Roethlisberger Faces Unexpected Question

FORT WORTH, Texas (KDKA) — Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got a question he didn’t expect from reporters during a press conference in Fort Worth.

Each time he was asked about Milledgeville, Ga., he deferred and handed out a standard answer.

“Well, another reflective question. I know there’s going to be a lot of those this week and like I said, reflecting is not the thing to do right now,” Roethlisberger said.

There was another story that popped up. Peter King from “Sports Illustrated” did an interview recently with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

During the interview, Goodell reportedly revealed frustration with Roethlisberger and “no connection” to him.

Goodell told King he was investigating what to do with Roethlisberger during the summer and at the time he spoke with more than two dozen of his teammates and no one defended their quarterback, according to King.

“Well, I know for a fact that when the commissioner came to the training camp and talked with a lot of guys – kind of did,” Roethlisberger said. “I’m just thankful my teammates are who they are and I really appreciate all of them.”

“I don’t know what he means or you mean by ‘come to his defense,’” Mike Tomlin said. “I don’t know the nature of the conversation or discussion, so it’s going to be difficult for me to comment on it to be quite honest with you.

“Ben is a highly-respected member of our football team not only because of what he’s done this year, but just as largely his body of work and the person that he is. We all fall short of perfection and we all make mistakes. His are well-documented. He’s doing the best that he can in terms of moving forward with it as is his teammates.”

Greg Aiello, a spokesman for the NFL, said Goodell made the comments more than a month ago.

“The commissioner didn’t come out with those comments this week or last week. He was interviewed more than a month ago on a myriad of subjects and this was just one small part of the interview,” Aiello said.

He said King decided to run the comments now for maximum effect because the Steelers and Roethlisberger are in the big game.

“He [Peter King] is exploiting the opportunity and exploiting the material,” Aiello said. He went on to say, “If the Steelers weren’t in the Super Bowl, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”


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  1. Brian coleman says:

    Nice job Commissioner. It’s the Steeler’s week not yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jim S says:

      Blame it on Peter King – he’s the one who took it out of context and Sports Illustrated for airing the article now…

  2. Daniel says:

    Players making millions in a taxpayer funded stadium and getting great benefits and an NFL pension? Why no complaints about the pay and benefits and pension? Oh, I forgot the complaints are only for the police, fire and PAT drivers. Now who is really the overpaid one here?

    1. Maxwell says:

      Daniel the team OWNERS benefit from the taxpayer funded stadium and not the players. Get your facts straight!

      1. Daniel says:

        True the owners benefit leaving them with more money to pay grown men to throw a leather ball. What about the pension? Only 4 years to collect it when a police officer must work 20…I say equality should be the rule here!

  3. Ryan says:

    Roger is simply upset that Ben and the Steelers are in the Super Bowl. He couldn’t fine the Black and Gold out of the game, nor could he suspend the Steelers from the a 3 appearance in 6 years. So, here he is, trying one last time to prevent the team from establishing yet another dynasty in the NFL.

    1. 2059 says:

      You’re right on the money, Ryan.

      1. Jerry Lynch says:

        I agree with you also.

  4. Edge says:

    This should not have been brought up at this time–Ben has been on his best behavior,according to ALL reports,and to bring it up NOW is a ploy to undermine the Steelers! Peter King and SportsIllustrated need to offer Ben and the Steeler organization a apology,if not facebook,e-mail, and tell all those in “STEELER NATIOM” to boycott SI! ! Godell should have enough sense to keep a comment like this to himself,he needs to Go!!

  5. Jakub Seamus Kelly says:

    Boohoo he didn’t get his Jersey signed my nephew got his terrible towel and his picture signed from Ben what a Jerk Goodell is why did he even bring this up who cares. Ben is the best qb in the league and he will prove it with his 3rd SB ring this Sunday ~ Jake from Fores Hills

    1. Bob says:

      Goodell should be ashamed of himself for this. Everyone knows EXACTLY what he is trying to do and I know that the Steeler organization is way too classy to address this when it is absolutely shameful on the commisioners part. Ben is an outstanding athlete and has proved that you can turn your life around and always persevere. Nobody is perfect. We should be proud. Now LET’S GO STEELERS! Thanks for giving our guys more ammunition, Goodell!

