Fans Critique Super Bowl Loss

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A second half rally fell just short as the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 in Super Bowl XLV.

The mistakes mounted on the field and the devastation grew on the score board.

“Ben Roethlisberger was [going to] have problems with a defense similar to ours. And he did. He was forcing a lot of passes. He was off big time at the beginning of the game,” a caller into 93.7 The Fan said this morning.

The call lines stayed lit from 6 a.m. on at 93.7 The Fan Monday morning. Callers were disappointed and pointing the finger.

“Their secondary is so bad and you can go right through the personnel and you can go right to the head guy. If [Troy] Polamalu is not hurt – I hope he is hurt for his sake – [because] he looked so slow last night. And then, you got your guy Ryan Clark. He was so slow in coverage that he had no business even [being] on the field against a team that’s pass happy,” one caller said.

“The mentality of Rashard Mendenhall going forward. I mean, he’s been prone to fumbles. He gets on the biggest stage of his career and fumbles again,” another caller said.

Downtown, instead of smiles and high fives, it was solitude.

“Hugely disappointed. I don’t think they played the game they could have,” one woman said.

“You win as a team, you lose as a team. And I think we win as a community and lose as a community,” Dustin Wehman said.

While everyone in Pittsburgh was hoping for a win, there’s always next year.


One Comment

  1. Big Man says:

    The team’s priority has to be O-line this year, but then again, the same could be said for the past two years. Colbert is a hard head and let’s face it, for this team to even get this far is a tribute to their QB. The man takes a beating.
    The DB’s–and this includes Polamalu—simply don’t have it. Why not go out and get a Champ Bailey? I’m not sure whose decision it was to ‘hide’ Polamalu in the “center field” for the past few weeks, but it was a horrible one.
    In the end, this team was fortunate that the Jets upset New England.

    1. kelly says:

      hey big man can you do better we was off our game but gave it a good try in 2nd half just like ravens game but we fell short im still proud of team

    2. seed of chucky says:

      you are 100% right, but, i think troy was hidden because of his injury! this was not the same troy that started the season and he had very little bearing on the game

    3. coolcat says:

      go and cry to someone who cares!!!!!!!!!! freaking steerer cry babies, pittsburgh sucks!!!!!! and i live close. woooopie!

  2. PH says:

    WE def. beat ourselves..Its a shame with the amount of experience we had going in there that we couldnt get the job done. Someone forgot to tell the team they needed to get off the plane when it landed. The hardest part to swallow is that Greenbay is NOT a better team. but none the les they won. OH WELL..Better luck next year.

    1. birdie says:

      Disagree…the Packers most def are a better team. They are lacking only in special teams, which will most likely be addressed during draft day/the offseason. DEEP team, well deserved win. Great game, just not what we wanted.

      1. natasha says:

        you are 100% right the better team won!!!!

    2. LOKI says:

      Saying that Green Bay is not a better team is the sign of a sore loser. You played the team straight up and lost ~ Pittsburgh was out played and out coached. You have to give credit to the Packers.

  3. steve says:

    jerry jones should go to jail for selling fake tickets to the hundreds of people that bought tickets and had nowhere to sit. there is no diffrence than a guy selling fake tickets on the street corner. that person would go to jail. so should jerry jones knowing there was not enough seats. the tickets were useless

  4. SadFan says:

    The Steelers LOST the game; more than the Packers WON the game.
    The Steelers played with NO INTENSITY!
    Going into next year:
    1.) The must get two GREAT Corners. Ike and Troy are solid. the others are second team players on other teams.
    2.) The O Line needs help.
    3.) They must replace an aging DLINE.
    The Steelers have the best young talent in the NFL and will be back to the SB next year!

    1. LOKI says:

      I love that Steeler fans say this every time they lose. You have to give the Packers credit for out playing and out coaching the Steelers. The three turnovers were forced by great defensive plays. The pick six was a great rush that caused a lame duck to come out of Ben’s hand, The second interception was a great read and route jump by Green Bay. The final nail in the coffin was the fumble caused by Mathews laying out Mendenhall and forcing out the ball. None of three were “give me” turnovers. As far as the rest of the team, both Polomolu and Harrison were neutralized and the Steeler secondary was exposed for what it is ~ weak! The Packers came to play and the Steelers didn’t.

