Pine Twp. Crash Victim Identified

By: Jim Lokay

PINE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – One person was killed Tuesday morning in a two-vehicle accident in Pine Township.

According to Northern Regional Police, the crash occurred around 8:30 a.m. along Route 910 near the intersection with Hill Road.

Lieutenant John Love told KDKA that the driver of a blue Toyota coupe lost control of the vehicle and was struck by an oncoming pickup truck.

He reported that the road was likely slickened by the snow and ice, which pelted the region throughout most of the morning.

The crash and ensuing investigation forced the closure of Route 910 between North Chapel Road and Pearce Mill Road through the early afternoon. The road was reopened around 2 p.m.

The man killed in the crash has been identified as 56-year-old Bradley Livezey of the Wexford area. He was a world-renowned bird expert with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

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One Comment

  1. B says:

    I travel Rt. 910 on a daily basis….the road crews never give this road the attention it derserves during the winter months. It is always snow and ice covered, and always worse than my little neighborhood street. It’s a shame that a life was lost this morning.

    1. Matt says:

      The red belt in Pine Township is equally dangerous, if not more so. It is hard to believe that two of the most heavily traveled roads in that area are in consistently unsafe conditions.

      1. Bob says:

        Why can’t Pine & Richland take care of 910 and the Red Belt better? They will blame the county or state but what are they doing in the meantime? NOTHING! I travel the red belt every morning and once I get to Marshal Twp the road is clear??? It can’t be to complicated. But the local officials just want to pass the buck. This has been going on for years but never a solution, just excuses. It would be nice if Pine and Richland would become proactive in this matter. They have money for nice municipal buildings, parks, library’s and even a windmill that does not work, but their # 1 priority…safety, gets ignored. Also, this morning I was shocked that PR did not have a 2 hour delay after traveling the Red Belt. The superintendent put the students at an unnecessary risk.

  2. Stephanie Weinberg says:

    It’s true. I live in a neighborhood off of this stretch of 910 and it seems like PennDot maintains 910 on areas east and west of this stretch of road but they never salt or plow this particular stretch. Surprising since Wexford Elementary School is right off of this stretch along with our volunteer fire department. Every person in my family has witnessed cars gone off the road on this area, including my son while on the school bus en route to Eden Hall Upper Elemetary. I called our state rep. about it this morning but it’s too late for the person who lost their life.

  3. B says:

    Maybe this will slow the jerks down on 910 who tailgate me all the time while going the speed limit when it’s snowing!

    1. ME says:

      Yes, hopefully, but this accident was the road condidtions not speed!

  4. Jess says:

    I take the turnpike in the winter months to avoid 910 cause its never maintained. My local streets are 100 times better than Rte 910.

    1. Miguel says:

      It’s worth the tolls to stay safe.

  5. Respect the Family says:

    Realize it’s important for viewers to receive latest news. However, I’ve never been in favor news featuring close-up pictures of vehicles involved in accidents where someone loses their life. Shouldn’t their be some respect towards family with scenes such as this?

    1. Jake says:

      You’re right “respect”, but that’s not what sells!

    2. Tim Shields says:

      You mean respect like watching a plane hit a building that was played over and over again? Or how about the bomber who exploded themselves in the airport? That was also plasterd all over the international/ national media. It should stop but some ppl like to watch tragedy unfold.

  6. Penny says:

    This road is the most neglected road in Pine Township. I think it is a State maintained road, which is why it is never plowed for salted. I am on this road constantly taking it all the way to Cheswick, and on snowy days I always take the Turnpike. Not worth killing myself over like this poor soul. It’s a disgrace.

  7. roberta hartley says:

    in ithe past I’ve heard of a truck that jackknifed,I’ve seen deer cross in broad daylight,i’ve been tailgated,and once there was a tracktor-trailor pulling into 910 going e and traffic backed up on a grade going w and I was afraid to get hit by behind so I pulled over off the rd then a truck came and couldn’t stop behind the car in front of me and went off 910 down thier hill a little and no one got hurt…i prevented a 4 car pile-up!

