2 Charged After Police Scuffle In Oak Hill

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Two Pittsburgh police officers and a suspect are getting medical treatment after an altercation in Oakland.

The suspect, identified as 33-year-old Curtis Lyman, was the backseat passenger in a vehicle pulled over in the Oak Hill housing development.

A Zone 2 police officer pulled over the car because of a traffic violation. The officer said he noticed Lyman was acting suspicious, so he called for backup and asked Lyman to step out of the vehicle for a pat-down.

“At that point he consented to a search,” Pittsburgh Police Lt. Robert Roth said. “When he did that, he charged one of the officers, actually head-butting him, spun around and punched another officer in the eye in an attempt to escape.”

One of the officers was uniformed. The other officer involved in the altercation was wearing plainclothes.

Police used a taser to bring Lyman under control. Lyman’s godmother, Dolores Austin, is facing an obstruction of justice charge.

Lyman is facing aggravated assault, resisting arrest and drug charges.

  • Daniel

    OK this guy fought with officers and guess what, they did not beat him to a pulp or shoot him. They used proper force against him just as the Officers who interacted with Jordan Miles did. The police are always allowed to use one level of force above what is being used on them. Good job Pittsburgh Police for getting this thug off the streets and hopefully the injured officer will be OK and back at work soon!

    • TEE


      • disgusted

        What a bunch of animals . . . . send them somewhere so that they can act violently like that with EACHOTHER and not the public! A deserted island would be nice.

      • Hoss

        Teach ya cousin not to fight with the po-po. And take the caps lock off your keyboard.

    • Kourtney Ambler

      The media just loves making stories something they are not. Jordan Miles didn’t do what the police told him to do , and fought them. He was treated the same as any other person who fights the police, but then al the politicians with agendas stepped in and made it some thing it wasnt….just sad

    • FixPGH

      Daniel, AGAIN, SHUP UP ABOUT THE JORDAN MILES CASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These officers did not beat these suspects up, but the officers for Jordan Miles DID. He was BEATEN there are pictures, LET IT GO!

      • FixPGH

        Daniel, you have seen the pictures of Jordan’s bloody and bruised face, right? What, did he do that to himself? Write to the police or city council, not complain on a KDKA news article because it won’t get you anywhere!

      • Daniel

        Mr. Miles resisted and was subdued (not beaten) according to police procedures. No officer has been charged to my knowledge. And no I will not shut up in my support of the three officers unjustly accused in the Miles case. My support for those fine men will never cease!

      • Sandra Klingensmith

        JORDAN MILES ASSAULTED a police officer and got exactly what he deserved, maybe he wont be so quick to hit someone first next time!


        fix pgh…….its people like you that are the problem with this city….fix yourself idiot!

  • laylay



    the biggest mistake they made was giving cops tasers…..

    • John

      Fine…take away the tasers. If this happens again, they’ll just shoot him. Maybe that might be better….

  • Maggie

    A taser ended this altercation quickly and without harm. Just like they’re supposed to.

  • Crosby

    English please


    stupid comment by the person calling themselves Shanaynay,we all know this comment was left by a stupid ignorant person trying to talk black. GROW UP

  • chance

    the biggest mistake they made was giving cops tasers…..

    Ya’ shotguns are more effective. WHY is the criminal always right?

  • brian

    always use the amount of force to gain control, if ya have to break his arm you break it if ya have to tase you tase great job for the police another dirt bag off to jail

    • TEE


      • Pro PGH Police

        I bet you live in Elmore Square.

      • Chris

        TEE is mad because Lyman got caught with her re-up….

      • Big MIke

        Def. a dirt bag!! Hope he meets bubba in jail!

      • FixPGH

        “Big Up” Tee? So you support running and fighting with cops? Great, keep encouraging people to do this stuff. That’s why your community won’t let anything get better, there is nobody there to be part of the solution, you all just want to be part of the problem because you can’t accept the fact that you need to be part of society – not an exception. You all want special treatment and to be treated like royalty. Well criminals that act this way doesn’t deserve royalty.

  • Gary

    He is very much a waste of life. Little fact for everybody. Mr. Lyman “pooder” was charged with murder in 1993 along with his friend Mario Dorsey. They where both 15 years old at the time. They shot and killed a father of 2. And only spent a few years in jail because they where minors. My opinion a taser wasn’t good enough.

    • Hoss

      No reply from “Tee” on Gary’s post. Hmmm. Tee, real proud of your cousin now?

