Man Found Not Guilty, Another Sentenced In Girl’s Death

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A verdict has been reached in the trial of the man accused in connection with the shooting death of a 12-year-old girl on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

Jolesa Barber was shot and killed in January of 2008. She was at her sister’s house in Perry South when someone fired more than 40 rounds at the home.

In court today, Anthony Wilson was found not guilty in connection with the shooting.

“I think that because the alibi witnesses had no reason to lie and because they had come forward so early and were so consistent in what they were saying about Anthony being with them at the time of the homicide, I think that played a huge role,” said Wendy Williams, the defense attorney. “No one likes to come to court, no one wants to testify in a gang murder, no one wants to help anyone who killed a child, but I think the fact that, and the judge commented on this, that these people would put themselves at risk to come to court to tell the truth.”

Wilson had confessed to police; however, his attorney said that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, which put the confession in question.

His co-defendant, Michael Gist, 18, pleaded guilty and was sentenced today to 30 to 60 years in prison.

Gist’s mother apologized to the victim’s family in court this morning.

Barber’s mother also gave a victim impact statement today. She said that she wears something of her daughter’s everyday to remember her by.

The family left the court in tears after Wilson was found not guilty.

Today marks the three-year anniversary since Barber’s death. Her family and friends have a memorial planned in her remembrance.

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One Comment

  1. Thomas J Duttine says:

    I hope this judge doesn’t sleep ever again….Bleeding Heart! This SLIMEBALL will be in jail or dead in a year. I just hope he doesn’t hurt anyone else B4 he dies….

  2. Dan says:

    Not a surprise in Allegheny co…..ever wonder why people dont testify against criminals…well because they get out and will find you!

  3. howie says:

    Let’s not forget to thank wendy williams! He confessed.

  4. Black Cat says:

    Wilson had confessed to police; however, his attorney said that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia……….

    OK—Let me understand this—he is back out on the streets suffering from schizophrenia. Not suprised at all in Allegheny County. Oh, and this is the same Judge who delayed the jury selection for the Jane Orie trial…because it was scheduled to begin the day after the Super Bowl—is that day a holiday…am I missing something? I am one of the biggest Steeler fans around—but you can bet your sweet ass that I will be at my job on Monday.

  5. Me says:

    It is the jury who decides the verdict, not the judge. If this man intentionally and with sound mind killed this young girl then may he get all he deserves but Allegheny County’s conviction rate is in the high 90% so for a jury to go aginst such odds and find this man innocent must mean that the defandant’s lawyer created a good amount of doubt in their minds. While it is easy to feel for the family, we must all remain innocent until proven guilty. And Im sure that this judge being a Steeler’s fan did not in any effect his want to find justice for this poor girl and her family. He is read blooded and has devoted his life to our government. He is not a complete idiot.

    1. Thomas J Duttine says:

      This was a non-jury trial. You would know that if you had read the article!

    2. Black Cat says:

      You really need to take the time to READ……The “Steeler Fan” has to do with the Orie case not this one. The comment was made in regards to the JUDGE…..and….there was NO JURY in this case—YIKES!!!!!

      1. ME says:

        To Thomas, it does not say anywhere in this article that it was a non-jury trial. It does mention it in the video which I did not watch untill after posting my comment, so I stand corrected.

        To Black Cat, Ok, Im sorry I mispelled a word. But before you become the grammar and spelling police, you should know that there is no need for more than one period. He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones. Secondly, You proved my point.

        “The “Steeler Fan” has to do with the Orie case not this one. ”

        If the “Steeler Fan” has nothing to do with this case, then why even mention it? You are the one who mentioned this first.

    3. Black Cat says:

      Yikes…..(yep lots of periods) the judge is the same one for the Orie case…delayed jury selection because it was to occur the day after the Super Bowl. I am talking about the JUDGE….get it?????????????????

      1. ME says:

        Insulting people is not the way to win an argument, at least not an intelligent one. I can see that is why you must have never made it through law school.

    4. Black Cat says:

      You replied about the Steeer fan—that is why I mentioned it!!!!
      (ooops multiple exclamation points)

    5. Samantha Klingensmith says:

      innocent until proven guilty????? tell that to the 3 suspended cops!

  6. Simmer says:

    Th is judge is not very good. That’s all

  7. CitizenX says:

    Typical groids…

  8. redrock100 says:

    good news. he will kill another one shortly

  9. johnny69 says:

    This poor little girls family needs to get out and get some good payback

  10. noahslanding says:

    You guys seem to be missing the whole point here. Or am I missing something. This man was supposeably part of some gang, yet he walks. If he was a gang banger and there at the time of the shooting then he should also be held responsible. Please people. The only person I feel any sympathy for is this beatiful 12 year old that died. I don’t feel sorry for the mother. She was responsible also because it sounds to me like she kept this kind of company. This man admitted to knowing the family well. If you let this kind of company in your lives what possible outcome do you think will happen? I feel the mother should also be held responsible for the death of her child. I am sick of these gang banging, drug deal gone bad stories KDKA quit reporting this kind of news. Please. It is helping noone and it is giving more insentive for the gang bangers and drug dealers to keep on doing what they believe is there “cause” for life.

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