Fan Reaction Mixed After Pens-Isles Fight Night

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — In the aftermath of a brawl-filled Friday evening for the Penguins at Nassau Coliseum, fans back here in Pittsburgh are having mixed reactions to a hockey game that turned into fight night.

Some fans watched the game against the New York Islanders in anger and disgust as one fight after another broke out on the ice.

“It’s kind of one of those things where you know there was a fight and all of a sudden a hockey game broke out,” said Penguins’ fan, Zach Sovek.

It all started last week when the teams met for a game at the CONSOL Energy Center, the Isles took exception to Penguins’ backup goalie Brent Johnson fighting their goaltender Rick DiPietro and taking him out in one punch. They also weren’t pleased with a hit by Max Talbot on one of their forwards.

When the clock finally ran out Friday night on Long Island, 346 penalty minutes were assessed and there were 10 ejections from the game.

“I thought it wasn’t hockey it was thuggery,” said Penguins’ fan, Rick Monti, Jr.

“I thought it was a throwback to the 1970s when we had Battleship Kelly and Steve Durbano and the slapshot hockey,” added fan Rick Moni Sr. “It wasn’t hockey as we know it today.”

Then, there were other fans that didn’t have a big problem with all the violence.

“I actually missed the beginning of the game,” said one fan. “I started turning it on after I heard all the fights were going on; it was interesting to watch.”

“It’s part of the game,” Tim Teachout, who is a fan of the Penguins biggest Western Conference rival, the Detroit Red Wings. “It’s not that much, but I still think it’s part of the game.”

However, many agree things got out of control, and to add insult to injury the Penguins lost 9-3.

“That really hurt,” said Monti. “If it was 9-3 us, it would have been a lot easier to take.”

Meanwhile, the puck is now with the National Hockey League as plenty of discipline is expected for both teams.

“I’m sure there will be some fines stemming from the altercations and retaliation,” said Teachout.

“We don’t need anymore fines on any of our sports teams. Let them fight,” added another.


One Comment

  1. W Herrman says:

    play hockey, clean hockey the game is more interesting when there are no fights

  2. junbug says:

    Hockey is part of the game. If you don’t like it watch badminton!!!!!

  3. Hollie Stangel says:

    It’s so messed up that you can NOT even view your news without an ad popping up! I tried to click on numerous news stories lately and get goofy ads. Not only do they get you in trouble with your loved ones at times, but they are just a bother!

  4. Paul says:

    never want to hear anything about Matt Cooke being dirty again.. the Islanders (entire team/coaching staff) made him look like a SAINT last night..

    1. Mepet says:

      Yes Paul they sure did. Kuddos to Goddard for protecting his goaltender. Even though he will get suspended, he stood up for the team. How about the cheap shot to Max? The game was out of control.

    2. JosieCot says:

      Thanks to Matt Cooke, Crosby, and numerous other cheap shot artists…The Penguins are turning into a laughing stock. A pathetic has-been team. I thought they had some class but the last two years proves they are a one-dimensional team with idiots such as Cooke given the blessing by Pens coaching staff and Mario Lemieux(Proved to lower Pens organization after his comments about brawl) to make an unsuccessful attempt to intimidate. Sorry Pens fans…your team is dropping fast. Lost respect from NHL fans and the league.

      1. JohnG says:

        Are you aware that the two players you named didn’t even play in this game. If you have a legit point I’ll listen, but don’t just bash unintelligently. Jealousy is very ugly!

      2. FixPGH says:

        I don’t think anyone has “Lost respect” for them. The fight wasn’t their fault and as John pointed out – the two you mentioned by name weren’t even there! And Crosby is not there because of INJURY sustained by stupid hits from other teams! So where do you get off saying this stuff? Crosby has more class and dignity than any other athlete. They got into the playoffs last season and this season made a fantastic comeback after not starting out so well. So how is that one-dimensional? Get off the hate bandwagon. The Islanders are dropping way faster, they are the ones that are filled with “cheap-shot artists” the way they decided to take revenge on their no-good goalies injury.

  5. Airdoc says:

    And the Islander coach didn’t know anything about his players’ game plan? He could’ve told them to stop it when it was 4-0 in the first period. Since he didn’t , he should be held responsible and fined also!

  6. Nicole Vavra says:

    Wow really now? I missed the game and wish I hadn’t! But really now… hockey should have fights every so often…. but 10 ejections? 346 penalty minutes? Thats not hockey at all! Just hoping no one gets suspended cause we can’t afford to lose any more key players! Come on Pens shape up!

    1. FixPGH says:

      They are all just mad because Johnson kicked Dipietro’s ass last time! Or should I say – single punched him in the face to the ground.

      1. Rich Petro says:

        @Nicole — it wasn’t the Pens that started it, but they had to fight back. For one night, 80’s hockey was channeled into NY. I give them credit being down and fighting back the way they did. NY honestly deserves more suspensions than they got.

  7. jess says:

    I think fighting has a place in hockey but not like that. Not sucker punches or contunuing to pound on a guy you have just injuryed and then taunt him afterwards while he is still down on the ice being attended to. I feel that is a disgrace to the game.

  8. John J Johnson says:

    ESPN reported that the bus with the Penguins got in a minor car accident. Maybe KDKA needs to keep up with the sports better!!

    1. Hannah Lam says:

      yep I read in morning on this site

  9. Hannah Lam says:

    the 1st period was okay but 2nd more as well as 3rd period
    3rd was the one out of control

  10. Tom Buettner says:

    This headline is just as stupid as the game was last night. How can fan reaction be mixed. Before you interview someone about hockey make sure they actually watch the sport. How can a guy who’s not watching and turned it on be a HOCKEY fan! I hope this story doesn’t what kind of reporting KDKA actually does, Simply embarassing. Go back to reporting on what the Steelers eat for dinner on Easter of whatever!

  11. Rich Petro says:

    It was old school hockey. What I don’t like is the fact that the Islanders were already up 6-0 when they started the fights. It’s usually the team losing that does it to spark themselves. I think Goddard should be given special dispensation for leaving the bench as NY was likely intending to injure Johnson cuz he’s a much better fighter than DiPietro!!!

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