Attorneys Weigh In On Super Bowl Ticket Disaster

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — It was a snafu of Super Bowl proportions.

Fans with legitimate tickets were denied seats. About 1,250 angry Steelers and Packers fans were victims of an NFL screw-up.

“Three hours we wait in line and then they treat us like cattle, and then tell us we don’t have a seat after we spend all this money,” Gary Schlegel, a Steelers fan, said.

The NFL tried to set a Super Bowl attendance record with temporary seats, but on Sunday, inspectors wouldn’t go along and block off seats for safety reasons. Some fans ended up seated, but 400 did not.

“We apologize to those fans that were impacted by this,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. “We are going to work with them.”

Attorney Rob Peirce says the NFL breached a contract with its fans and his advice to Goodell is reimburse fans for their trip to Dallas.

“If you’re the NFL, you’re a multi-billion dollar corporation, do the right thing,” he said. “Reimburse all their expenses, and try to do something else on top to try to help satisfy the pain they may have had from not seeing this event.”

But the NFL has not yet offered to pay for travel and hotel, instead promising first only the ticket price, then three times the ticket price and now adding in a free ticket to next year’s Super Bowl.

Attorney Kim Kisner says fans should not accept anything from the NFL just yet.

“Take the time. See what’s offered before you make any rush to the courthouse or rush to judgment on it because I think the NFL will try to make this right,” Kisner said.


One Comment

  1. Constance says:

    I think the 1250 fans should bring a class action lawsuit against the NFL, Jerry Jones, and the city of Dallas and anyone else they can think of. Punitive damages should be incalculable since this event was a once in a lifetime event. The NFL should be ashamed of themselves for the way this Super Bowl was presented to the public at large. It was nothing but a sham of MAJOR proportions. Jones took this much anticipated sporting event and reduced it to the level of nothing more than a platform for his personal and political agenda. The fix was in, and it is a shame that fans and players alike had to endure this despicable Texas spectacle. The NFL should permanently ban a Super Bowl from EVER being hosted by this city and state. Jones couldn’t buy a championship, so he hosted one. He is nothing more than a bad used car salesman. Loved the yellow journalism too and the pompous display of America, complete with the Bush Brotherhood in attendance.

    1. Michael Barry says:

      Another brainless comment by yet another democrat hell bent (as usual) on how to destroy someone, whether it be for political, monetary or whatever reason, just to get those rascally republicans, Don’t you pukes on the left ever get tired of yourselve?

    2. Trisha says:

      Why is it that the first thing some people think of to do is sue as soon as something goes wrong. Yes it was a horrible ordeal that they went through. Yes, they deserve to have their tickets and all travel expenses remibursed by the NFL, who is at fault for the mistake. A free ticket to next years’ Super Bowl would be a nice gesture to too. But sue Jerry Jones and the the City of Dallas? seriously? Grow up.

      1. James says:

        I would agree with you somewhat Trisha except for this…what if you are a Steelers or Packers fan and next year’s Super Bowl is between the Jets and the Bears? Would you really care about going? I know what you are thinking: ” you could just sell the ticket and make a lot of money”. I’m sure the NFL has thought of that too and will not just supply those fans with a ticket. They will have to go to Indy and be “hosted” by the NFL.

  2. Constance says:

    Only a republican would treat people as you referred to as ‘pukes’ and that is precisely how the Jones organization treated those 1250 fans. Its a shame it wasn’t your time and money wasted, you must be a Cowboy fan. Regardless of a party affiliation, doesn’t change the facts and what occurred. I guess it is okay that the trip to the Super Bowl was destroyed by the idiot that thinks he can buy anyone and anything. I am willing to bet that you don’t have enough money to be a republican but nevertheless, keep supporting their agenda, maybe the trickle down theory will eventually fall on you.

    1. Mike says:

      this had very little to do with Jerry and and a lot to do with the inspectors I’m not a cowboys fan but the inspectors could have let it go seeing as it’s only temporary seating the NFL should refund everything.and get rid of Goodell he’s ruining the the NFL

      1. Chad says:

        Let it go???? If it’s not safe, it’s not safe!!! What would have happened if they “let it go” & God forbid something horrible happened???? The NFL & Jerry Jones would be in way more trouble than they already are! The Cowboys had been done playing for weeks! They knew when the Super Bowl was going to happen! It wasn’t a surprise! Why didn’t they construct these seats right after the season was finished? This way they could have made sure that if they failed inspection they would have ample time to address they issues & get it inspected again before the Super Bowl! This is a case of really bad planning! This is why I think they should reimburse these people for their travel expenses, ticket, & sweeten the deal a little bit! This is a horrible PR issue for them right now, especially with the possibility of a lock out coming! BTW-Why does every issue have to come down to political bickering? I’m so sick of both sides that I could just scream!