  8. roberta hartley says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family… even if the road was salted and maintained you get snow bliwing onto the road,it was windy and very cold andr black ice is hard to see,you have to go slow and not worry about being late & drivers behind you …also make sure your snow tires have enough air in them for safe driving.I n the spring I will plant another baby pine tree for another victim of route 910.

  9. Jenny says:

    If the roads were so bad, enough to cause a fatal accident, why wasn’t there a 2-hour delay for Pine-Richand? Are those 2 hours so important that a bus driving down this same road gets into an accident. This deadly accident occurred less than a mile from Wexford Elementary, putting all those children at risk driving down this road. Pine-Richland needs to make their own delay/cancel decisions and not follow North Allegheny, this is a good example of why.

  10. Emma says:

    I heard of more accidents today than any day yet this winter, yet very very few places had a two hour delay. I simply did not understand why more schools, especially north were not delayed.

  11. elle says:

    I have lived in Pine Twp for 30+ years. The State maintained roads including Rt 910, Rt 19, and the Red Belt are terribly maintained. The Twp roads are well taken care of and the Twp of Pine road crew deserves the highest accolades for their efforts above the norm; unfortunately, they don’t have any control over the PADOT schedules. These roads ae major access highways to all of the PRSD schools. It would be interesting to see who many accidents have been on that particular stretch of Rt 910 from the light at Pearce Mill to Chapel Drive.

  12. HK says:

    Re; Bob
    Before you lay the blame on the local officials, why don’t you check your facts. There are many roads in all of the suburban municipalities that belong to either the state or county but that are maintained by the municipality. If the county or state is unable to maintain a particular road for many differet reasons it is up to them to approach the municipality about a maintenance agreement with monetary reimbursement rovided to that municipality for same. A local municipality such as Pine Twp does not necessari;y have the manpower or equipment to add roads to their load at will. Yes it is a shame that a life was lost but how many other lives were lost on just this one day due to icy roads?? It is more likely that speed was the cause. There were amny, many vehicles that navigaed that road safely before the accident so perhaps it was the fault of the diver.

    1. Wendy says:

      I was on that road at about 7:30 and it was a sheet of ice in both lanes. I had my kids with me and I was nervous as heck. I drive on this road every day and it is never maintained. Either way the Sate is to blame for this road not being maintained. If they can’t do it they need to approach Pine Twp. and get some kind of deal going.

    2. Frightened and Frustrated in Pine says:

      WOW! What a thoughtless comment! I have lived in Pine for 20 years and ever since PennDOT began road maintenance of the state roads in the twp. (I think more people know how that works than you think) the road conditions in the winter have become increasingly dangerous. Couple that w/ a school district that seems to be in a competition to see who can call the least delays/snow days and you have an extremely dangerous situation. The problem is that in the NA district, the roads are generally in much better condition than Pine/Richland. As stated in a previous comment, as soon as you pass the twp line out of Pine, the road is clear. Therefore, PR’s superintendent needs to make more informed decisions taking into account road conditions in OUR district. The simple solution would be to actually TREAT THE ROADS! The twp., PennDOT and the school district all need to wake up and address this issue for the safety of all residents. The road conditions are often times treacherous, even for the safest of drivers.

      1. Sandy says:

        I accidentally hit “Report Comment” instead of “Reply” sorry.

      2. HK says:

        Thoughtless? NO Truthful YES!! How many of the people complaining have actually gone to a township meeting to complain or make suggestions???? Very, very few. This is the knee-jerk reaction that occurs whenever there is a tragedy of any sort. Wake up people-if you have an issue, go to your township meetings and complain and demand they address it BEFORE there is a problem!!! If 910 is ALWAYS a problem and the state roads in pine are ALL in disrepair the address it. If you have lived there 20 years and have not complained or attended the township meetings to demand action then SHAME ON YOU !!! In the meantime, SLOW DOWN!!!!!

    3. RUDE says:


      1. HK says:

        I stand by my comments. 1. People need to take responsibility and take pro-active actions if warranted 2. Drivers need to SLOW DOWN 3. No matter what tragedy occurs the “knee-jerkers” will address it.