  6. Jeff says:

    The NFL is doing a nice job of deflecting from the most important part of the question. It’s not when Goodell made the comments, it’s why he released them at all. I would bet anything said to him as part of an investigation into Roethlisberger prior to his suspension should have been confidential and my feeling is those players expected that trust wouldn’t be violated, which is exactly what occurred when Goodell did revealed that information to Peter King. It reflects poorly on Goodell’s professionalism. In short, he should never have said a word related to his “investigation.”

  7. Bonnie Parella says:

    Roger Goodelll and his goon squad in black and white stripped shirts did there level best to keep the Steelers out of the playoffs this year and they made it inspite of there best efforts…Goodelll is such a jerk…he needs to go for sure

  8. BETTY says:

    I agree with Ryan Goodell does not want the STEELERS TO WIN ANOTHER SUPER BOWL…….Get rid of the BUM…

  9. gary says:

    The hell with them all


  10. joe says:

    All of those BAD calls make alot of sense now!!!!!!!!,remember the raider game?

    1. KEN says:


  11. Geralyn Hotujec Glabicki says:

    Goodell, why are you bringing this up now. We know you don’t like the steelers, you have been picking on us all year, let us win # 7 befor you start talking again…PS no cheap hits, with big fines, is this football???let it be played the way it should, let harrison loose andl Goodelll…. go watch another flag league football game…

  12. joe says:

    Goodell would be happy if the regular season played out the way last nights game went.High scoring and no hits!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Lynn says:

      I thought I was watching a midget football game with the Pro Bowl.

  13. Siggy says:

    Goodell is garbage. The NFL exploited Ben’s return with five prime time games (and the ratings with it) in the seasons final 10 weeks.

    The Steelers WITHOUT BEN, had zero prime time games in weeks 1-4.

    1. Mepet says:

      Good point Siggy. I didn’t even think about that.

  14. Roman says:

    To My Steeler Friends. Put your hearts and troubles with Me. Pay no mind to the corrupt words from a corrupt person. For I know what is in their hearts. Trust in yourselves and keep the Faith. Let no one sway you from your objectives. For good overcomes evil.

  15. joe says:


  16. Susan says:

    Reflect on your own imperfect decisions in implementing disciplinary action against players Goodell. At least Ben learned from his indiscretions and has clearly moved on in the right direction. Hail to Steeler Nation!

  17. chance says:

    Inappropriate comment and poor timing!

  18. frank says:

    What will King Rodger do next year when the cash cow NFL is locked out or on strike and he has to make really tough decisions? Maybe the league will bring in a replacement commissioner

  19. Duane Hardek says:

    Steeler fans are idiots

    1. Kathleen says:

      Dear Duane,
      Steeler Fans are not idiots. We are hard working people that love our home town team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you are in the area for the Super Bowl, I would like to extend an invitation to attend our Super Bowl Party. We would offer a warm Pittsburgh welcome to you and your family in my home.
      Maybe we could change your mind about Steelers’ fans being “idiots” and possibly even convert you to being a Steeler Fan! There is an open chair with a Terrible Towel waiting for you. RSVP by Friday, February 4th, 2011. I look forward to hearing from you!

  20. Rick says:

    Makes me think Goodell has it in for the Steeler Org because the league would like to add 2 games to the schedule and the Art R is not in favor of it.

  21. zany says:

    I just read where Pete King said he ERRORED in his article that Goodell said players in the NFL not Steelers Teammates. Pete King should be fired and I will never read Sports Illustrated again and we should all boycott the magazine! This is Steelers Nation we need to band together. They are jealous that we are going to get #7…..GOOO STEELERS!

  22. 2059 says:

    Goodell is nothing but a Jerry Jones mouthpiece.

  23. Max says:

    Dear Mr Goodell. Here is a old saying from a true Pittsburgh steeler fan.And all you Pittsburgh born people know this one. YOUR A REAL JAGOFF.

  24. Ben says:

    I really think that the NFL is after the Steelers. Harrison getting fined $170,000 this season, the reviews on a lot of plays are complete bull, really the Steelers are just too good. 3 Superbowls in 6 years. People are just mad that our team is better than theirs.

  25. eazytime says:

    I will not renew my Sports Illustrated magazine. My brother & sister fans, boycott SI.

  26. paul says:

    Peter King is a Jag-off and Goodell is a Double Yoi! Jag-off

  27. 4change says:

    Peter Griffin is the best writer ESPN The Magazine has. Don’t blame him for the comments David Stern has made about Big Ben.

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