. Its hard to believe, i know, but not everybody in tahn likes da stillers.

    i hate fluff stories. my neighbor likes the packers? luckily she is going to GB to watch the game.

    The steelers will crush you and your pathetic article.

  3. Brad says:

    Drag them into the street, tar and feather them. Then make them view pictures of Brett favre and his famous “texts” until they beg for mercy.. Which we will consider .

  4. julia rabeneck says:

    hey! haha this is crazy! the steelers are obviosly the best team there is! altough you bleed gold and green everyone else bleeds black and gold! we still love your youngest daughter because she is a steeler fan! lets go steelers! see you february 6th….. when the steelers win! haha- bailee, julia, and emma!

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Karen,
    I know you know this home town hero. Green and Yellow Coach from Greenfield. Thought I give you a hollar. Hope all is well. Debbie

  6. jim says:

    this is as bad as the report about the Bishop’s ties to Green Bay!!!

  7. Hollywood ;) says:

    Mr. Touscany, the Packers are going down! Steelers are bringing it home for number 7!

  8. Nick Manning says:

    This is news. Geez Im a Capital fan thats lives in Pittsburgh interview me for gods sake

  9. eazytime says:

    Hey Mike, why don’t you go to the local Green bay bar? HAHAHAHA There are none. Steeler bars all over the U.S.A.
    Steelers 27 Green Bay 14

  10. Tori Touscany says:

    Ok well I am his daughter! The good thing is that i’m the youngest, but respect that he LOVES his team. Black and yellow Black and yellow black and yellow! Everything I do I do it big!!!!! GO STEELERS!!!!

    1. Jeany Chase Gewin says:

      You go, girl! Your dad deserves respect!

  11. Bing Bong Ba Baa says:


  12. Jake says:

    Well Mike, I think its really awesome that you have the courage to be a Packer fan in a Steeler nation!!!! I still want steeler to win. If i were to live in Green Bay i wouldnt dare be a Steeler fan!

  13. Polly Polite says:

    Rude comments are not acceptable, how would you feel if someone said this to you? Please consider what you have wrote, opinions should be compliments not put downs when you are dealing with things like this. I would ask you all to apoligize to Mr. Touscany for all the rude comments. Please consider this and do not make fun of this comment or I may report you.

  14. Andy says:

    Great article! Don’t disrespect the spirit of this story, and don’t pretend to speak for “true” Steeler fans when you rip on Mike, or on the author. I know Mike, and as long as I’ve known him, I’ve known that he bleeds green and gold. He is true to his team, just as a Pittsburgher would be if transplanted somewhere else. Respect him for it, and root for your favorite team on Sunday, whoever that may be.

  15. Jill B says:

    You all that wrote negative comments should be ashamed of yourselves. If you were to move away from Pittsburgh your loyalty to the Steelers would not falter just as Mike’s did not when he moved away from Green Bay. Have respect for loyalty in general!!!

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