  13. Rocco says:

    It is

  14. CJ says:

    I drove on 910 just before this accident and the road was a sheet of ice. Is there no PennDot for this section of road? As soon as you pass Pearce Mill nothing is ever done to this road. Twice I nearly went out of control while driving below the speed limit due to pure ice on a road that was never salted until whoever the PennDot driver is gets out of bed or someone gets overtime pay. This road is very heavily travelled yet all of the taxes people pay in gas tax, etc. don’t even go to this part of Allegheny County. I wanted to turn around and go back but the solid traffic made it impossible. And I agree with the other comment – the majority of the drivers on this road tailgate and drive as if they are invincible.

  15. Shockly says:

    PennDot strikes again and unfortunately a life must be lost due to their incompetence.

  16. CJ says:

    By the way it was ice, NOT black ice. Like someone sprayed the road with a garden hose. Don’t try to sell anyone who drove on 910 that it was BLACK ICE it was a shee of untreated ICE, made by 100’s of cars travelling on untreated road. Stop trying to insult people that it was black ice. The Penquins could have skated on it!

  17. truck driver says:

    its a shame that a loss of liife occured on 910 today. I am a truck driver that patrols 910-i have been passed up numerous times while carrying a 14 ft plow on the front of my truck (let me remind you the lane is onlly 10ft wide), its seems like everyone in the northern allegheny co. area either has to pass my truck, beat me to the light or get in front of my vehicle while salting and plowing snow=-ice covered roadways…if you look at that picture of the accident scene and note the impact to the vehicles that will tell you that folks are driving to fast for conditions…when you see ice or snow on the roads please slow down use common sense and give the plow drivers the right of way to clear the roads for you..

  18. Christopher says:

    I live off of 910 and travel it everyday. Out of respect for the community and for the safety of others, please slow down. The deer are everywhere the winter conditions are usually terrible. Let’s take care of one another out there. Slow down!

  19. Disgusted says:

    I agree with all of the above! For the taxes that we pay in Pine Township, we have the worst road conditions of any township/city that i have ever seen. I drive to town every day and as soon as you leave pine township the roads are much better. This poor man’s death should be a wake up call to the State and the Township to pay more attention and expend more of the millions of dollars that we pay in taxes.

  20. Shockly says:

    You can deflect the attention in any direction you want, PennDot continuously neglects their stated mission to provide safe traveling on their roadways. They forfeit life and property for their own bottom line.

  21. Tami says:

    I was on that stretch of 910 at 7:30 AM Tuesday morning. It was a sheet of thick ice (not black ice) for about 1/3 of a mile and was extremely difficult to maneuver. I have had new snow tires for the past few months and this was the first time all winter I was sliding around like that. To reply to the comment about the ‘evident speed’ of the vehicles involved and that they should have known to slow down. That comment might not be relevant. I say this because, for a good portion of that stretch of road, the lane heading east looked to be slush / ice and not nearly as bad as the sheet of ice in the lane heading west. I was flashing my lights at on coming traffic to slow down, because I do not think they saw how much difficulty our lane was having. – I feared that if my car or the one in front of me slid into the other lane we would be clipped. I knew when I was driving that road that it was extremely dangerous and even commented to my husband a half hour later, that I wanted to call 911 to tell them an accident was ineveitable. (Wish I would have called someone.)- My prayers are with the victims family.

  22. Michelle says:

    I drive that road every day taking my kids to school. This road is never maintained, it is extremely dangerous. I was on that road at about the same time as the accident, which scares me, that could have been me and my two kids. That said, Pine-Richland never delays when they need to. They follow the lead of North Allegheny instead of deciding for themselves based on the road conditions of our own school district. 910 is a major road in this school district and if it’s not properly being maintained the school district needs to take measures to make sure it is safe, or they need to delay and give the state or municipality time to get it cleared and safe.

  23. Barb T says:

    I also drove on 910 Tues morning around 7:45am. I was traveling west . The road was a sheet of ice.I was going well below the speed limit & had trouble staying on the road in a suv. This portion of 910 is always a problem. I agree, once you get out of Pine Twp & Richland Twp the roads are clear. I was very upset there wasn’t a 2nd delay. My daughter drove through that mess to the high school. It seems the school district hates to call a delay at the expense of the students’ safety! I’m glad this is my last child in the school district & this is her last yr!

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