Local Radio Legend Doug Hoerth Dies

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) — Longtime Pittsburgh talk host Doug Hoerth has died. 

Police tell NewsRadio 1020 KDKA that they were summoned to Hoerth’s Bellevue apartment Tuesday night at the request of the building manager who could not make contact with Hoerth.  When they entered the apartment, they found him dead inside.

Hoerth worked for KDKA-AM during two different stints in the 1980s and also appeared on a number of other radio stations in the market.  Hoerth was also a frequent guest on the PCNC cable network.

Hoerth, known affectionately as “Uncle Dougie” to his fans, was 66.

Listen to Mike Pintek talk with Tom Clendening, Doug’s old program director from WTAE-AM, about his experiences with Doug.

  • Tim

    He was great, one of the best ever in Pittsburgh. We will miss you “Uncle Dougie”.

  • Andy

    I missed him when he left 1360. Always managed to fiind a place to call home. He left a mark in Pittsburgh however excentric you found him.

    • Andy Can't Spell


      • Jen

        Andy Can’t Spell is a jerk.

  • Tom

    Absolutely the best interviewer I have ever listened to. The pie recipe lady had to be the funniest thing I ever heard on the radio. God Bless Doug …

    • karen arlet

      OMG I remember the Pie lady! Do you remembner her name? I think it was an important part of the bit. MRS ????

  • greg x st

    Very well-rounded, funny, superbly entertaining … and a great interviewer, too. Yes, we’ve missed him all along, and now forever. So long, Uncle Dougie …

  • Karen P

    Will miss you Doug. R.I.P.

  • Bill

    Great frame of reference regarding life, sports and pop cultural ideosyncracies. I.m truely saddened that he died alone.

  • Tommie

    listened to him everyday.. funniest host ever.. his interview with Bobby “The Brain” Heenan was pure rib-splitting laughter, God Bless you Uncle Douggie!!

  • Mary Saunders

    I listened to him everyday from 4 to 6 when he was on. He would only be on until 5 during the winter due to the power at the station. I missed him then and always thought that he would be back on the radio again. Bellevue won’t be the same without him. Rest in peace Uncle Dougie.

  • Shawn

    This man definitely did radio differently than anyone I ever heard in Pittsburgh. Many fans from my family.

  • Charla

    I listened to Doug Hoerth on every radio station where he worked in Pittsburgh. He had the BEST Oldies show on WJAS every Sunday night. He was a fountain of information. Sorry to learn of his passing. We moved to South Carolina and I lost track of him and the radio stations, but I read the news online each day.
    God Bless Doug Hoerth and all who loved him!

  • Gary

    One of the best hosts in the radio business who could have had larger audience shares in larger markets but chose to stay near the city he loved. He was the best prepared interviewer a guest could ask for; and perhaps more importantly, had a gift for making both his listeners and guests feel like an integral part of his shows. He may have been considered eccentric but he sure was a Pittsburgh original and I am proud to have known him for too short a time. May choirs of angels sing thee to thy rest Uncle Dougie.

  • pmo

    I listened to doug while at work for years, you will be missed uncle douggie, what a great outpouring of love for him. i have wondered over the years if he had gone back to jersey or some other market.

  • James Satler

    I always held out hope that Doug would resume his radio career in Pittsburgh. He will be missed. God bless you Doug.

  • sadie

    So sorry to hear of Doug’s passing. He was truly a great radio personality. Knew his stuff. Always thought he would show up somewhere. wonder if he ever wrote the book he talked about? Such a shame he was alone.

  • Jim and Linda Guentner

    I have been listening to Doug since he started in Pittsburgh. His show was the best radio talk show ever. He was funny, informative and very entertaining. I feel saddened at his passing. I’ll always remember his story about Don Ho and Eulio Englases being the Italian brothers who had facial surgery. He surely will be missed. (jim)

    I was a guest on one of Doug’s Friday afternoon shows with another woman and two men. This in 2001 right after 911 tragedy. It was wonderful being a part of the show and meeting Doug in person. He made you feel so at ease and was really interested in your contribution to the broadcast. My husband, a professional artist, gave him a print of one of his Pittsburgh Paintings. Doug really showed his gratitutde.

    Good-by Uncle Dougy

  • Shannon Nutt

    We all hope to see you again someday Dougie, “good lord willing and the creek don’t rise.”

  • Misty Doy

    See ya on the other side Uncle Dougie–be the good Lord willin’ and the creeks don’t rise.

  • Mr. B

    From his story about the YMCA “WALL GIRLS” in Bellevue to the stories of his being a recovering alcolohic. From his on air antics with Clarence to his visits to Eat N Park. Doug was always informative and humorous and was never affraid to tell you how he felt or thought about people or situations. You became a Pittsburgher by the way you were..,naturally.. by being you! You were missed when you left the airwaves and you are missed today.Heres to you Doug in your final “gun lap hour”.

  • Matt

    OMG I forgot about WPTT’s signal going out when the sun went down. So many good memories of Doug. What incredible recall.

  • Tom


    I loved when Uncle Dougie would do his interviews.
    When he interviewed Bruno S. I pulled off the road so I could listen to there stories. They both laughed and you thought you were sitting beside them in a room just listening to priceless moments in time.

    Also, when he had that wonderful women on each Friday with her home-made, helpful hints, you laughed out loud listening to some of her theories.
    He loved what he did, and I’m glad he did it so I could enjoy his work.

    RIP Uncle Dougie, you always made my day a better one while I listened to you.

  • Ray

    Outrageously entertaining, knew his facts better than any other and if he didn’t know he could convince you to doubt the truth . He put high profile, high paid interviewers to shame with his poignant and meaningful interviews. Was passionate about Oldies, The Godfather. Was often too naughty on air for his own good but that was Uncle Dougie. Doug often talked of having to “Go to Philadelphia” between radio breaks. Made my work day drive time a real pleasure. I know many will agree with that fact. He was a Pittsburgh treasure that will be missed.

  • Scott 66

    Alway’s loved the way he told a story. Very funny great character. Alway’s had my headset on at work from 4 to 6 pm in his wtae. days. He loved hockey and would attend the Pen’s games. His Florida stories were classic. Alway’s hoped he would get back on the air. I still use his phrases all the time. Hope You got you’re cookie uncle Dougie. Thanks.

  • Mike

    Listened to Uncle Dougie all thru the 80’s and loved every minute of it.

    R.I.P. my radio friend.

  • Craig

    Doug had a program on WTAE in the early 1980’s, where he would have single guys phone in, and women would call in for their phone numbers if they sounded compatible. It was called something like the “dating show of the airways.” I actually hooked up with a girl that way.

  • Rob

    I will miss Doug. He was a gentle genius.

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