Cooke Suspended 4 Games For Hit From Behind

By: Casey Shea

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The hits just keep on coming for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The injury-plagued team will be short another forward for the next four games.

Matt Cooke received a four-game suspension from the NHL Wednesday afternoon for an incident during Tuesday’s game against the Columbus Blue Jackets.

In the first period, Cooke hit Fedor Tyutin into the boards from behind. He was assessed a five-minute major for charging and a five-minute major for a subsequent fight after the hit.

However, Cooke was not given a game-misconduct penalty and returned to action in the second period.

This isn’t the first time the feisty winger has dealt with controversy.

Boston Bruins fans will never forget the questionable hit he delivered to Marc Savard last season.

On Sunday, Cooke was involved in a knee-to-knee collision with Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin. Cooke was only assessed a two-minute minor penalty for tripping on the play.

The Penguins are already playing without Sidney Crosby (concussion), Evgeni Malkin (torn ACL and MCL), Arron Asham (upper-body), Chris Kunitz (lower-body), Mark Letestu (knee surgery) and Mike Comrie (hip surgery).

They will host the Los Angeles Kings Thursday night at 7 p.m.


One Comment

  1. rick says:

    what a joke of a sport and league, they not only hit crosby once, but twice, in the head, and not even a penalty. give me a break. this league is a total joke.

    1. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

      Not at all. I don’t follow hockey all that close and I am a Pens fan, but this is not the first time Cooke has made a cheap shot. Glad he is getting a little time off to reflect.

      1. Ken says:

        Right on Big Daddy , I have a 6 year old that plays and he knows better than to hit a guy from behind near the boards , also Cooke left his feet ,,

    2. Karlie says:

      I AGREE Rick! They are so inconsistant it’s PITIFUL

    3. kar says:

      that right rick the league picks on certain players .they are not consistent with calls or penaltys. . the referee’s should be fined for bad calls or suspended if the league is worried about hits that don’t get called right

  2. debbie says:

    agree with you rick

  3. John B says:

    Your a clown Rick , how much Hockey have you played ??? You never hit a GUY FROM BEHIND NEAR THE BOARDS , WOULD YOU HAVE BEEN HAPPY IF THE guy broke his neck or back , THE hit ON CROSBY WAS LEGAL , DID YOU MOAN WHEN COOKE LIT UP SAVARD LAST YEAR , GO ROOT FOR THE STEELERS , oh I am a Penguin fan and I started playing HOCKEY IN 1973 AND STILL PLAY IN ADULT LEAGUES AND COACH YOUTH HOCKEY HIS HIT ON OVECHKIN WAS DIRTY AS WELL even though it was a retaliation for the Gonchar hit , Crosbys 2nd hit was hardly a dirty check as well , WHEN YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT COMMENT OTHERWISE YOU LOOK LIKE A TYPICAL YINZER FAN FOR THE STEELERS , COOKE HAS A TRACK RECORD , and its time to pay the piper , he got the free pass with the Savard hit because it was legal but was borderline legal , if that was CROSBY IM SURE YOU WOULD HAVE CALLED THE LEAGUE A JOKE !!!!!

    1. GB says:

      The suspention was the right call, however I do believe there shoulda been a suspension on the hit on Crosby at the winter classic by the Caps player it was a cheap head shot.

    2. William Campbell says:

      CAPS LOCK is your friend, brother. No need to abuse it.

    3. Matt Flipago says:

      The hit on Crosby was illegal, use the right word. It was de facto allowed, and was possibly accidental(This isn’t little league, they know how to make things look iffy). Yeah Cooke plays dirty, but no one was defending him. Stop straw-manning and attacking millions of people with your BS generalizations.
      Also could you use the period bottom; the punctuation was confusing. Perhaps whatever low-class area you come from, it’s uncommon to see thoughts organized clearly, but us Yinzers at least have the intelligence to differentiate ourselves from a 5 year old.

    4. Gene K says:

      Right on John. he league would definitely stand up for Crosby – he’s their poster child. I just watched the replays of Crosby’s hits. No comparison to Cook’s intentional elbow. Rick – be objective man.

