Steelers Land In Pittsburgh, Thank Fans

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Steelers have returned to Pittsburgh.

Their US Airways flight landed around 3:40 p.m. at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

One of the first people off the plane was U.S. Ambassador Dan Rooney.

The trip was about a three-hour flight. Two more planes carrying the Steelers’ families and staff members also arrived this evening.

The team returns home after falling to the Green Bay Packers, 31-25 in Super Bowl XLV.

As Steelers fans came to grips with the loss, they put the best face they could on disappointment.

The Romero family of Phoenix, Ariz., never lived in Pittsburgh, but are Steelers fans. They came to town just to experience Steeler nation.

“It was quite an experience,” Gabriel Romero said. “Win or lose they’re still our team. Die-hard fans – always been, always will be.”

Chris Hoke said he wanted to thank the fans because in his words, the team couldn’t have made it to the Super Bowl without them.


One Comment

  1. JK says:

    The way they played they should have stayed in Texas. They went to party and the Packers went to win and who is partying today? They made a big mistake and they should be ashamed of themselves for not showing up to play the game. Strip clubs and piano bars while the Packers studied and won!

    1. Ryan says:

      JK, you’re an idiot. That was Tuesday. You are dumber than rocks if you think that affected the game.

      1. aversas says:

        I have to agree with Ryan. If they won, everybody would be saying the hoopla over the karaoke was over blown. Because they lost, it’s an issue? No. This loss was caused by poor playing, nothing else. 3 turn overs that resulted in a scores. That’s 21 points, and it changed the game. I hate to say it, but the Packers didn’t win, the Steelers lost. But, they capitalized on our shortcomings, and need to be commended for that. If we had the same chances they had, we would have done the exact same thing.

      2. LOKI says:

        Ryan ~ You are right, the nightlife did not affect the game . . . . the Packers just kicked the Steelers a$$ ~ plain and simple.

        The World Champion Green Bay Packers ~ love the sound of that!

    2. Brenden says:

      Agreed with Ryan.. JK, you are an idiot. That had nothing to do with the game. I’m sure you sit at home and think about work everyday for two weeks before you have something important to do at work right?? you do work right?

    3. America's Team says:

      Right on JK. Cheeseheads 31 StupidTowels 25 Guess No 7 in 2011

    4. Denny says:

      JK your an idiot. The Packers were out as much as the Steelers. We lost because of mistakes not because of lack of preparation. Get your facts straight. or be a fan of some other team. I’m a fan win or lose.

    5. Diane says:

      Yeah he was lookin for a bar of soap

    6. sharon wightman says:

      JK you are right on the button!! They should have studied the plan. Instead they thought they were on vacation… Well, their vacation is over!


    7. lauren d cosgrove says:

      Who. Cares. They are losers

    8. EDDIE WEATHERS says:


      1. LOKI says:

        Eddie ~ The “Caps Lock” button is on the left side of the keyboard, you may want to click it off.

        1 – Don’t blasphemy Jesus.

        2 – The Steelers didn’t show up in the biggest game of the year.

  2. Jaime Davila says:

    JK, you stand alone. Steeler nation is proud of our boys. If you think piano bars affected yesterday’s game, you don’t know what you’re talking about

    1. luvinsteelernation says:

      JK you really think the Packers did not go out to dinner all week??? You only hear what the media tells you, we never heard half of what went on with the packers and steelers prior to the game. All we know is the the media has a field day with Ben and the rest of the Steelers they can’t do anything right, it’s ridiculous if you ask me.

  3. Steeler Chick says:

    So proud of them all!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. RSQ says:

    i agree with j k you think that big dummy would of had enough of strip clubs and ladies bathrooms after all he PAID OUT and you know it was a ton to SQUASH IT

    1. Ryan says:

      Ben didn’t go to the strip club, dumba$$. That was everybody’s hero Ward. And clearly he played a good game.

    2. Dave says:

      Of course you agree with ‘jk’. Because you’re just as dumb as him. Ben didn’t go to the stip clubs moron. After all he ‘paid out’?? Please enlighten us on that statement. Oh never mind, you made it up. Yea you have some credibility…not

      Overall, yes, Ben had a bad game. But the Steelers still made it to the Super Bowl and were one drive away from their 7th trophy. Congrats to them!

    3. Denny says:

      RSQ are you a Steeler fan? You sound more like a Bengals fan, well, you know what maybe you should then you would have a legitimate reason to complain. Get out of the Steeler nation make room for a REAL fan who stays with them win or lose. I’m from Pittsburgh but now live in Dayton and I wore my Black and Gold to work today. And that’s how I roll.