      2. Leroy says:

        If the fire inspector would have let it go and something would have happened of catastrophic proportions what would you say then? You don’t overlook driving a car with a baby not safely strapped in. You don’t overlook running a red light in a crowed intersection…so why would put people’s lives in danger over a football game. If this type of behavior is allowed then what does that say about us as human being? God help you.

  3. Jake says:

    WHining morons again. Just deal with it people. If you had enough to spend on the ticket and trip in the first place you dont need the money back. Quit your whining and stop acting like this. Its pathetic that everyone thinks a lawsuit will fix everything. Its sad your all just a sad excuse for the human race

    1. FixPGH says:

      Really, there shouldn’t be any “lawsuit.” The NFL should do what is right and just give money back and reimburse for their trip, out of human decency. No, not everyone that bought a ticket could afford it. Some people saved, some people maxed out cards, I’m sure. So don’t be so quick to judge that all these people were able to just throw away their money on this. Why should the NFL get to keep their money, anyway? It’s a hueg franchise that make money on over-priced regular season tickets and merch. Why should they get more free money?

      1. Jakey says:

        if you dont like the prices dont buy it. Dont whine now. Its just more proof of a low IQ. Let buy something then we will whine and complain that it cost too much. JUST DONT BUY IT IN THE FIRST PLACE

      2. FixPGH says:

        Jakey, I don’t buy this stuff. People like you do then whine when something happens.

    2. JT says:

      Apparently Jake you have never splurged on something just because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not everyone that goes to the Super Bowl has wads of cash falling out of their pockets. Maybe it is you who needs to grow up and stop the name calling.

  4. Vicki says:

    Wow … People SHOULD be compensated for their trip to Dall-ASS for their “nonexistent” seating and travel expenses. Jones should have researched the use of temporary seating and had it installed AND inspected before selling the tickets. Fans spent ALOT of money to see this historic event and for that Jones, the NFL, whoever – should make it right.

    1. Jake says:

      Tough $hi7! They were offered to have thier ticket refunded. If you wanted you trip compensated if something happen you should have gotten travel insurance and now take it up with that company. Its not Jones fault or the NFL’s that the fire marshal changed its mind the day of the game once it did its full inspection of the facilities. If you arent prepared to deal with the aftermath when there is a problem, you shouldnt have bought the ticket.

      1. JT says:

        Trip insurance does not cover something like this. Obivously you have never purchased, nor attempted to use, travel insurance. The cost of the ticket being refunded would hardly cover the cost of a couple hotel nights and airfare to Dallas from either Pgh or Green Bay. And as I said, travel insurance will not cover the fact that entrance to your event was not allowed due to a failed inspection.

  5. Vicki says:

    Democrat? Republican? Really ??? Who cares? This isn’t a political argument. This is about making something right. Doesn’t have to be an argument. OR a comment from a football hater that wishes bad things on people while they were in Dallas. You should be ashamed of yourself. Just sayin …

  6. Vicki says:

    Who’s the whining moron now ?

    1. Jake says:

      HAHAHAHA wow good comback. Excatly my point. Keep crying, it solves all your problems

      1. Vicki says:

        Who’s crying ? Look in the mirror … YOU sound like the whining moron

  7. Jake says:

    Here we go. Vikki is bringing out the big guns now. She is resorting to the 2 year old arguement. I know you are but what am I.

    1. Yourmom says:

      Jake- the only moron comments I have read on this entire website are yours. You are insane if you think it wasn’t Jones or the NFL’s fault. What they basically did was a Scam – they sold tickets for seats that did not exist. If they were going to charge 2000K for a seat they should have made sure the seat was actually usable. Its not only a scam, it illegal. I have an idea, why don’t you come to my restaurant and purchase my Fillet Mignon meal for 45$ but I will serve you only the potato because I ran out of steak. Opps – Non refundable. Sorry

      1. Vicki says:

        Thanks for the backup !

    2. Vicki says:

      wow — really ? How old are you ?

  8. FixPGH says:

    You all are being children about this. The NFL was wrong, they should have made sure everything was inspected well beforehand and like I said before, out of human decency, with all their money – OUR MONEY, they should have right off the bat offered a little more than just a face-value ticket refund.

    That being said, when it comes to sporting events don’t buy tickets from Ebay. Don’t let this scalpers continue to be alllowed to ruin things for everyone. Don’t let them buy up a bunch of tickets (Winter Classic and Alumni Game comes to mind) then sell them for 4x their worth. If you buy them then they know there is a market and they will keep doing it. Let them know there is no market for being a cheater.

  9. cmoore says:

    The ticket problem was bad enough – then FOXX
    sports compounded it by bringing up the Big Ben early season problems – who wanted to see that at the Super Bowl – were they that hungry for ratings – we were all watching – why bring it up again. Let it go!!!!!!!!!

    1. JoyM says:

      Totally AGREE!!!

