Bradshaw Apologizes To Big Ben

Pittsburgh (93-7 The FAN) – Jim Colony caught up with former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw after he conducted an interview with Ben Roethlisberger for Fox Sports.

Bradshaw doesn’t regret being critical of Roethisliberger following the Milledgevile, Ga. incident. However, he did apologize to Big Ben.

Moving forward, Bradshaw wants to have a relationship with Roethlisberger. Bradshaw said, “from this day forward,” he has Big Ben’s back.

Looking back on the incident, Bradshaw might have rushed to judgment. He made the comments because it was the second time Roethlisberger was facing accusations involving women.

After the interview, Bradshaw believes Big Ben is a changed person and on the correct path.

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  • Terry Don't Like PGH?

    Terry – Thank you for all you’ve done for the Steelers but that was 30 some years ago. The people of Pittsburgh still love you but could you tell me why you stayed away for so long after you retired?

  • Liz

    Sure, NOW he is sorry. Could it be because now that Ben is going to the Super Bowl he might want to share some on-screen time with him = $?

    • Towelie

      Terry is an on-air personality who makes plenty of money and plenty of on-screen time. By the way, Ben is going to the Super Bowl but he and the Steelers will be coming home empty handed.

  • sand man

    I think that terry needs to try to understand that big ben is going to do what he do best and he cant stop that

  • Jack Mohr

    Oh boy… Now I can sleep again!

  • Southern Belle

    I just hope that Ben has changed and I wonder if he’s really engaged to Ashley Harlan and will they marry in June or July of 2011? I also wonder why the Media Days in Dallas, TX only wanted to addres the GA incident that was last March but not the Engagement Rumors? I know Ben said he doesn’t discuss his personal life but it would not hurt to have asked him anyway. He did not seem to be discussing anything the media asked him.

  • Ed Lockmar

    Ben deserved what he got from Terry regardless of what happened, somebody needed to spank that boy. Let’s all just be happy that these 2 great quarterbacks are a part of the Steeler family like Terry said “I got your back”. And Steerers will go down in history as one of the greatest teams ever because of these guys

  • black and yellow

    Ya Terry did jump the gun on judgment of Ben but, I don’t think he’s apologising because he’s in the super bowl or for air time or money

  • Will

    Bradshaw is the most bi-polar S.O.B. that there is. It’s 40 years of one exteam to the next. He bashes Chuck Noll then love him. Hates Chuck then hugs him. Ice cold to the Pittsburgh area then loves ’em. Snubs the fans, acted like a jerk then gives high praises. Took full advantage of the Roethlisberger situation to like the volture that he is, now “has his back”.And rest asure it will be something else somewhere down the line about Pittsburgh or something to do with the Steelers that he will go to exteams to bash. Go away Bradshaw and don’t ever come back!




  • steeler fan 20

    i can’t stand Terry ! he can go to $#@!

  • Marc Montalbano

    terry is a phony people need to see this


    Good thing steeler fans are’nt in a spelling bee tournament judging by the posts made here!!

    • joe v

      hey smart guy wouldn’t that be aren’t and not are’nt?


    JOE V. What a witless wonder you are!!!!!!! Can you not detect sarcasm by that spelling in the message?? Here’s a word i know you spell well: IDIOT


    I know that’s true;i sign his paycheck here at Burger King (pay to the order of: IDIOT JOE V.

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