  5. Steeler Chick says:

    THESE GUYS NEED TO HOLD THEIR HEADS HIGH!!!! SO PROUD TO BE A STEELER FAN TODAY!!!!!!!! BB played a great game. TRUE STEELER FANS ARE BEING THERE GUYS NO MATTER WHAT. After all they are the ones who play the game and give their heart and soul!!!!!!

    1. goofoff says:

      They gave us a great, long season & got us to the big dance. What fun we had! Thank you, TEAM!

  6. Steeler Chick says:

    Don’t know where my first comment went. I will try again. i AM SO PROUD TO BE A STEELER FAN TODAY!!!! These guys should hold their heads high today!!!!! They are AFC North Champs, hold 6 trophy’s and came together after injuries ect as a family and team and went to the Superbowl!!!! Nothing to be ashamed of at all!!!! THEY WILL BE BACK, AND STEELERNATION LOVES THEM!!!!!

  7. Joe says:

    amen to JK having no clue to what he is talking about…3 turnovers=21 points enough said. Thay played hard and they did not give up and were in the game til the end…in the words of my old hometown 84 Detroit Tigers. “Bless you Boys” once again you have made the TRUE STEELER NATION proud. Welcome home and let’s get ready for a 2011 trip back to the big dance.

  8. rick mcgonigal says:

    Business as usual with Tomlin…Looks like we went back to Camp Cupcake in the start of last years training and that season we played 500 ball…As the old saying goes,You Play the way You PRACTICE and apparently partying was the main agenda…For 1 week they could have sucked it uped and focused on the game ahead…Made their game plans and went out to win the trophy…Could be a long time before we see the Black&Gold inthis event again…

    1. Ryan says:

      Another dope who thinks going out on Monday and Tuesday affexcted the game. News flash, no practices are ever held Monday or Tuesday of Super Bowl week. Get a clue, WAKE UP. Dummy.

  9. bettygerbil says:

    go packers go packers we did it no 7 for the number 7 that was so hated but now everyone loves him . good luck steelers next year go pens the pirates suck so maybe the pens will bring them luck

    1. Denny says:

      Good for you. But in the we still have 6, Packers have only one SB in 13 years to our 2 in the last 6 years. Umm, beat those stats gerbil.

  10. Pat Smorada JR says:

    I dont care what any idiot says. The Steelers did great. They took the Steeler Nation to the superbowl. Once a Steeler fan, allways a Steeler fan.

  11. Bart Starr says:


    1. local says:


    2. Dave says:

      And here is the token GB fan claiming “title town”…”13 champs.” Dude, no one cares about the games back in the 1930s when there was no Super Bowl and only half the teams. Yes, GB won…kudos, but get your head out of your @ss and realize that if all you have to hold onto is ancient NFC titles…well that says it all

    3. Denny says:

      . So lets see how much you know and are you a real fan or just on the bandwagon. Who is the starting QB for Green Bay and what city is the head coach from. And here is the thing, GB titles come under the old league. Umm, our 6, and to help you that’s just in case you forgot how to count umm here’s something to choke on “LOMBARDI TROPHIES” Fine will get you ten thats its Bandwagon.

    4. Steeler Fan Forever says:

      first of all bart you really need to learn how to spell correctly its won not one dummy and its easy to win a championship when there is only 8 teams in the league…this is the super bowl era all those title’s you won before then were against a league of 8 teams!!! 8!!! not 32, freaking 8…more teams go to the playoffs now then there were in the league when you won all those titles…it was a great game just got killed by turnovers…congrats to the packers for the win and great job steelers came up short this year but we will get them next year.

      oh and ps. take a look at ESPN’s title town search they did in 2009 if i’m not mistaken Pittsburgh not Green Bay was voted Titletown USA….you see america calls us title town…you just decided to call yourselves that…when america thinks you’re title town then you call holler at me HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!!!!

    5. Jaime Davila says:

      beard shirts 50% off? I want some of those, and I’ll wear them proudly. Most packer fans are quire classy. You, though, should be ashamed to use Bart Starr as a handle.

    6. KP61 says:

      C’mon! This coming from a guy that wears a block of cheese on his head?? Get serious! Enjoy your win – but you’ll NEVER catch up to SIXburgh baby! (Yes- count ’em – SIX Superbowl Trophies) DREAM ON!!!

