City Issues Phase 1 Alert As Snow Starts To Fall

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The salt trucks are ready to roll as another round of wintry weather is on the way.

The city of Pittsburgh is enacting its snow emergency removal plan, to keep the roads clear.

KDKA Meteorologist Dennis Bowman is calling for one to three inches of snow for the Pittsburgh area today.

The most active time period will be late morning through the afternoon hours, resulting in a slick evening rush hour.

In parts of Greene and Fayette Counties and northern West Virginia, three to five inches of snow can be expected.

The higher ridges to the southeast, including Garrett County, Md. and Preston and Tucker Counties in West Virginia, can expect a general four to eight inches. The highest ridge tops will get about 10 inches.

High temperatures will reach the low to mid 30s and snow will diminish to flurries for the evening and overnight hours.

As a result, the Pittsburgh Department of Public Works has issued a Phase 1 Snow Warning Alert.

Crews will be working 12-hour shifts with the bigger trucks taking care of the major roads and smaller trucks patrolling the secondary roads.

The objective is to have all the roads clear within 12 to 24 hours of the beginning of the storm

The new phase system came after criticism for how the city responded to last year’s massive snow storms.

  • mid june

    Oh where is Spring?

    • mayor Stupidstal

      phase 1 …steal underpants

      phase 3 …PROFIT……

    • Mayor Stupidstal

      I’ve been told I am on the short side of 1-3 inches

  • Mary

    Sensational!!! BREAKING NEWS! come on KDKA we live in Pittsburgh 1-3 inches is hardly a news story.

    • Pittgirl

      Personally the main reason I check KDKA’s website is for THE WEATHER REPORT. I personally am happy that I don’t have to go searching around the whole website to find what I was looking for and applaud KDKA for reporting THE NEWS. Weather is news, and when there may be trouble with the road conditions people deserve to know what the city is doing about it and the people rely (as they should) on their local news.

    • Liam1694u

      Yes Mary, 1-3 inches isn’t a big deal in Pgh, but that doesn’t mean they news agency is supposed to completely ignore it. This is simply a news story saying “we are expecting a couple of inches and we are preparing in advance to handle it to make your driving experience as safe as possible.”

      Don’t you think that’s worth telling the public? Or would you prefer we just ignore it and do nothing? Forget plowing the roads and salting.

      Your getting REALLY worked up over a what YOU perceive is KDKA getting worked up, when they really aren’t. It’s not like they interupted your “Price is Right” with a breaking news story making you miss the showcase showdown. They posted it on their website where those who choose to read it can. That’s all.

      • LadyofPeace2011

        WOW…people, it’s just news!!!! I can’t believe there is a debate about breaking news. Yeah, there is more important news going on that is breaking news so I understand mary’s comment. We all know days ahead of time what they weather will be due to the five day forecast so it should not be any surprise. Liam’s response seemed like they were personally offended. Just read the news and move on. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

      • joey

        ahahahahahahahah … genius

      • just4you

        Well Liam1694u, all mary said is its not breaking news. But also on the other hand i woud think you are the one getting “worked up” but anyhow thats for the news update kdka!

      • Emily

        Well said, Liam.

      • dhardek

        you suck you Stiller fan. STEELERS SUCK! Go PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sumrnvrhappy

      The original forecast for February 5–6, 2010 was only about 3-6… we ended up with 21-24. Due to the removal issues associated with that, a new system was enacted, caused by public demand… including better preparedness… being ready is a good idea… and informing the public of those preparations is only prudent…

  • Last Laugh

    Spring is 53 days away.


    Does anybody remember a time when every snowflake or drop of rain was not an weather emergency?????

  • DAVE


  • snowflake

    you could live over here the Laural”s….. 3 INCHES is easy to take. I hate those heavy wet 10 inch snows…….. Better go buy milk and bread…….

  • jim

    I totally agree the news people are making weather a top story with 1 to 3 inches
    come on the city is in a Plase one emergency LOL LOL wonder why the other parts of the city dont make a big deal about removing snow BECAUSE ITS THEIR JOB TO REMOVE SNOW AND THEY DONT CRY CAUSE THEY HAVE TO SALT AND PLOW

  • jim


    • Liam1694u

      I love tries. Especially when they burn ;)

      I still stand by my opinion that when snow is expected, it is news. Not big news, but still news never-the-less. KDKA didn’t make it the big headline of the day or anything. They just posted it on their website. If you don’t think it’s news, then don’t read it.

  • Mo

    There is NO ONE WORSE in Pittsburgh than Channel 11 with their BREAKING NEWS from half the state away interrupting every Survivor or show I’m watching. KDKA is WAY better in every way, so don’t diss on them for putting the news on the WEB.

    Channel 11 is the worst station around, keep up the good work KDKA

  • JC

    Crews are ready? That is always the report. In fact, when it does start snowing, you never see or hear any trucks around. The areas that should be concentrated on are the streets around the schools. Schools are canceled because the CITY does NOT clear the roads not because of current conditions. Last week when it snowed Friday, the roads were still not cleared on Sunday. The city should be ashamed of the way they handle the streets around the City. I would like to know what they consider main roads. The roads here are a disgrace. If you are not drinving into snow or ice, you are driving into POT HOLES. Why don’t they use some of that money they made from the 2 playoff games and the Winter Classic and take care of the streets in Pittsburgh. If the city made all this money from these events, where is it. What about the city residents? Where does our tax dollars go?

  • It's merely a weather forecast

    You know, I have to agree with Liam – I’m not sure what his hugging trees has to do with anything, by the way, Jim. What an inane comment to make.

