McCarthy’s Friends, Relatives Pulling For Packers

By David Highfield

GREENFIELD (KDKA) — Pittsburgh could never be more Black and Gold than this weekend, but at a bar in Greenfield, there’s also some green and gold.

That’s because Chasers in the Run used to be owned by Green Bay Coach Mike McCarthy’s parents, and Friday night, the current owners held a Packers/Steelers pep rally.

Among the crowd, McCarthy’s cousins, who have converted to Packers fans.

“Any other day might be different, but not Feb. 6. We’re going with the Green Bay Packers,” said John McCarthy. “Growing up, he was like a big brother.”

Mike McCarthy used to help out in his family’s bar. There’s now a photograph of him on the wall, and there are green and gold ribbons on the street where he grew up, Greenfield Avenue.

His high school football coach has also temporarily switched from supporting the Black and Gold.

“I have a lot of friends who are mad at me ‘cause I’m rooting for the Packers. I’m rooting for Mike McCarthy,” said Tim Kelly.

Timothy Michael McCarthy says words can’t describe how proud he is of his cousin and believes whatever happens on Sunday: “It’s a win, win situation.”


One Comment

  1. jill welsh says:

    It’s a win …win situation for all proud Greenfielders in the Burgh…Way to go Mike!!

  2. Pat says:

    Another boring KDKA article. At least it shows how dumb a cheese-head looks.

  3. Benedict Arnold Of The Burgh says:

    Leave the Burgh and go Green Bay, Yinz Traders!!!

    PS. The Run is a Stinkhole.

  4. Ron Richardson from Green Bay says:

    How do you spell Super Bowl Champs ? Green Bay Packers !

    1. Steve J says:

      You spelled chumps wrong…

  5. will g says:

    enough with the green gay bias already kdka

  6. Anvil says:

    Apparently these people will turn on the drop of a hat just because of Mike McCarthy. They sound like a bunch of mindless sheep; Green Bay can have them as fans.

    A real Steeler fan backs their team regardless of any affiliation with an opponent, and never lets their allegiance sway.

    1. blc steeler forever says:

      I agree, even MM was quoted by the AP saying he grew up in pgh and that’s a big part of him ..BUT, he’s a GBP! He’s the coach, understand that, but other than his immediate family wanting HIM to win, I think he is amazed that these folks are traitors to the Steelrs and if he still walked the streets of Greenfield, he’d feel the same. I grew up in Greenfield, went to the same school as MM. I now live hundreds of miles away as do many of the Steeler Nation. Our blood runs Black and Gold and always will!

  7. joanne lowrie says:

    As far as I’m concerned, both teams are winners and champs. Both are good. I don’t blame the McCarthy’s for sticking up for family. But GO STEELERS!

    1. Anvil says:

      I don’t have any problem with the family supporting Mike McCarthy himself. I have a problem that they will change their allegiance to the team he coaches. Mike McCarthy, more than anyone, should understand what fan loyalty is all about, especially when it comes to the Steelers. I doubt he would harbor any discord toward his relatives if they stayed true to the Black&Gold. Instead, they act as though they are loyal to him, even if he’s coaching the opposing team.

      This is a test of true loyalty to the Steelers, and they all failed, because they would rather jump on the bandwagon to curry favor from Mike McCarthy.

      1. Jim says:

        You truly are a moron. What do you get out of it if the great Steelers win on Sunday? You get NOTHING!!

        Would your fat ass root for a family member if they played for Green Bay or would you still be loyal to The Steelers?

      2. blc steeler forever says:

        Jim, you are CLUELESS, if you think the Steelers fans get Nothing out of a Steelers win!!! Obviously you are not a Steelers fan!


    Thank God I wave a towel instead of wearing the stupid looking cheese hat. Those Steeler Traders will be crying come 10pm Sunday night

  9. dave says:

    if one of your family member is playing or coaching another team, Would you support them.Thats what they are doing.I grew up in Greenfield.Greenfield is like one big family.I understand both side…but if you son was on the other side what would you do?

  10. Randy Carlson says:

    Win win situation for us Greenfielders….Good luck Mike this is going to be the Best Super Bowl ever!

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