Does Obama Back The Steelers Over The Packers?

By Jon Delano, KDKA Political Editor

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — First thing to know, President Obama’s favorite football team — no surprise — is from his hometown, the Chicago Bears.

But a close runner-up just might be the Pittsburgh Steelers.

So when the president chose to go to Green Bay, Wis., the day after his State of the Union speech, it’s only fair to ask: which team is he really rooting for in the Super Bowl?

When Air Force One landed in Green Bay on Wednesday morning, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker tried hard to turn President Obama into a Packers fan.

Fat chance of that.

“Go Steelers, unless you’re playing the Bears,” the president told KDKA Political Editor Jon Delano a few years ago.

Obama’s love affair with the Steelers goes back to his youth, as Jon Delano discovered when he first interviewed him in March 2008.

Delano: “When you think Pittsburgh, what comes to mind?”

Obama: “Steelers. You know when I was kid, we didn’t have our own football team. I was growing up in Hawaii. This is back in the 1970s, so the Steelers — that was my team.”

That relationship solidified when Republican Dan Rooney, owner of the Steelers, endorsed Obama in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary.

And it didn’t hurt that Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis joined Obama on his “Road to Change” bus tour during the 2008 campaign.

Did any Packers do that for Obama?

Well, certainly not like the Steelers, as now Ambassador Rooney who personally campaigned for Obama can attest.

In Wisconsin, the president still seemed a little bitter about the Packers defeat of his beloved Chicago Bears.

“We will get you next year. I’m just letting you know,” he told Packers fans today.

And Obama didn’t seem swayed by all the Packers jerseys.

“I’ve only been on the ground for an hour. I’ve got three jerseys. One of them is from Woodson, who just said, ‘See you in the White House.’”

Not likely! After all, it was the Steelers who visited him at the White House shortly after his inauguration in 2009.

So just in case any Packers fans are watching, let’s repeat what the president said a couple years ago.
“Go Steelers, unless you’re playing the Bears.”

White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer told Jon Delano that we shouldn’t read too much into the president’s trip to Wisconsin.

While he admitted that he hasn’t asked the president which team he’s rooting for in this year’s Super Bowl, there is no evidence that Obama is changing his loyalties.


One Comment

  1. Stacy says:

    Dan Rooney is not a Republican, he has always been a Democrat.

  2. eddiethesnitch says:

    He’s a lifelong Republican. He campaigned for Obama because????

  3. NObama says:

    I vote to cut #44 from the team!

  4. 2059 says:

    Ole dumbo ears would put the GB shirt on but it won’t go over his big head.

  5. Airdoc says:

    Please they shouldn’t have asked him that question. Look what happened when he congratulated Vick and the Bears!

  6. Paul says:

    pride the 7th deadly sin
    Go Steelers

  7. bobbyjo says:

    I rooted for the Packers just to keep big ears from going to the super bowl

  8. concerned citizen says:

    I’m a Steelers fan but dose it really matter? I think we should be asking what he is going to do about unemployment and gas prices.

  9. Beverly says:

    come on don’t be a hater, everyone is intitled to their own opinion and President Obama is no different, if he wants to go with the steelers than so be it, there’s no need for name calling, people need to grow up and stop sweating the small stuff, because it doesn’t matter how you feel anyway

  10. Beverly says:

    bobbyjo & 2059 if you guys spent more of your time doing something constructive or even just looking in the mirror you wouldn’t be saying negative things about President Obama who just happened to be the most handsome President we’ve EVER had, your so insecure with yourself your imposed that on other people grow up and although he may have big ears in your opinion he is the president of the united states, and what are you.

  11. Pensylvania Guns and Religon says:

    The Packers can have the praise of that communist in the White House.
    He thinks he knows every thing about sports for som reason?

  12. RJ says:


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