    The fact is, meteorologists are predicting snow, and I for one want to know about it so I can plan my and my family’s day. If you bother to watch the actual forecasts, they typically say these aren’t any major storms but that they could impact the roadways etc. And if you’d bother to read the article, the Phase 1 alert is a system that the city of Pittsburgh put in place (not KDKA), in an attempt to better handle the snow-covered roadways than they have in the past, specifically last year. Sheesh. It gets so tiresome when all people can do is make negative comments. Find something real to complain about.

    • Liam1694u

      Agreed. Though you do realize all we are doing by calling them out is feeding the trolls. It’s an endless cycle.

    • Emily

      I agree completely. I think people just want a reason to complain, and a person to take it out on, and they happened to choose Liam today.

      I think this is a worthy story. I don’t know about you, but I’m glad we’re past the days way back when we had to lick our thumb and stick it up to the wind or look at how red the sky was in the morning to tell the weather. Kinda sorta totally grateful it’s covered in the news. Just sayin! :)

  • mid june

    Gee all I ask was where is Spring….

    • It's merely a weather forecast

      And that is a perfectly reasonable question to ask, mid june! You’re complaining about the weather itself, not the forecasters who dare to report it! I think most of us can agree that warmer air, sunshine, green grass, and flowers would be most welcome right about now! :-)

  • Lorie

    I’m in the area where 3-5 inches is expected and I do appreciate the advance notice, therefore allowing me to leave earlier for work. Keep up the great work KDKA.

  • John J. Johnson

    The ones saying “its just 1-3” are probably the ones wrecking all over the place, and flying by you on the snow covered highway!!

  • Maxwell

    1-3 inches of snow in the City of Pittsburgh didn’t use to be an issue. However, with the poor snow removal, unfortunately, it has become an issue!

    • Liam1694u

      Yeah, snow removal sucks here. But it’s the drivers that suck too. And I mean both ends of the spectrum. The people blazing past at high speeds don’t help anything, but neither to the people putzing around below 20mph or less. Slow down 10-15 mph from what you normally drive (what you drive, not the speed limit) and everything should be fine. But please, pretty please, I you’re gonna inch along like the 6AM sunday morning Country Kitchen Buffet crowd maybe you should just stay off the road.

      • Liam1694u


      • Liam1694u


  • snowflake

    it’s really snowing hard here in Ligonier…I agree with john j .. Some ppl have no winter driving skills.

  • durka

    Um… snow removal in the City of Pittsburgh? Yeah right. Apparently 5th Ave is an “Emergency Snow Removal Route”, but last week they didn’t even touch it. Let’s rethink that one, Ravenstahl.

  • Crazy Cook

    I think we are all getting a little cabin fever, including myself for reading all the comments to the end and then commenting. It is now time for us to turn on our collective seasonal affective disorder lamps and take a collective deep breath. No matter what we write or the meterologist say, none us us can control the weather. What happens happens.

  • Liam1694u

    Just4you, you are absolutely right. The simple act of me commenting that I believe Mary’s comment is out of place, has turned me into a troll. I am no better than anybody else out there. But back to the topic at hand, she wasn’t simply saying “this isn’t breaking news” she was saying “this isn’t news at all and shame on you KDKA for wasting out time”. Just a little bit of a difference.

    But now that we all know that I am a troll (and apparently a tree hugger, according to Jim), and you are a troll, and 99.8% of the comments on the internet are just insults, put downs, and demeaning attempts to make ourselves feel better, we can thus get beyond such petty squabbles and move on to the real enemy here… …The clouds. Damn those clouds, always dropping their H20 on our heads. In the winter it’s cold and slippery. In the summer is wet and clammy. If we are going to survive this crisis, we have to find away to destroy those clouds. Crazy Cook thinks we can’t control the weather. I say, we haven’t tried hard enough. I hear that people out in Arizona have figured out how to get rid of all their clouds, and well as the folks over in Abu Dhabi. All we need to do is learn from them they’re secrets to cloud destruction, and Pittsburgh can finally be a wonderful place to live, like Somalia.

    • Liam1694u

      If you can’t tell, I’m kind of bored at work today. Maybe I’ll go outside for some fresh air and hug a nice cold snowy tree. That’ll make me feel better.

      • Emily

        LOL!!!!! Oh my goodness….

  • snowflake

    @Liam1694u… I’ll go with YOU…

  • Sassy Jane

    It has been snowing steady in Charleroi since 9:30, roads are covered at least 4+ inches has fallen.

  • 14 year old girlZ

    Geez, it sounds as if they ran out of room on the Youtube comment boards. ZOMG SNOWWW!!!

  • Robby

    We have about four here in Monessen also. By the looks of the radar maybe a few more hours worth. So much for the 1-3….HA!!

  • abomidable snowman

    Ok this is to funny…. Guess what people ITS PITTSBURGH it snows here….Amazing …. The only reason they brodcast that its phase 1 is because the people in the city cried so much … OMG Its F#$@ing snow..I live about 45 min from the city and when they got dumped on guess what we did too…So Aside from it being the media …and there job….In the city there damned if they do and there damned if they dont…Quit all your baby whining you are the ones who cried the loundest so now there going to tell you every move they make..Get over it….If they said it was going to be 10 inches of snow you would want to know so its only 1 to 3…Yeah… Go complain to a neighbor you dont have to go far open your window…

    • Concerned Republican

      Sara Palin decries this as “another lame-stream media attempt to deflect attention from Obamacare and other leftist plots to defraud the American people”

  • ice

    Now we can Blame Palin for the snow. YES!!!!! LOL

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