      Congrats to the Packers and I’m sure the Steelers will be in the thick of it next year.

  5. SadFan says:

    Why the HECK did they play Troy P. against Cleveland????
    That stupid, stupid move helped injury Troy’s injurey and crippled him for the playoffs!
    In all reality he should have no played in any playoff games and waited until the SB.
    He may have brought his career to a end.
    You do not play with a torn achiles-heel! You cant. It’s imposible!

  6. seed of chucky says:

    the steeler’s got what they deserved for playing the trpe of game they played. the turnovers are unacceptable and cost the team big time! the steeler’s only have themselves to blame for losing this game

  7. Mon River Towing says:

    The Packers outplayed the Steelers in every way. The Steelers didnt lose it, if you think that you’re kidding yourself. The Packers wanted it more, planned better, executed better, and lets face it, the Packers have better talent. The Steelers are very good at getting the most out of less year after year, but I think the Packers have the brighter future of these 2 teams.

  8. Rosanne says:

    Come on, people. Its only a game! Sure the Steelers could have played much better but thats the breaks. There’s always next year, you know.

    I hope the fans will come out to welcome the Steelers back home so that they know their fans support them, win or lose. Besides, SIX Super Bowl wins aint too shabby.

  9. Big Man says:

    Gotta disagree about Steelers losing game more than GB winning it. How many long gains were dropped by GB receivers?
    Look, just which Steeler team are we talking about? The one that played the second half of the Ravens game and first half of the Jets game?
    Or the one that made mistakes in the first half of the Ravens game and almost buried itself? Or the one that let the Jets back in the game?
    Look, I’m a Steelers fan going way back to the ’60’s, but give the Packers some credit. They turned turnovers into points—that’s the name of the game.
    Gotta say—Mendenhall’s fumble and Keyaron Fox’s continued anger management issues are almost unforgivable.

    1. Ken says:

      Well said Big man… I agree with you 100%! We had the momentum right up until Medanhall’s fumble. At that point it was all over. To put icing on the cake was Fox’s knucklehead personal foul. If I was the Coach.. I would have grabbed Fox by the face mask and said to his face.. YOU ARE CUT, get off my sidelines.

  10. Belinda Lowery says:

    no sorry they don’t win as a team ,Ben wins and Ben lost . Hope all of that glory was given to him last night

  11. pete says:

    Why get upset at a game. These players are on their way home to their mansions and month long vacations on a beach somewhere. Get over it, they played lousy. Fans take a loss much harder than the players. I know two NFL players, believe me they want to win, but they go on to their lives win or lose. Be grateful for what you have, quit the crying and moaning. Spend time with your kids, see a movie,help out a friend or someone in need. Really, even if they won ,how would your life change?

    1. Madman says:

      Bite me!

    2. Nick Manning says:

      agree Pete

    3. pugr77 says:

      well said!!!!!!!

    4. A-Rod MVP says:

      Speak the truth Pete. About time somebody said the truth. Those players could careless about the fans. Steelers fans are so funny, always saying WE. You not playing!! You don’t a ring. Shame on the city of Pittsburgh for delaying schools over a game. Education should come before a game played where a team is lead by a multiple rapist!! Go Pack, Go RRRRAAAVVVVVEEEENNNNNAAAAAS!!!!!!

    5. Adam James Meneo says:

      Well put!

  12. Mary Alice Hileman says:

    we are spoiled and think we can beat ayone. On any given day any team can be beaten. We have 6 trophys and must be prould of that. Better luck next year…………………………………………………………………………………….

  13. Big Man says:

    Well said, Pete. Anybody who gets angry or has heart palpitations about a loss in pro sports is living in the past, when most of these guys lived in town and had to get ‘summer jobs’ to make ends meet. No one’s saying that’s how it should be now, but when they make it a winner-take-all and loser-take-nothing Super Bowl, then I’ll get upset.
    Till then, it’s just sports talk, bud.

