Brett Keisel’s Beard Grows Into Legend

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Steeler Nation has grown to “Respect the Beard.”

Steeler and Pro Bowl defensive end Brett Keisel is the latest player to get his own shirt from All Pro Embroidery. The motto? “Fear the Diesel.”

“It’s been fun and it’s taken off and I just wanted to share a little piece of me with everyone that wants it,” Keisel said.

Brett actually gave All Pro the picture. So the motivation behind that wild look in his eyes?!

“I took the picture one morning just as I woke up,” he said. “And I wanted to do something that people would remember. I think I captured it.”

Brett’s beard has taken on a life of it’s own with it’s own Facebook page.

There’s even a website where fans try on their on their own Keisel beard.

The “Fear the Deisel” shirt is not authorized by the Steelers or licensed by the NFL, but it is endorsed by Brett Keisel. Part of the proceeds from the shirt will benefit two of Brett Keisel’s charities – Cystic Fibrosis and The Homeless Children’s Education Fund.

To purchase a t-shirt, visit or

  • Dan

    The beard is AWESOME

  • Matthew Rosleck

    Its a manly beard!

  • JC

    Go get your own!

  • Fenix1186

    It’s like the beard of a Norse god!

    • Keiseldeisel

      That is the most accurate description!!

    • Dennis Hall

      Brett Keisel is TECHNO VIKING’S long lost brother!!!

  • tom

    Great shirt and I really like his website.

  • Steel City Artist

    There is a reason Brett may be growing his beard as full as it has become. My good friend, Denny Karchner is an artist who lives near Brett in Cody, Wyoming. Denny is Art Rooney, Jr.’s personal artist and has been commissioned by Art over the years to paint several Steelers players. Once the season is over & the Steelers win the Superbowl Denny will be painting a portrait of Brett to include into the private collection. Denny wanted Brett to appear like a “mountain man”, symbolic of his Wyoming roots. Here is a link to Denny’s amazing artwork, Denny was a founding member in my charity art foundation I established last yr. The Humanitarian Artists of Pittsburgh along with Pittsburgh sports artists Larry Klukaszewski & Willie Hobbs.



  • tina

    The website is great. they did a contest to see who had the best playoff beard and the people and lots of people entered.

  • Rhonda

    I didn’t even know there was a Keisel website until recently. I love it and ordered several shirts for myself and my family. I plan to order more now since I know money benefits such great charties. My niece has CF so I want to help in any way I can. Thanks to Brett Keisel for all he does and to Trish who does a fabulous job in keeping us informed. Here is the address

  • Chad

    I spoke with the woman who maintains Keisels website and she was very nice. I emailed her and heard back within 10 minutes with an answer to my question. She was very nice. I ordered 4 shirts after she explained to me that Brett was donating portion of sales to Cystic Fibrosis research.

  • expittsburgh

    Just picked up one in the Strip today. Very cool shirt!

  • Steve

    I’ll try to make it to The Strip this weekend to get a shirt.

    • expittsburgh

      As your heading into the Strip on Penn coming from Lawrenceville, the first store on the right (at a corner) had the most Keisel shirts.

  • Bob Lozano

    Do yinz realize how stewpid yinz sound? I gots to buy my Keisel shirt cause he has a cool beard a’nat. I like Heinz causing he’s always smiling and he blocks terrific a’nat.

    • Dave

      I’m amused when people like you have such hate but still feel drawn into the articles that you supposedly despise. Must be a strange world you live in.

  • Glenn Bloss

    Ain’t no loss for the Bloss…Steelers by 12

  • Glenn Bloss

    I think Bob can’t grow a beard cause he is 12. No Loss for the Bloss.

  • Jeff

    Planet Pittsburgh in Wexford has these shirts in stock. Only $14.99
    2000 Village Run Rd.

  • Bob

    Oh my God ! Brett Keisel is in a comic strip ! The Steelers have a comic strip online .It’s at

  • Angie

    I am 26 and I have CF. My son love’s the Steelers and is so happy “The Beard” is supporting his mommy!


    Great shirt to wipe the dog’s butt with when his worms flare up

  • Frank

    The beard looks great. Let it grow for a second year.

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