Fight Between Co-Workers Leads To Fatal Shooting

By David Highfield

NORTH STRABANE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A man from Texas was killed after a fight between co-workers at a welding business in North Strabane, Washington County.

Trevor Compton, 34, was shot once in the abdomen at Rosenboom Welding.

Police won’t say what he and a co-worker were fighting about before the other man pulled out a handgun and shot Compton.

“At some point, the one individual shot the other individual that was involved in the altercation,” said Sgt. David Richards of the North Strabane Township police.

He said when police arrived, the suspected shooter was still inside the building on Wilson Road, but Compton had been moved outside to a vehicle. Compton was pronounced dead at the emergency room of Canonsburg Hospital, according to the Washington County Coroner.

The suspected shooter gave up without fighting officers. He was flown to Allegheny General Hospital with a head injury from the confrontation.

“The shooter has some type of injury to his head, but not life-threatening at this time,” said Sgt. Richards.

Police have not released the suspected shooter’s name, and he has not yet been charged.

Rosenboom Welding is based in Texas but does work for gas drilling companies here.


One Comment

  1. lee says:

    wow what a worthless story oh wait there is no story what happened besides two people shot eachother ?

    1. Amber Irlbeck says:

      They didn’t shoot eachother, one guy had a gun and he shot someone who didn’t have a gun, and they were both at work.

      1. Amber says:

        The victim Trevor was innocent and his actions were heroic in this situation. People need to leave the family alone and let them grieve.

  2. Nikki says:

    Agree. Did it happen on the street? Not enough information, talk about bad reporting!

    1. Concerned citizen says:

      Do you really need to know if it was on the street or not???? This is a murder it doesn’t matter if it was inside , outside , on the street or in a car!!!!! This was an act of violence!!!!!

      1. Ralphy boy says:

        Your being violent with your exclamation marks! ! ! !

    2. FactChecker says:

      Yes, and what was that – no real retraction? Only, “earlier we were told that two people had been shot.”

      It seems the police is the only source cited. “Police say”

      There is a question related to ethical balance by reporting the state of origin of the vicitim without any context.

  3. billyd says:

    according to reports from sources who agreed to talk on the condition of anonimity two people were shot we will have more on this story after we talk to the victims sisters fathers husbands nephews wifes brothers father in laws neihbors cousins sons friends second grade husbands girlfriend

    1. Concerned citizen says:

      Billyd….can you be anymore cold??? Have some consideration for the family!!

    2. CCbloom says:

      Really that was my Brother-in-law killed trying to protect another innocent person! Do u have a heart? May god be with you?

      1. Joseph Tortalini says:

        No,, that was MY brother in law trying to protect his deer steak from the hands of the shooter. A senseless crime!

      2. Dixie Green says:

        I worked with Trevor back in 2007 in baytown he was an awesome man all he ever talked about was his awesome wife and there kids. He came to work smileing everyday. He was funny a hard worker and a loveing father, dad, brother,uncle.nephew that always tried to help in need.God bless his family and he will be greatly missed.RIP Trevor Compton.

    3. FactChecker says:

      It’s standard operating proceedure to allow notification of family prior to releasing indentifiying information in a case like this. With the victim being from another part of the country, contacting their family would take more time because obtaining the contact information would be more difficult, and remember, in the interest of justic, the first priority would be processing the scene for the police officers.

  4. Jimmy Compton says:

    Tread lightly……..thats my brother who was killed.

    1. Doug says:

      I agree . Des’s Cousin in NC

  5. Concerned citizen says:

    This was a tragedy in our small town. It is unfortunate that another young life has been taken from this earth because of violence. My prayers go out to the family of the victim.

    1. FactChecker says:

      You’re a good person, who had something true and positive to offer. Thank you for that posting.

  6. Big Daddy Kahuna says:

    Another slow day at KDKA ……

  7. concerned and caring in WV says:

    Jimmy,I’m SO sorry for your loss….words could never express. You and all who were even remotely close to this tragedy will be in my thoughts and prayers……..

  8. CCbloom says:

    well unless you know the whole darn story you shouldnt be talking at all! And prayers and thoughts are great for the family and friends! So have a heart or keep your mouth shut unless you know the whole story! You dont! Because that is my Brother-in-law you are talking about that was innocently killed and he has a wife and two young children he has left behind violence! It is really sad how people can say the things they say!

    1. Amber Irlbeck says:

      You are in our thoughts and prayers. People may say all kinds of things, but the truth is still the truth – take comfort in that. These people, and the things they are sayng, if they check the facts they will know they are wrong and they will be embarassed and ashamed for being so ignorant and unkind.

  9. Bea says:

    Glad this was reported on by KDKA. We don’t have daily murders, I heard it happened while at the grocery store, so without this reporting I wouldn’t have any idea who, where, etc. Obviously, the commenters here who think no one wants to know must live where there are murders daily. We don’t. And it is important, because it is another dimension to the imported gas drilling business around here. This is the second shooting by & between people from Texas in that industry in Wash. Cty. I don’t even know if they have to register their guns in our state, but they seem to have no problems shooting their co-workers. Someday, an innocent may be in the way.

    1. FactChecker says:

      According to the story as reported, it is only clear that the VICTIM was from Texas, and he did NOT have a gun. It was not disclosed where the person who actually did have a gun and did shoot it was from, because this was not included in the report.