  14. Kevin Weissenstein says:

    R-Burger couldn’t hit the side of a barn yesterday…He had plenty of time to for a wounded line. We just looked off kilter and that is exactly what Greenbay intended. When you spread our def. out, we are at our weakest point…Everyone knows that. GB just hoped to see that our offense would sputter & that’s exactly what happened. Ben, you got to be better than that in the “Big Show”…Watch the tape and take a look at Rodgers throws…That man is on the money!

  15. Bentz says:

    The Steelers absolutely beat themselves with 3 turnovers (resulting in 3 TOUCHDOWNS!), the final one being the killer Mendenhall fumble. They dug themselves a big hole, then scratched back and had momentum; were driving to possibly take the lead; had the Pack reeling… and then blew it. I’m not just blaming Rashard. There is plenty of blame to go around.

    The secondary that has been suspect and obviously weak for the past couple years finally cost them in the biggest game of all. I hope in the off season the Steelers address their glaring inefficiencies in that area. If they don’t they probably won’t be in another Super Bowl for quite a while.

    And, the STUPID penalties keep costing the Steelers dearly. Fox’s unacceptable personal foul penalty toward the end should earn him a ticket out of town.

    You have to give credit to the Packers. They played well, smart, and certainly looked to me like they wanted it more. They deserved to win. The Steelers did not.

  16. CRB says:

    One of many questions: 1)Why is William Gay still in Pittsburgh; I’m 70 and could cover receivers better(obviously, I’m joking); 2)why did the Steelers ever let Alan Faneca leave; ever since their OL has not been the same; 3)why was Rberger throwing every pass high, he had more time on almost every pass than he did all year; 4)when will the Steelers draft some taller, faster defensive backs; 5)why didn’t the Steelers pin Green Bay deep by punting, instead of trying a 52 yard FG.

    I think that sums up most of their needs, along with staying more healthier(OL, punter, A. Smith, etc., etc.

  17. hc says:

    All this jibber jabber. Two word. Turn-overs. The better team lost because of that. You take the turn-overs away and the better team wins. Simple.

    1. stoopm says:

      So it had nothing to do with the Packers putting pressure on Roethlisberger, or that the Packers secondary had good coverage, it was simply the better team lost? You’re a moron.


    HC But you can’t and key word is LOST!! Now that’s simple!!

  19. MAURY POVICH says:


  20. Big Man says:

    I truly would love to hear LeBeau’s explanation as to why Polamalu has been playing 20 yards deep on most plays ever since his return…not that he owes or will give an explanation. Is he injured? If so, it makes no sense to have him play in ‘prevent’ style? Is this an admission that the DBs are susceptible to the deep routes? If so, what an incredible admission.
    Any way you slice it, Polamalu’s usage makes little sense.
    CRB sure nails it with the Faneca comment, too. There is a reason Brady is so successful in NE—he’s got studs on the line. Ben was horrible yesterday, but all too often, his line caved in this season.

    1. Manwhich says:

      @Big Man.

      you’re analysis is schizophrenic drivel. Quit posting.

    2. Gary says:

      Troy was playing back because of the spread offense from GB. They had to protect deep with some many receivers. It was one of the first questions on the ESPN post game …Steve Young immediately answered with the above response. Obviously Young knows more about it then any of us. Makes sense.

  21. inita payne says:


  22. mona rae says:

    The Steelers just didn’t show any enthusiasm at all for this game maybe next year!

  23. Gert says:

    Considering the Steelers weren’t even expected to go anywhere at all this year, and all of the injuries to the starting O line, Too, stinken many armchair quarterbacks here. Would like to see all you blabbymouths out on that field. Yeah, they get paid bigtime money to win-how many of you shine in your everyday, lowpay jobs everyday???

  24. Darren Morningstar says:

    The Steelers success or failure keys on 1 man: Ben Roethlisberger. The rest of the team is not very good without him. Live with it. It’s a fact. Ben had a bad game, while A.Rodgers played super. Packers win. Simple. Now go root for Pitt basketball. They are a true “team”.