      1. LOKI says:

        KP61 ~ never catch you? Steelers – 6 / Green Bay – 4 and the Packers look like a team that wants to get back to the Super Bowl while the Steelers looked like a team that didn’t want to miss their tee-off time.

    7. LOKI says:

      I love the weak comments back from the Pittsburgh fans ~ poor losers!

      You have to give credit to any sports record that includes championships and Green Bay has 13 of them and the Steelers have 6 . . . . . but not 7!

      I love the younger Steeler fans that throw the 6 Super Bowls out there when they were alive for the last two but dismiss the Green Bay championships.

      The World Champion Green Bay Packers ~ they are the only NFL team that can say that.

  12. Bernie says:

    Well look at it this way at least there was a person on the winning team that was really from PGH. That says more to us than the Black and Gold winning….. The Coach

    1. Roger says:

      Oh let the Green Bay fudgepackers have their 1930’s victories. Its pretty pathetic that thats all they can hold on to. Just like Ravens fans say they are better because they won in a couple years of being created. Green Bay played a good game. Their defense did a great job. The Steelers, if right plays were made would have won but Ben decided to go another route. Green Bay, be classy, accept this donation from the Steelers of the win and keep your mouths shut.

  13. Jay says:

    We have 6 super wins and you have what 4, whatever Frumunda Cheese Head.

    1. A-Rod MVP says:

      WE? How many you play in fan? Steeler fans are so funny always saying WE!!! Who invented the super bowl, not gangster rooney!

      1. ARodIsBaseball says:

        You use the moniker “A-Rod” and then question the use of “we.” Talk about having no self identity…oh, and besides ARod is a baseball player. He’s not you, nor is he GB’s QB. But I wouldn’t expect you to see that.

      2. Fan says:

        A-Rod???? Back in NY we call him A-Fraud. You seem lost so go find your team forum and your own identity because you are a nobody !Dooooooooooooosh. Peace out…………………Steelers will come back for #7!!

  14. A-Rod MVP says:

    Go Pack!! Super Bowl Champs again! The team who gets all the calls finally lost, although I thought they were gonna cheat on that last play. But congrats big ben, his BEST super bowl game yet. 2 TDs= career high, what a bum!! Steeler fans are bums, too bad because they won’t be back in the super bowl anytime soon!!

    1. ARodIsBaseball says:

      “The team who gets all the calls”…wow now I see how demented (that means stupid) you really are.

      1. A-Rod MVP says:

        Steelers don’t get all the calls? SB 40?

      2. pitt412 says:

        Chill out dude just a game, Aaron Rodgers=ARod played great, just a nickname, he got the belt. We know the real ARod plays baseball idiot!! Steeler Nation!!

      3. ARodIsBaseball says:

        @pitt412. Chill out? I’m very chilled. GB won and I’m fine with that. I’m just calling out an overzealous “ARod” poster. But thanks for your reply ‘idiot.’ Oh, maybe you should chill?

    2. local says:

      I guess you pack rats will be waiting another….what…..40 years or so.

    3. KP61 says:

      they don’t call you CHEESE HEADS for nothing!

  15. CJ says:

    Wow, I’m shocked to see some of these negative comments. Shame on you. No fair weather fan here. I love the black and gold and am proud to call myself a member of the Steeler Nation–win or lose. All you complainers, go find another team. The Steeler Nation stands proud today.

  16. Dominick Gambino says:

    hey Bart, we got 6 my man

  17. rise says:

    jk you are an idiot and so anyone else that thinks being at a piano bar had anything to do with the result of the game. I bet you would be one of the first to praise him if they had won….hypocritical fans are needed….go be a fan for another team, our team doesn’t need fans like you as they have millions that stand by them win or lose

  18. rise says:

    are not needed they should read

  19. Jeff Smith says:

    Someone has to win & smeone has to loss, but My team is the STEELERS and they made it to the Super Bowl, so MUCH MORE then any other team can say !!!!! STILL VERY PROUD to Support MY TEAM. GREAT JOB GUYS !!!!!!!!

    1. Dave says:


    2. Denny says:

      Hey, I wore my Black and Gold to work today. I fell bad for those guys, they had a comeback on the go just not enough. However, GO STEELERS.

    3. LOKI says:

      They made it to the Super Bowl is correct but they won just as many Super Bowls this year as any of those other teams you mention that didn’t make it.

      Second place just means that you were the best loser!

      I wish the Steelers would have come to play like the Packers.