  10. will says:

    understand the disappointment but what can they do when the fire marshall orders it . 3 times the cost of a ticket and a free ticket for next game, that really is being treated badly,huh?

    1. Stan says:

      may not be bad treatment, but it still wouldn’t be the same as watching YOUR team play (assuming that Green Bay and Pittsburgh won’t both return to the Super Bowl next year).

  11. gtrjunkie says:

    Invalidate the Superbowl and make them replay it when the seats are finished!!!

  12. Stan says:

    What’s so wrong about having the temporary seating approved by the fire marshall BEFORE selling the seats? Also, why steal the money for those seats and give the false impression that these people could see this historic game if the seats were never really available?

  13. Eric says:

    From what I have read on this matter, all but 400 were given comparable or better seats to the game. If they accepted the seats, then the contract was fulfilled and it should be settled. For the 400 that did not get seating, they are being offered three times the face value of the ticket, plus a ticket to next year’s game. Since there is no guarantee either team will be there next year, I’m not sure I would want that. The NFL should go further and determine and average cost per person for travel expenses and lodging for the game and reimburse that as well.
    Part of the reason it takes so long to make things right, is the constant fear of litigation in this nation. Too many people are out for quick money not truly deserved.

  14. kitkat says:

    Unless you were there, you really shouldn’t judge. At the time of the event, the lack of communication from the NFL and from the Cowboys was what made this very bad situation even worse. They forced us onto a freight elevator to an undisclosed location like cattle with little to no explanation. Even after we got to the location, there was little to no communication from the NFL or the Cowboys; other than it is what it is. Now I find it hard to believe that for those of you who were not there wouldn’t feel the same way as we did at that time. This is not a political issue, we just want justice.

  15. Donna says:

    I understand for those that were there how angry you are. And for those of you who were not, it is easy to judge those that were.

    What gets me is the fact that those who were not have no heart apparently in understanding what is like to have something you paid for to only have it taken away from you at the last minute.

    To be treated like cattle is a horrible experience. BUT what got me the most in hearing all of what took place was having to go through a PAT DOWN to even get into the stadium!!! IF someone wanted to take the place down I highly doubt that a pat down would have served anything!!!

    Someday, I hope, people will realize just where to draw the line in having their rights stripped away!

    1. JT says:

      Apparently you don’t go to Steelers games either. Everyone gets a quick patdown on the way in to every game…at least every game that I have been to.

  16. I love this city says:

    Word on the street is that they knew about the seat situation on FRIDAY.

  17. JTG says:

    The people that paid top dollar for their seat should sue the NFL and Jerry Jones. They should be reimbursed for the amount they spent on tickets and all travel expenses. Plus money for the F up that the NFL made. Why did they wait till the day of the Super Bowl to say no seats for you. The Cowgirls last game was on December 19th that is 7 weeks what took them so long to figure it out.

  18. Leroy says:

    The true nature of evil is greed. If the 400 people who were not able to see the game at all desires to sue the NFL, Jones, or anyone else for that matter for more that what they spent on the trip to the Super Bowl then they are truly greedy and deserve nothing. Class action law suits should only be for the extreme cases of injustice. Not being able to watch a game does not warrent such a law suit.

    Nevertheless, the NFL and Jerry Jones should have been more prepared. Dallas’s regular season ended early so there was plenty of time to add the extra seating. Fans should only be reimbursed for what they lost (i.e., price of the game ticket, airfare, hotel, etc.). I am confident that the NFL will do all in its power to compensate those affected. It would be wise to wait and see what they will offer and be content with that.

    When you look at the brighter side they still have an original Super Bowl ticket that will be worth something in the future. Theses are just my thoughts on the matter.

    1. JT says:

      And just how much is an original Super Bowl ticket worth? $10? $50? $100? Hardly compensation for someone who may have taken their kid to see the Steelers play in the Super Bowl only to be paraded into a bar in the basement of the stadium. I can assure you that if I had stood there for hours to get in and then was told that I couldn’t get in, I would be going after someone…or many someones!

  19. Tim Brady says:

    THere’s more to the ticket debacle. The people who were shut out got the worst of it and I can’t imagine how awful that was. Absolutely devastating. Me and my seatmates got in but where we sat was a joke; under an overhang with obstructed view and very limited audio- BECAUSE THEY BUILT TEMPORARY SEATING IN THE HALLWAYS. They had no business putting seats there. Of the bad seats i didn’t have the worst or the best, about in the middle. There were 10 or 15 rows of seasts behind us that were even worse. Who do I call or write? So far I’lve contacted the NFL with no response. Still love the Steelers, they tryed to claw their way back on a day when they were struggling and they almost did it. Congrats to the Packers, they were on a roll and kept rolling. The packers fans were very good overall, just encountered one group of very drunk obnoxious ones (which you’ll have at any game).

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