PENN HILLS (KDKA) – Moments after a bomb threat at the Penn Hills High School, word spread to students and parents in the school district.

Initially, no one knew what was going on, which led to a wide range of rumors being sent from students to parents over the phone.

More than 1,400 students in the Penn Hills School District weren’t allowed into the high school Wednesday morning.

“I guess it’s a bomb threat. They didn’t let anybody in,” Brandon Mitchell said.

Police cars blocked all streets leading to the high school. Some students were taken off the grounds by buses, while many walked home.

Several parents were upset over how the situation was handled.

“This gentleman right here, police officer of the Penn Hills School District, where I pay my taxes, is not even listening to me. He’s saying all the children are out of the school. No, they are not,” Rhonda Bentley said.

Bently has a son and two nephews at the school. She was able to pick up her nephews, but could not locate her son.

“My daughter goes to the high school. I get a call from an employee telling me that people are locked in the cupboard and the kids don’t even know what’s going on. This is a disgrace how they handled this,” Erin Vecchio said.

Parents said they plan to meet with school officials about how the situation was handled.

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