JEANNETTE (KDKA) — The elderly victim of a mugging in Jeannette spoke about the ordeal.

Doris Watson, 78, showed up for a hearing with her right arm in a sling. Her shoulder, which she injured during the robbery, is still healing.

“It bothers me a little bit, but it will heal,” she said. “It’ll take a while. I’m an old lady now.”

She was picking up some groceries at the Rite Aid in downtown Jeannette last week when she was approached by two men. They violently grabbed her purse and pulled her to the ground.

They took off and left Watson injured on the sidewalk.

“They ran out in front of us and I almost actually hit them with my Jeep,” Michael Jupina, a Good Samaritan, said. “I had to stop and then we went around the corner and then we seen a body laying on the middle of Clay Avenue like half her body was on Clay Avenue and half was on the sidewalk and she was laying face first on the street.”

Jupina took after the suspects and called 911. His fiancée, Emelita Powers, a registered nurse, helped the elderly victim.

John Feather and Adam Waggoner, both 18, were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and robbery.

Jacklynn Smith, 27, is also facing charges for allegedly using the victim’s stolen debit cards. Police say she witnessed the robbery and told the suspects she’d keep quiet if they gave her a cut of what was in the victim’s purse.

Watson is just anxious to put the ordeal behind her.

“I never dreamed that I was going to go to the drug store that I wouldn’t be coming back,” she said.

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