      • Gary

        Thanks for pointing that out hoss. Nothing to say at all. Some people are just stupid. They want to talk just for attention. She probable isn’t even blood relative. They are all cousins some how. Sorry I spelled that wrong I ment ” cuz”

    • TEE


  • local

    Geat job, another thug AND his mother off the street. Somebody did not score their dope tonight. Unfortunately he will be back on the street tomorrow. A shotgun blast to the head would have been more effective than a taser.

  • steck1

    it’s amazing how that if you’re NOT a criminal,thepolice DON’T bother you…he got what he deserved…moral of the story…DON’T BE A CRIMINAL

  • mary

    What does Jordan Miles have to do with this? DANIEL

    • Rebecca Bowser

      MIles got his ass kicked because he fought with the police just like this guy, only for some unknown reason people think he shouldn’t have….when clearly he got exactly what he asked for fighting with the police.

    • Daniel

      I was just saying that this man fought with police and proper force was used just as in the Jordan Miles case. Trying to support our police as all decent citizens should. And that includes our elected officials.

    • FixPGH

      Mary – Daniel comments about the Jordan Miles case on every article about police. He doesn’t think those police that beat the hell out of that kid deserve to be punished, he doesn’t believe that the brusies and cuts and swelling wasn’t caused by accessive force by the police and that Jordan fought the cops and foced them to use accessive force. Instead of writing to proper departments, he complains on KDKA instead.

      • Daniel

        Yes I do…that would be called my 1st amendment rights…thank you!

      • FixPGH

        No, it’s called being annoying and uneducated. Thank YOU!

      • Yup

        I love how everyone throws out the “It’s my right!” BS every time they want to spout incorrect information. It’s YOUR RIGHT to contact the proper departments as FixPGH said and voice your opinion. We, on here, have the RIGHT to “report comments” and get you silenced, so where are your rights now?

  • An Avid hunter

    As the police did their job as their trained, good vs evil. good won this time.
    What would of happened if lyman comes out of that car with a gun, someone would of been shot and maybe killed for what, drugs! Its about time all these drugies get a life. So lyman got tasered he was lucky that was all that happened, If keeps dealing his drugs, it won’t be long until he is found DOA. and not by the police but by his fellow drugies?????

  • Army Medic

    I fell sorry for the PD that were involved. The trash that they have to deal with then getting injured and having to deal with the pain two low life sacks of street grime that probably live off OUR finances is totaly unaccaptable. Incase you forget Police Officers are one of the lowest paying jobs in the country. I personally LOVE tasers they do the job with out killing the subject. As a last note dont you love how the wanna be thug looks up at his cousin… We shall see him on the news soon enough.

  • Army Medic

    Oh and GREAT JOB Pittsburgh PD!!!!!!!!!!

  • OWL61

    Is this true that he was convicted of a killing? Are there any parole violations involved cyrrently?

    • Gary

      Yes it is very true. The murder was in1993 he got off with a slap on the wrist. So there probably is no current charges involved. Right there is one major problem with the system

  • Daniel

    Yes, THANK YOU to the Pittsburgh police…they do not hear that enough these days! A job well done and thanks for going out everyday to protect us!

  • Snoppy Scopper

    Listen to relatives ramble on like these suspects are completely innocent.
    Hello they found drugs, I just hope you don’t have children and if you do I hope
    they take them away from you so they’re safe and not just a tax deduction for you
    to buy more drugs.
    Go ahead and rebuttle my comments you’re a Loooooosssssseeeeeerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr Soho

    They look like two upstanding citizens. Wonder how long they been collecting under some entitlement program.

  • Ace Slick

    Two great looking people right from downtown Pennsyl-tucky.

    From the looks of them two, they are innocent.

  • One small voice

    Get your GED before you post

  • FixPGH

    I wish these ghettos could be cleaned out. Stop paying people to not work and just pop out children, work harder to clean up the drug rings, and have bigger punishment for certain crimes to try to deter people from doing these things. I am so sick of reading every day about these people killing and running. Knock it off, become part of society.

    • lawabider

      Or ship those useless animals out to some zoo far away from us hard working, tax paying citizens so we don’t have to support these monkeys anymore! Or better yet, put them on the front lines in war and let them fend for themselves!

  • 50 Cent

    Loser. Cops should shoot em next time. Tee get a degree!

  • Hilly

    Wow a crime from you know who in the hill

  • Gary

    Of any case this is one they defanatly should beat to death or shot. Maybe if that’s how things got handled these people would be less likley to cause problems in society.

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