Pa. Schools To Lose Millions In Federal Stimulus Funds

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — All across Pennsylvania, school districts are about to feel a real financial pinch.

It’s the loss of millions of dollars in economic stimulus money that President Obama funneled into school districts for the last two years, but now that comes to an end.

“Whether you’re a wealthier school district or a poor school district, when you’re talking those kinds of numbers in the millions your programs are impacted,” AIU Chief Financial Officer Patrick Sable said.

Pittsburgh Public Schools will lose more than $41 million; Woodland Hills – $4.9 million; $4.8 million for McKeesport; and $3.4 million for Penn Hills.

Most school districts in this region will lose at least a million in the coming fiscal year. Patrick Sable, who managed finances in three school districts, says it’s likely to get worse if Gov. Tom Corbett cuts school funding from Harrisburg.

“Will they be level funded at the same amount as last year? Most school districts are anticipating a reduction in that funding,” Sable said.

School districts across the state will have to decide whether to raise taxes or cut spending.


One Comment

  1. jt says:

    who needs education when you have google and i-pads?

    1. Homeschool-Yes says:

      Hey JT. I agree.
      I think our education system is so watered down anyway.
      Lets rig the testing system so it appears that our students are doing well. Many teachers don’t even know how to teach. I heard one teacher say that he is only in it for having the summer off and having the union pay him more that he deserves. What a rip-off. If I could, I would home school.

  2. Research Before Speaking says:

    Wow- JT and Home School- please do some research.

    JT- I-pads and google can give you almost any fact you want, but have no way to engage higher-order thinking processes or promote analytical processes.
    Homeschool- YES- Please look at the empirical research on homeschooling and in particular brain based research. For the majority of the population homeschooling makes children intellectually disadvantaged and damages children socially.

    1. Homeschool-Yes says:

      Hey Research,
      This is a comment line not an arguement line. Did ya ever think of homeschooling and providing social interaction? No, I guess not, you are too busy trying to save your pension.

      1. Research Before Speaking says:

        Homeschool- I do not work in a job that has a pension so I’m pretty sure I am not worried about losing something i do not have. I said to do the research as a suggestion, but you seem to not want to. You simply want to complain and offer no solution. Again, please look at empirical research on the matter before you offer your uneducated opinion on the matter.

    2. Cyber Is Great says:

      I have a 2nd grader that scored high 12th grade word recognition testing. And he is very well adjusted socially thank you. And he is cyber schooled. A free public education at home. Works great as long as a parent can be present.

  3. swin says:

    How about this? Eliminate all school sports, especially football. The purpose of schools is to provide an education, period. To forcefully take money from taxpayers who have no children and make them pay for public schools, and then use that money to buy football helmets and football fields is unacceptable. Schools are for learning, not playing. Our oldest school buildings didn’t have auditoriums, ball fields, and field houses. There used to be just a school BUILDING, not a campus. Sometimes they would have a small gym , but only for exercise. Did things ever get out of hand. Sports should be paid for by parents and funded by community groups or charities, NOT taxpayers.

    Last point – I’m a retired physics teacher. One football player walked out onto the field wearing equipment that cost more that I got for buying equipment for my lab for AN ENTIRE YEAR. Of course, maybe you are one of those people who think that the Pittsburgh Steelers are more important to the city than the Jones & Laughin Steel Corporation and maybe you think this country is better off producing more ball players and less engineers.

    1. bettygerbil says:

      i totaly agree with u on that swin

    2. Sports over Education says:

      I agree. It amazes me how coached make more money than teachers. Teacher can lose their jobs, get laid off, or lose benefits, but good old coach is guarenteed a new stadium, uniforms, and a sickening salary. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy sports, but not over education.

      1. Barb says:

        I want to know why there aren’t any complaints about the high income the NFL brings in. A strike, come on. That makes me disgusted. As usual let’s take away from the people that really work hard. Teachers aren’t given anything, they work for it all. I suggest all those people out there that are bashing teachers spend one or two days in the classroom. As a matter of fact that should be mandatory for tax payers. Also, how about sending your tax money to cyber or charter schools? Is that fair? Religious schools still have to have tuition charged. The comment was made awhile ago in regard to our elected officials. How about if we decide to have more than 2 senators and then they can all share their salaries? That is what is happening to public schools. School choice is one thing but when you take funding away from our established schools everyone suffers. Certain Cyber and Charter Schools are also making profit whereas, public schools are non-profit only.

  4. Chuck G. says:

    The more you give them, the more they keep spending on wasted items. The Port Authority does the same thing along with all of the other government departments. If they really kept it to the necessary things, they would have plenty. The sports is a very good example of waste, they should keep it in the classroom needs. Schools are supposed to educate, not teach sports.

  5. Jason says:

    This should not be viewed/spun as “lose millions”. It wasn’t something they were entitled to. It was temporary EXTRA money that was given to them with the knowledge that it was indeed temporary.

  6. Just Saying... says:

    Last time I checked, any “temporary” money becomes “necessary” as soon as the funds show up. The spending is out of control when it comes to tax payer funding. A little fiscal responsibility would go a long way and people need to remember an important lesson that I learned early on: “There is a difference between WANT and NEED.”

  7. One small voice says:

    Cut the programs they created with the money, don’t raise my property taxes any higher. If they want to keep the programs, have the parents pay the extra $$$, ala-carte after school programs.

  8. G2 says:

    Yes jason I agree but the schools will come back with they now need it to mantain what they started. And now that will raise all of our taxes. as for you One small voice I couldn”t agree more about letting the parents foot the bill and I have a kid in fifth grade for those of you who want to say you only feel that way because you dont have any kids.

  9. bubba says:

    When a Politian says that he is not going to raise your taxes, in a bad economic situation like of state and just about every state in the US, he will just cause another authority or entity take the fall for it.

  10. I WISH I WOULD HAVE says:

    I wished I would have homeschooled my kid I wrote a letter to the school asking them to keep me informed because my kid was missing homework and one of them called and whinned to me how she has a lot of students ect….
    As far as social damage his school has a bad drug problem so why would I want to expose my kid to be social with druggies.

    1. The truth says:

      Based on your unintelligent, grammatically incorrect responses, I’m thrilled that you’re not teaching your children at home.

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