Winter Storm Warning In Effect For W. Pa.

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The storm headed for the Pittsburgh area will be a mixed bag of precipitation.

KDKA Chief Meteorologist Jeff Verszyla says what you see in your neighborhood will depend on where you live.

“As the precipitation starts to move in, initially it’s going to start off with a period of some light snow showers which will probably last up through midnight – maybe beyond into a portion of the overnight period,” Jeff said.

The light snow showers will arrive before midnight. After midnight, Jeff predicts the snow will change to a sleet and freezing rain mix.

He expects ice accumulation during the Tuesday morning commute.

“Now as we head through out the afternoon, the precipitation will lighten up – it may end all together in some locations and by that point I think temperatures across most of the area should be above freezing,” Jeff said. “So we’ll go with some plain drizzle in the area [Tuesday] afternoon.”

Tuesday night should bring rain to the area. On Wednesday the rain could turn to snow showers in the afternoon.

  • Willard Scott

    NWS upgraded winter storm watch to a warning. They’re calling for 3-7″ of snow for Pittsburgh region in addition up to .50″ of ice. Why can’t all stations come to equilibrium instead of having viewers speculate, who you believe? Either way, get your milk, bread & toilet paper!!

  • GoPitt

    Willard, where are you getting the 3-7 inches of snow info? Everything I’m seeing is 1-3 with .5 ice

    • Dave

      North of the city (Valencia/Butler, PA) is calling for 3-7

    • Tom

      Fox News got you down?

  • Robby

    I’ve heard 1-3 and between .25 -.50 of ice. One station did say this was a level 3 storm, which is bad. I wonder what Jeff will give it on his “snow man” chart.

  • Laura Holzschuh

    go to and u will find the info that willard found

  • mplautz

    If you look the national weather service has actually issued 2 warnings for the general area- one has more snow for locations north and east of city. This storm will be about the ice though.

  • Barbara

    Take my advice…if they are calling for .5″ of ice… GO TO THE STORE NOW!!!! I currently live in NC and .25″ of ice will cause havoc with power lines. A .5 storm will be AWFUL!!!!

  • Tim - from USC

    another forecast brought to you by….Giant Eagle.. where you can get all of your storm supplies!!!

  • John
  • redrock100

    there is nothing on radar. 7pm is a joke.

  • Chuck

    expereinced an ice storm here in NC a few yrs back with the rain… ended up to be abot 2-4 inches of ifrozen slop. also expereinced an ice storm in Germany back in the 70’s, it shut down everything and no could drive on the roads due to the conditions. I agree, depends where u live. NC would suggest watch Youngstown weather rather than Pgh.

    Some dont think it will be as bad and our road crews will have the roads taken care of by sometime Wed morning….


  • Jessica

    this has nothing to do with the weather but . . . . GO STEELERS!!! :)


      HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JEFF


  • Boradway Joe

    If it is ict, stay out of Beechview – especially “Lower Beechview” – bad stuff happens there.

  • jimbo412

    here we go steelers… we go…….hoorah

  • Ralph

    3 – 7 ” is on accuweather site, and yes, you would think the weather folks could be more consistent with information.

    • Anette Letang

      3-7 inches is consistent with reports of “higher snowfall amounts outside of Pittsburgh.” Cranberry ain’t Pixburgh, hun.

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  • critter

    will get 1.5 inches. bank on it.

    • Putz


  • WRH

    unless you are hauling medicine to some dieing baby stay the hell home.Not worth hurting someone because you want a coffee

  • cheese

    PACKERS BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Cheese

      I’m the cheese, and there ain’t NO WAY the Slackers are beating the Steelers, now hit the road roquefort and quit using my nickname. Steelers 37, Pack 23. Now go get yer shine box, Tommy.

    • Putz


  • JES

    History has taught us that the actual weather conditions are usually not as bad as predicted. Let’s hope that’s the case tomorrow. Wet slush is easy. Ice is just plain nasty. STEELERS ROCK! SEND THOSE PACKERS PACKING!


    Jeff Verszyla, you don’t own me.

  • stephen steudler


  • stephen

    South Allegheny Clasings

  • moxiemii

    Any way you slice it, we’re gonna need skates !

  • barb

    what, nothing on the ground as of yet!!!! get it right!

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