  20. local says:

    Who really cares anyway. I don’t. Win or Lose there was no money going into my pocket. I didn’t play a down nor did any of you idiots.

    1. Dave says:

      Well I won quite a bit…so I guess that leaves just you as the idiot!

      1. local says:

        hmmmmmmmmmmm IRS time you idiot, gotcha. LMAO that was too easy.

      2. Dave says:

        Yea, because the IRS is tracking down some Joe average who won some blocks on a super bowl using an alias on a website which doesn’t require valid e-mail addresses. I’ll chance it. I’m a risk taker…. 😉

  21. steel king says:

    for all you steeler haters, the pack got very lucky, only one other team ever beat the steelers in the superbowl. just getting to the bowl was a major task this year and they did it against all odds, four weeks of no starting qb, a plaque of injuries and of course a slew of unfair penalties and fines. many of us believe it was an nfl conspiracy to stop the team. the steelers are the best team ever and always will be!!!!!!!

    1. LOKI says:

      The World Champion Green Bay Packers are the best team ~ face it, own it!

      Lucky? What game did you watch? All three turnovers were caused by outstanging defensive plays. Preparation and execution are not lucky.

      If this is your analysis of the game, “lucky”, you need to turn in your Steeler gear.

  22. local says:

    If all you have is to live your life vicariously thru some overpaid, steroid induced, oversized freaks in a common world…………………thats sad, very very sad.

  23. black and yellow says:

    I will get my 50% off beard shirt and wear it proudly. Those men fought there hearts out and came up a lil short. I’m proud of Steelers and Steeler Nation. At least they made it to the Bowl. See YINS next year

    1. LOKI says:

      Second place just means you’re the best loser!

  24. STEELER MOMMA says:


  25. soccermom0923 says:

    It is a game and guess what it does not put food on my table, or money in my pocket, its for entertainment, and really the ones we should be paying hi salaries to are the Sailors, Marines, and Soldiers that keep are country safe. What Football Players ever Saved are country or put the lives on the line they play a Kids game!!!!! and i know some of you will start naming names I already know there names and respect the ones that fought for this county and yes even gave their lives…
    I am glad the Packers one the deserved it they were the better team!!!!!! Get over!!!

    1. 13 foxtrot round down range says:

      well seeing that you asked a question about what football players served our country then answered it yourself just makes you look like a fool and what does burying a service member have anything to do with the super bowl. If you didn’t have a comment about the super bowl you should just read another article. Oh and by the way i’m one of those people who have served my country 3rd Infantry Division 6-8 Cavalry Fort Stewart Georgia. I’ve seen plenty of service men and women buried when I was in Iraq. If you want to comment about that go to a relevant article to post your message.

      Great job Steelers i’m proud of you just like everyone else in the Steeler Nation we will get them next year HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!!!!

    2. kristy says:

      you tell ’em, soccer mom. we’re talking about grown men who get paid millions for tossing a ball, when REAL men (and women) are fighting for our freedom and get paid nothing in comparison. THEY’RE the REAL heroes, but i’ve yet to witness the crowds for a veteran’s day parade surpass a steelers or penguins parade. priorities, folks.

  26. JK says:

    Whateva you guys suck. Steelers blew it. I hate them now.

    1. Denny says:

      Thank you! Go somewhere else, and join that bandwagon. You are not a real Steeler fan to begin with. It takes commitment and dedication to be in the Steeler nation the same thing it takes to be a player on the team. TAKE A HIKE.

      1. kristy says:

        denny – you need to get a life and quit living vicariously through grown men who toss a ball for a living. “steeler nation?!” “commitment and dedication?! ” you sound like this is a job – sorta like going into the military. get real. LMFAO!!! LOL!!!!

      2. LOKI says:

        Denny ~ Kristy is right ~ get a life.

        “it takes commitment and dedication to be in the Steeler nation”??????

        You are a fan and if you really look at it, you are a money stream for the Steelers and the NFL. Keep buying your Steeler Nation gear and making other people rich while they tell you how important you are to the team . . . . . ya, important in keeping their wallets filled.

        Focus my man, focus!

  27. Soccermom0923 says:

    If you think i don’t know what im talking about, my family just buried a young service man he as 28 years old! So yeah somethings are more important than a game, its called Life!!!

