Does It Really Do That? Send Us Your Ideas!

You’ve seen us test out a variety of products on KDKA-TV to find out if they perform as advertised. If you have any products you’d like to see us test out, now’s your chance to let us know!

Just click the link below to send us an e-mail with your idea!

Click here to send us your idea.

  • Missy Waggoner

    Jennifer, I would like to know if the I-renew bracelets really give you balance & energy. Also if the Fushigi gravity ball really floats.

  • Georgiann

    A comment on the Shout Color Catcher. I’ve been using them for some time and love them. I have found that you can use them several times and they keep working. After several uses, I often will use a new one, but still put in a “oft-used” one or two back in too.

    I would like to hear about the pajama jeans. I wear a 3x and wonder if they really would work for me.

  • Gretchen

    I would like to know if the Aluma-wallet really protects against the “new age” pick pocket scanning your credit cards while they are in your purse, or pocket.

  • jill

    I-renew bracelets also

  • lol

    The one second needle

  • Barbara

    I would love to know if the light relief really works for pain. Thank You.

  • Susan Mueller-Bissell

    I would like to know if the ThunderShirt for dogs really work. I have seen other news stations do reports on the ThunderShirt on the internet to sell you it’s product. It looks like it works, but, DOES IT REALLY THAT??? The ThunderShirt is expensive, so I really want to know if it will work on every dog or not. ThunderShirt is the correct spelling of this product.

  • Greta Sawyer

    My dog is presently freaking out during a thunderstorm. I really need to know if the ThunderShirt can curb anxiety!

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