      1. CCbloom says:

        suspect was from texas also. Victim in shooting was just trying to tell the suspect to not shot and instead a innocent person gets killed! I hope the suspect gets the max. He so deserved it! Victim has left behind a wife and 2 young children! He will be Missed! RIP Brother-In-law

  10. Linda says:

    Yea, lets let everyone carry a gun around. So when they get mad at someone they can just shoot them. Great idea.

    1. Richard says:

      Linda, actually yes, it is a GREAT idea! In fact, the framers of our constitution thought it was such a great idea they included the RIGHT (not privilege) to bear arms in the bill of rights which became the second amendment of our constitution. Thanks for the reminder of what a GREAT idea it really was/is!

      1. Linda says:

        Typical gun nut answer. So predictable… pathetic.

      2. Richard says:

        Linda, yes your response was both predictable and pathetic. However, in your defense, you are just one of many uneducated, misinformed individuals who see the gun as the problem and not the person holding it (as was the case in this confrontation). Thankfully our constitution and laws are in place to protect the millions of lawful and responsible gun owners from the misguided opinions of people like you. Have a great day!

    2. FactChecker says:

      Again, the VICTIM did not have a gun. It was the shooter who had a gun.

      By definition, people who get shot don’t always have guns but PEOPLE WHO SHOOT people must at some point be holding or possessing a gun.

    3. Mayor Stupidstal says:

      Thats our Motto here in the city of PITTSBURGH..come on out and pay 15 a hr to park!

  11. Jimmy Compton says:

    You saying that no innocent people were hurt or killed……what was my broher guilty of? You tell me that…..

    1. Dean Orkid says:

      Jimmy AND CC Bloom…. GO DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE FOR YOUR “FAMILY MEMBER” , YOUR 15 seconds of fame has expired.

      1. Jimmy Compton says:

        Dean, why dont you contact me directly. I think we need to meet in person.

      2. CCbloom says:

        Dean Orkid we are doing something productive here. Put the story out there correctly and speaking our feelings on the negative people that are in this world that dont even know the whole story at all!

    2. CCbloom says:

      jimmy please reread what I put! Your brother and my brother-in-law was Murder and he was a innocent person in this whole situation. It should not of been him.

    3. Amber Irlbeck says:

      Your brother was not guilty – he was a hero who was stepping in to help in a situation, and he may have very well saved countless other lives. I am very sad that he lost his life, and even more sad by how people are responding here. He was not guilty, but these people here are guilty. They are guilty of being quick to judge, of being self-righetous, heartless and cruel, and I apologize on behalf of the entire human race for their disreguard for you, your family, and your brother. I know it is of little comfort to you at this terrible time, but you will be in our thoughts – even though we do not know you – because this was a very sad thing to have happened to your family, a senseless, tragic act.
      The knee-jerk reporting of today’s media is more about beating the competetion than getting it right. Often the “whole story” doesn’t get communicated and there is lots of speculcation that flies about. I mean, at this point many things are possible, and there is no clear story of what occurred here as far as the journalism goes. Keep in mind the limits of the legal system often prevent the whole story from coming out right away, because the police and investigators want to be sure that their cases are not put in jeapordy. They can’t defend the situation to the media, or anyone, because their focus is on preserving the truth and the ability to prosecute if and/or when it is determined that a crime has been committed. This prevents the whole story from coming out right away, but it will over time. When it does, I am quite certain that everyone of the above listed ill-thought out comments will be retracted and regretted by the ones who said them, because then they will feel the full shame of their cruelty and comments. Until that time, please take some solace in knowing that there are people, good people, who believe the best about your loved one, and who are truely and deeply sorry for your family’s loss..

    4. CCbloom says:

      Nothing at all!

  12. Ming the Merciless says:

    Its a shame some one has to pull out a gun instead of using there fists.
    these where men involved in a rough and tough working world. Where you work with your hands and you fight with them as well. Real men go hand to hand when there’s a work or other personnel dispute on a job site. Only a woosy pulls out a gun. I hope they throw the book at him and my condolences to the family of the worker who was killed.

  13. Tex590908 says:

    …I knew Trevor (porkchop)…i consider him my friend….condolances to the family yall are in my prayers…to all the ones posting “disses”, i also pray for yall, to someday have a kinder heart…trevor was a hard worker, would go out of his way to help anyone needing it…Rest In Peace My Friend….And God be with your family…

  14. Michelle says:

    Praying (yes, praying) that the families will be comforted…especially for the wife and children. I am saddened by the callous replies of others. What if it was your family member who was killed?

  15. Richard says:

    Deadly force should ALWAYS be the very LAST resort. Time and again it is wrongly used by individuals who don’t seem to have the common sense to just walk away. In most cases there are more appropriate, non-lethal resolutions to a confrontation. That being said, I remain a staunch supporter of our second amendment rights.


      Workplace violence is more of problem than most people even know.
      i worked with a guy who was deeply involved with the church, he come off as a good citizen in good w/management, but had a mean streak and messed with a lot of people undercover.
      This man came at me violently one day and i walked out 5 minutes to quiting time and never went back.
      I’m a gun owner but I refused to ruin my life taking revenge on this tyrant..
      Instead I moved on to bigger and better things and work in a more professional environment, he’s managements problem now.

  16. Amber Irlbeck says:

    Where did you get your journalism degree? One source? Seriously?

  17. johnny69 says:

    I see WTAE is following KDKA’s lead by turning off the comments when it is a gang=banger getting shot but not when it is a white person.

    1. johnny69 says:

      I meant KDKA is following WTAR’s lead

      1. johnny69 says:

        WTAE!!! SHEEESH!

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