4 Workers Allegedly Staged Burglary In Ross Township

ROSS TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Four employees are facing charges after they allegedly staged a burglary at a restaurant in the North Hills.

Ross Township police say they got a report of a burglary at Qdoba Mexican Grill on McKnight Road over the weekend.

Initially, investigators believed the burglary was an inside job, but later determined the employees allegedly conspired to steal from the business and made up a story to cover their tracks.

Police say they ransacked the restaurant and threw a large stone through a window, causing about $500 in damages.

The employees have been identified as 19-year-old Charles Elstner of Reserve Township; 18-year-old Michael McElroy of Bellevue; 18-year-old William Fichter of West View and a female juvenile. They are accused of stealing more than $1,300. They are now charged with theft, conspiracy and criminal mischief.


One Comment

  1. Liam1694u says:

    Ahh, dumb people. Gotta love em.

  2. Q DUMMA says:

    haha. me dumb.

  3. Seymour Butts says:

    Fichters dad worked at quest diagnostics as a coutrier manager . From all those he fired nice to see your kid William Fichter Jr grew up to be a criminal .

    1. aly905 says:

      None of them are really criminals, they’re teenage kids. get over it, yes they made a bad decision but we were all kids getting into trouble at one time. It seems like you need closure from a bad experience that you might have had with fichters parents. Before you go talking about somebody elses problems, fix your own.

      1. Bob says:

        All but one of them are over 18 and they robbed the store, that makes them both alduts and criminals. Get over it!

      2. aly905 says:

        Okay so I’m going to take a wild guess and say that bob was perfect his whole llife, for all of you to know, they only got charged with dc. Apparently the news blew it out of proportion like they do with everything else. They want to make everybody look worse than the are so that the news seems interesting. Maybe I’m not the one who needs to get over themselves after all. And all of you gossiping, looks like they’re not the only immature kids making stupid decisions.

      3. FixPGH says:

        Aly, “Kids” egg mailboxes or break curfew. CRIMINALS bust windows and steal money.

      4. Dave says:

        Not really criminals? “theft, conspiracy and criminal mischief” It’s called criminal mischeif, not teenage mischief.

      5. Heather C. says:

        Teenage kids or not..Its one thing as a kid, to take your parents car while underage or go to an underage party, but to say they’re not criminals? we all got in trouble at one time or another? I don’t know about you aly905, but if my kids did something like that, I wouldn’t say oh that’s OK son your just a teenager we’ve all made mistakes when we were young. I’m thinking with comments like that aly905, you may have a thing or 2 on your rap sheet. It’s no big deal????…Where some people come up with their logic just amazes me!!! I hope you don’t have kids, cuz if you do, there’s gonna be trouble if that’s the way you think kids are suppose to behave.

      6. aly905 says:

        I never got in trouble for anything growing up, I lead my friends to do better with themselves. ethan is right I know the fichter family he has good parents and william was only a person who knew about everything and wouldn’t tell anybody what he knew. Yes, he should have said something and yes he should have talked afterward, but put yourself into the situation. I do not have children but when I do one day, they will not do that stuff or anything like it because I will raise them how I was raised. Everybody makes mistakes I’m not saying they’re right or that they didn’t do anything wrong but they are still young people who need to learn from their mistakes.

      7. ASC says:

        Maybe those kids should make another bad decision, come over to your house, break out some windows, steal some of your stuff and ransack the place.

        I guess if you cannot see the face of the person who lost money its no crime. These morons just elevated your insurance rates, regardless of the judge’s decision.

      8. aly905 says:

        Maybe they should, maybe that’s something you should even say to somebody, that’s real nice.. $1300 and ruined property to qdoba is nothing but from my family and I would be life changing because there’s little that we would get back. You should think before you say things.

      9. FixPGH says:

        Aly, I’m guessing you’re still in high school and still haven’t been learned reason and logic.

        Stealing from ANYONE, whether it be business or an individual/family is NEVER ok. If everyone followed your “Well, since it’s a large company, it’s ok” theory then everyone would just run in and rob everyone and businesses would go out of business..think about it.

    2. ethan says:

      thats not true wat so ever moron ive known his family for years. u got the wrong person

      1. Dummy says:

        HAHAHAHAAH Why do idiots say stuff like that!??

        We know it was this kid but “naw, naw, you got the wrong person! He’s a good kid! He would never do it!” But he did it, so deal.

  4. Reserve Twp Know-it-all says:

    Elstner is not a bad kid. . . just made a really bad decision.

    1. joe blo says:

      if these was black kids they would be under the jail by now.with 5 year sentences at least cmon now

      1. isecondthatmotion says:

        and you know that!

    2. Dummy says:

      throwing eggs at someone’s car is “not a bad kid.”


  5. John says:

    What’s the problem they are just getting someo on the job training to become a politician?

  6. JAUN says:


  7. Hot Carl says:

    Qdoba makes me poop.

    1. Mike Hunt says:

      ROFLMAO @ Hot Carl

  8. the beav says:

    did you hear the new? mcknight qdoba has just raised there prices to make back that money.

  9. clevelandsteamer says:

    qdoba makes me poop too!!!!!

  10. GiveThemHell says:

    Hey aly905, would they be “typical teenagers” it that was your livingroom window and your mortgage money they stole?? Just someone else trying to get something they didn’t work for or earn.

  11. Mr. Pibb says:

    Are yall kidding me? Qdoba makes me too as well! We should look into this

  12. thoughts says:

    if only they had a black person who worked there. that that was off that day. and didnt have anything to do with thier little plan..but they could blame it on…they might have gotten away with it.

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