  4. Ken says:

    Debbie do you know what youth Hockey players wear on the back of their Jerseys below the nameplate ????? A STOPSIGN . if you dont know its for them to get accustomed to when they see the sign they dont check or hit that part of the body , I know the guy turned at the last minute BUT COOKE LEFT HIS FEET A BOARDED THIS GUY , HE IS LUCKY THE GUY DIDNT BREAK HIS NECK , COOKE has a track record for boarder line hits , although I love the Guy and when we met him in Person he couldnt have been nicer , I dont agree with his play at times being a coach and having a 6 year old playing , I think with Sid being on the shelf we as fans must agree with the league in trying to get rid of unnecessary injuries to the head , When Marc Savard went down I said to the people who sit near me at the pens games if that was sis or Geno Pgh would want to hang Colin Campbell , but it was a good hit , even though it was unnecessary , savard had his head down which is a big no no and Cooke took advantage of him , the League had to sit cooke and give him a attitude adjustment m he is running guys and playing with a LACK OF REPECT , hit hard yes but that hit was something that he learned at 5 years old and was stupid

  5. Chris says:

    I disagree with Rick and John. Cooke has a past and he is dirty at times. There is a fine line with him between playing hard and playing dirty. Both hits were bad and deserved the suspension, cant argue with that. I do however think Cooke should have been suspended for the Sarvard hit as well. That was dirty and uncalled for.

    John B – The second hit on Crosby was a hard check…but he hit him only seeing his numbers, just like the Cooke hit. Tyutin was further away from the boards so it looked worse. However, if you watch closely Tyutin was looking for the hit and when he saw him coming turned his back. I do however agree Cooke probably should have let up and waited for the puck to be passed and finished his check the correct way.

    This is a fast game and people will get hurt. Either way it sucks to see players go down. But its part of the game. No one is out there trying to kill someone or put them in the hospital or worse their death bed. Everything should stay as is which makes this game one of the best to watch. Make the pads smaller and this will help some of the issues, not all but some.

    Remember, if your a Pens fan cheer for the Pens to win not to deliberately go out an hurt someone. You want to beat the other team(s) with their stars as I’m sure everyone wants to beat us with ours.

    Lets Go Pens!

  6. Jack Beiber says:

    hockey is a hard sport.if you can’t take the hits,don’t play the game.
    it seems all refs are picking on pgh. teams

  7. megan says:

    i agree rick! they hit Crosby and now he has a concusson and no pentalty and matt cooke get ssuspended for 4 games! they need him! Pens are a great team but there loosing forwards and Cooke is amazing! so this is gonna suck!

    1. megan says:

      i agree in some i agree wit a penatly for the corsby hit cause i mean that was a hard hit( they should have had someting called there) and idk it exactly but i mean cmon but it is a hrd sport and i kno it was a bad hit but i mean its just they keep loosing ppl from injuries! and its sad cause Cooke is a good player and yay the hit was bad and he shouldnt have done it and prob didnt mean to hit him like that and hes a tough player too but i mean 4 games! they still have playoff chances nad lets hope Crosby comes back cause i miss seein him on the ice! and i hope these 4 games wit Cooke go by so he can come back!

      LETS GO PENS!!!!!!

  8. Ang says:

    What is with Pens fans dishing on Steelers fans?….last time I checked, the Steelers and Pens both play in Pittsburgh….I didn’t know you couldn’t be a fan for both??????

  9. TOMMY b says:

    Megan , so you are saying to penalize guys who hit people and hurt them ??? the hit on him was clean , you must be a steeler fan because you know nothing about hockey , be a fan but don’t defend a guy who has np respect for his oppenent , it was a dirty hit CASE CLOESD

  10. Nick Manning says:

    Its hockey players get hurt and take hits like this, up to league to determine if suspension should happen, Cook is repeat offender and plays game on edge, good player just needs to learn lesson he will play a fine and be ok. Hopefully he can adjust his game not to hit from behind

    1. Nick Manning says:

      pay a fine my bad

  11. rick says:

    you fo;ks are missing the point. a hit from behind is a hit from behind. a hit to the head is a hit to the head. whether it is cooke, a repeat offender, or anyone else, it doesnt matter. because cooke is a repeat offender, he gets suspended and a first timer doesnt. what kind of logic is that. it is what it is.

    1. Chris says:

      I agree with this one

  12. rick says:

    think about this. crosby is the face of hockey. his career could be in question. but beacause a guy is not a repeat offender, he gets a free pass. wow

  13. TD says:

    if cooke had hit a washington captial the way that crosby was taken out, he would have been supsended indefinitely. crosby gets pegged blindside for the sake of HBO and is likely no to return and that is okay? get friggin real people!!!!!!!!

  14. G says:

    I can see why they suspended Cooke being a repeat offender and all. My problem is the hit on Crosby by Steckle I don’t think was accidental. How do you accidentally hit someone so hard that you give them a concussion? He knew what he was doing when he ran into Crosby. The hit on Crosby by Hedman (I think his name is) the next game, is no different than this hit by Cooke. But because the Crosby hit was up against the boards it doesn’t look as bad, but they both should have been handled the same.

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