  25. Gary says:

    Maybe we should be saying “Thanks for the memories”. How many teams can boast of a Franco Harris catch, a Willie Parker run or James Harrison’s run in Super Bowl, the great Randle El pass, Santonio’s catch in the end zone, Lynn Swann catches, Stallworth 76 yd catch against Dallas (anything that happened against Dallas!), Lambert and his wonderful personality. How many of those other teams can really hold a candle to some great Steeler teams over the years and they have won Six Super Bowls-how many other teams have done that???? Can’t win them all.

  26. Gert's Future Boyfriend says:

    Gert, I am going to try out for the team next year. I figure that you have inspired me with your words, however hallucinogenic they might be.
    Just to make you happy.
    And by the way, Peter King picked the Steelers to win the Super Bowl last summer.

  27. America's Team says:

    No 7 in 2011 Green and Yellow-Green and Yellow that’s who the winner is!

  28. inita payne says:

    the steelers will never make it to the super bowl again in 50 years! im so glad i dont have to watch the news talking about them now

  29. JMK says:

    The Steelers went to party and the Packers went to win a game. Strip clubs and piano bars etc while the Packers fit themselves for rings before the game. Tomiln needs to grow up and learn that there is a time to party and a time to study. Who is partying today? The Piano Man!

    1. LOKI says:

      I agree ~ Ben was singing into the evening when he should have been focused on the game, studying and resting. Party all you want in the off-season.

  30. Big Man says:

    Note to Gary—if what Young said is true, it’s a horrendous waste of Troy’s talents. You mean no one else could play that role? Baloney.
    JMK, I’ll take Tomlin over Cowher–the Great Pretender–any day. Where’d you get ‘partying’, anyway? Because Ben took the O-line out? Grow up.

  31. A-Rod MVP says:

    All you real Pittsburgh Fans,
    Do you cheer for the Pirates like you do the Steelers? Or is it a win thing, only go for the teams that win?

    1. LOKI says:

      Great comment! I love the fact that the “Pittsburgh Fans” wear their Steelers gear everywhere but mention the Pirates and they don’t want anything to do with them . . . . . . until they are a winner and then the band wagon will be full of fans that have “been with the team forever”. I work with a true Pittsburgh fan that loves Penn State, the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins without wavering. He is from Pittsburgh and roots for all the teams no matter if they are up or down.

  32. Daniel says:

    These guys get paid the same win or lose….and the Steelers lost. The Packers won. It is that simple. Congrats to the Packers.

  33. Daniel says:

    Oh, I forgot these NFL players only have to work 4 years to get a NFL pension. Perhaps we could give our police and fire personnel the same sweet pension deal…

  34. geno says:

    I agree Big Man…. you have to give the packers credit. The team looked motivated and focus. Pittsburgh was out played in ALL phases of the game. I don’t want to hear all these excuses its the Super Bowl !!! Pittsburgh is luck they only lost by 6, just think if Driver was in the line instead of the back-up Nelson and lets not forget about Woodson, he is one on the best at bitz around the end. So steelers fans stop whining….bottom line, you were beat by the BETTER TEAM !!!!!!!!!

  35. Lash says:

    Yes, Green Bay played a good game, but our Steelers made it to the Super Bowl and how many how teams did not. We cannot win all the time.
    My disappointment was Fox mentioning during the game about Ben and his past problems at the beginning of the season. Tacky to me-what was done is old news. Hey google the Jets quarterback Sanchez and find out about his issues which they never mentioned. Why is the media picking on our Steelers ? Go Steelers and thank you for a incredible season.

  36. johnny69 says:

    James Harrison one tackle (his sack) in a defense designed to funnel the tackles to the linebackers. Talk about taking the day off, haven’t seen that since Kevin Greene tossed a shutout in the 1994 afc champ loss to the Chargers

  37. GARY says:

    NICE to see the pittsburgh steelers lose to the GREAT GREEN BAY PACKERS

  38. jim says:

    the steelers lost it more than green bay won it

  39. Brian says:

    Im as neutral as they get I live in Micigan .Dont follow NFL until right before playoffs. Love college football (more heart) ! Roll Tide! Pittsburgh was the better team, but didnt show up in the first half and then on top of it had 3 TOs !!! Even a blind squirrel gets an acorn once in awile!

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