  28. rich burgess says:

    i am just a bummed out as everybody else in steeler nation today was a somber day i have had 6 very great steeler days and i have had 2 really bad steeler days today being the 2nd but all in all we did what all 32 teams wanted to do go and play for a chance to be the champs only 2 made it and only could be the champion it was an awsome yr we will be back next yr and mabey this could be just what the team needed after 2 super wins mabey this lose will be the motivation needed to get us back in it agian next season go steelers

  29. John says:

    Proud to be a life time Steelers fan (living in Denver), win or lose! You cannot win them all but they came close at the end. Thanks for a great season!

  30. Leige Lindsay says:

    Statistically we dominated the game, 1st downs, total yards, Time of Possession, etc… But those 3 turn overs, especially the INT returned for a TD just killed us. I am still proud of the guys, they fought back and never gave up. I’m proud to be a Steeler Fan. AFC Champions….oh Hell Yeah

  31. Jeremy says:

    Ben was off his game. Suisham REALLY shanked one. Troy was knowhere to be found. And you know what, I will be waving my Terrible Towel next year, and I’m living among many Packers fans (in U.P. of Michigan). Congrats to the Steelers on a great year, no matter how much it hurts to get so close and fall, I’m sure we’ll be back. It’s the Steelers we don’t give up. And I agree, maybe this will be a lesson to us. GO STEELERS!

  32. ki432b says:

    Well, at least everyone now can stop arguing and agree that Brady is the MVP and best Quarter Back in the league.
    Ben-2-Picks might be out of a job soon…


    jp 21 pts. off turnovers. that”s it . that is the reason they lost! jk the idoit.

  34. Wel Hung says:

    get rid of the entire secondary exceopt troy,,,total bums,,,william gay is pathetic,,send mcfadden back to ari. and clark got beat by a white boy on 3 rd and 10 down to the 2 yard line,,get out clark,,worthless,,,,,ITS NOT HARD TO BEAT THE STEELERS THROW THE BALL,,PERIOD,,BUMS

  35. pj says:

    LIVED ALL MY LIFE IN PITTSBURGH, AM NOW STILL A PROUD STEELERS FAN IN OREGON, good game guys and better luck next year!!! I don’t think anyone will catch us…We’ll be back…

  36. Brian says:

    Congratulations Steeler Nation on another great year. At the beginning of this season I was hoping we would just make the playoffs, but instead we ended up AFC champions and in the Super Bowl. Awesome!

  37. Joseph Puskar says:

    guys stop…..pittsburgh made the usual mistakes…..and lost…..turn overs fumbles….but the last 4 downs and 2 minutes was they key end of game….we left that game with a time out!! but second and third down were a waste! no reciever knew there route! call time look into the hat……and maybe we might might have won that game in end…….not over on downs….that was the biggest downturn of the season….!! STILL AFC CHAMPS TITLE 2010

  38. Vera says:

    Steelers. U have gained a lot of fans in SC. A true fan will continue to wear the black and gold. See u next season,

  39. keith says:

    I live in Mississippi and I’m a long time Steeler fan I’m proud of those guys down 21-3 they never gave up. And for all who down Big Ben haters hate on steelers fan forever

  40. Wilbur Mc says:

    Pittsburgh Steeler fans should take a bath and get clean shaves. After that they should then all go on diets to lose weight. Maybe if they did these things to improve themselves they will lose their justly deserved repuation for being fat dirty disgusting pigs. Congratulations Packers !

  41. John J says:

    Weak secondary, 21 pts on turnovers, Tomlin slightly out coached
    And it still came down to the last min to decide the winner
    no blow out , the packers knew they were in a dog fight
    Packers Enjoy your victory

  42. Ruth Ann Winder says:

    You go STEELERS you are good ole boys and will always be the bessssst

    LOVE NO> 37 Go ANT

  43. Black & gold born & bred says:

    At least Steelers Fans dont wear a piece of cheese on their heads like a bunch of freaks! Way to go Steelers! Thanks for a great year!!

  44. kristy says:

    awww! now this means that the kids don’t have yet another day to be out of school, as there’ll be no parade!!! poor children will have to get an education instead!

  45. ramona Barnhart says:

    thank you steelers for a great season. i am a number one fan and will always be. you are still number 1 in my eyes. again a great big THANK YOU no matter what anyone else thinks. keep going forwards with greatness. Ramona of fairmount city pa.

