Hall Of Famer Clark Gillies Doesn’t Disagree With Mario

PITTSBURGH (93-7 The FAN) – Former New York Islander and Hall of Famer Clark Gillies joined the FAN Morning Show to talk about the Islanders/Penguins fight. He thinks the Islanders were sick of being pushed around all year and finally wanted to stand up for themselves.

Gillies said that league has changed since he played because if two players needed to settle a score, they would drop their gloves and go right there.

Gillies “doesn’t totally disagree” with Mario’s comments, but thinks there will always be fights in the game to settle a score.

Gillies played 14 years without a helmet and said players these days need to understand that the equipment they are wearing, makes themselves weapons flying across the ice.

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One Comment

  1. Don says:

    The Islander picked on a team of which only part of the players were NHL and had nothing to do with the game in which the goalies fought. The Islanders brought in toughs from the AHL for fighting only. Having nothing to lose they
    wanted to ruin the Penquins. I think the coach of the Islanders should be fired. He showed no control over the team and in fact encouraged it.

    1. Drew B. says:

      You’re a tool bag…Haley scored in the game, the pens coach let Godard hop the bench, and the Islanders still won 9-3. Go watch figure skating or something.

    2. Joe says:

      Leave it to Penguins fans to take a page from Sidney Crybaby’s book and complain about everything. Maybe next time, the Penguins won’t sit on the bench laughing after knocking out another team’s goalie, and they won’t get destroyed like they did. Payback’s a female dog.

      And no team that leads the NHL in penalty minutes, fights, and employs Matt Cooke can complain about any of this. NOT TO MENTION that it was the Penguins who allowed a player to leave the bench to fight, and you think the Islanders couldn’t control their players?? Give me a break.

  2. Tim says:

    Even tho the Penguins coach failed to restrain his player (Goddard) from hoppinig over the bench? Get a clue before you post idiot

  3. Matt says:

    That AHL player scored in the game you idiot….Also what a stupid title to the article. You show little to no proof that Gillies said anything.

  4. Joe P says:

    Penguins got bent over….end of story. Stop your whining.

  5. Joe says:

    Wow what a misleading headline, are you serious? How unprofessional. Gillies sided with the Islanders LOL

  6. Joe says:

    And it is classless for a Pittsburgh radio station to get an Islanders icon on to try and justify their owner’s ludicrous comments, then misrepresent what he says. Mario Lemieux= hypocrite

  7. bcisleman says:

    Clarkie was being a diplomat. If Mario REALLY wanted to clean up the game, he could start with his own team, their excessive penalties, and Matt Cooke. Shero “talked” to Matt Cooke after each incident. Obviously it did a lot of good. And Cooke’s running of DP 3x is the back story to the goalie fight. So he is very much a part of this story.

  8. Al R says:

    I find it amusing that the Penguins- the team that tanked a season in order to draft Lemieux and the reason we now have a draft lottery- have the temerity to bring up integrity.

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