  46. Jim says:

    Just because this era of Steelers went to Superbowl 40 & 43 and won them doesn’t automatically give you the win in Dallas. Too over confident, yes the Steelers were. Playing way below their ability and in the championship game you have to perform at you’re best on both sdies of the ball. No defensive tunovers, Offense gave them 3, penalties were another, confusion on the goal line and during the last drive Confusion and yes a sense of being timid. This goes to show you that previous SB experience doesn’t mean squat. If the Steelers were going to loose they should have lost to baltimore or NY not to the Packers. Another item thatt was exploited was no pass defense, nothing intercepted, nothing deflected, no decent amount of sacks. The Steelers better draft some Conerbakcs and Safetys.

  47. SteelersForever says:

    WOW, you all are quite immature and ridiculous. Ok, the Packers won. Someone had to win and both teams had a 50/50 chance. SOMEONE HAD TO LOSE. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the Steelers cannot and will not win all the time for pete’s sake. Enjoy your time-with class!!!

  48. MJD says:

    Do Steelers fans realize how lucky they are? I live in the Detroit area. If it weren’t for the Red Wings, we’d have nothing to cheer about. You guys all have black and gold in your wardrobes, because EVERY Steelers game is a potential victory. Of course you’re sorry they lost, but why rip them apart? You are lucky, lucky people.

  49. Fan For Life says:

    The Steelers should not be thanking their fans, WE should be thanking them. It’s been a wonderful and fun experience watching them overcome adversity, injuries and suspensions to end up in the Super Bowl?! What a nice distraction from the daily ongoings in our lives. I adore this team and the togetherness their games provide our families. Never easy to lose but the ride was a blast! Met Steelers fans from North Carolina, Oklahoma, California and Mexico while in Dallas. So much fun to be a member of Steelers Nation. Heal your bodies, enjoy the spring and see you in the fall! Thank you Steelers.

  50. dawn says:

    even after being unfairly pentalized ALL season we still had a steller one. love you boys win or lose!

  51. steelers rock says:

    To JK and RSQ and the rest of you so called fans. Had they won, you would of said, I am glad they know how to relax. If people like you would get your head out of your ………….., you might have a clue of what is going on

    1. LOKI says:

      steelers rock ~ I love it! I hope the entire Steelers team relaxes all next year. Go out partying all week during the season, sing Piano Man and go to strip clubs as late as you want. This way I don’t have to see or read about them in the post season.

      I’m sure Ben knows some great college bars with small private bathrooms . . . . . .

  52. Jim says:

    I guess that puts the debate to bed as far as this era of Steelers being just as good or better than the Steelers of the 1970’s.

  53. Marlene says:

    Why do we make rude remarks about other teams? Is it because we are jealous or someone makes us angry? Sure we have men and women keeping us safe. We should honor them and pray for them. Our biggest HERO is JESUS. He allows us things in life to enjoy. I believe it is ok to enjoy football and the teams. It is not ok though to respond the way some of us do. Respect everyone. Everyone cannot be a winner all of the time. STEELER FAN and PROUD OF IT!!! Win or lose. After all. The Steelers are the ones who lost and have to hear the negative or postive commemts. Does anyone think there is anyone of them who didn”t want that trophy and ring?

  54. Jim says:

    The entire Superbowl was a joke and leading up to it as well. The Steelers lost the SuperBowl the Packers didn’t win it. Getting paid millions of dollars for an effort like that, they should donate their SB paychecks to charity.

    Also Dallas and Jerry Jones suck, get some salt in the suthern states, are you people afraid of a litttle bit of white on your vehicles, its called taking you vehicles to a car wash. DAHHH… ALso the Bus should have got in the HOF on the first ballot the NFL totally missed that one. ALso the NFL and Jones should have worked around the clock and started months ago on the temp. seating. doulbe, triple the cost for the fans in a refund and offer them a ticket at next years SB. I don’t think so, talk to the fans lawers, go sue them everybody!!! And Jones wants the SB back in 5 years, guess what he can have the Pro Bowl there because no one goes to that thing anyway!!!!

    1. LOKI says:

      Jim ~ Sorry, but the Green Bay Packers WON the Super Bowl. They outplayed and out coached the Steelers. Take a look at the film, all three turnovers were caused by great defensive plays by the Packers.

      By the way, Bettis “the bus” was eliminated during the first round of voting for HOF inductees. He wasn’t even close to getting in this year. He may have a longer wait then you want.

  55. Jim says:

    I knew the Steelers were not going to win SB XXX when they played Dallas they had way too much firepower, ALLOT more moeny was spent on Aikman, Irven, Smith etc… i also knew the Steelers were going to in SB 40 and 43, also 45 but I was wrong. Even when all the Packers went down, I thought the Steelers were going to win. They could have ans should have played much better.

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