6 Hospitalized After Carbon Monoxide Scare In Sheraden

PITTSBURGH (KDKA/AP) — Several people were to the hospital overnight after they were overcome by carbon monoxide at a duplex in Pittsburgh’s Sheraden neighborhood.

Authorities say that six people, including three children and a pregnant woman, were taken out of the duplex on Huxley Street around 1 a.m. There is no word on their conditions, but they were taken to UPMC Presbyterian for treatment.

According to authorities, carbon monoxide levels in the duplex were three times higher than they should have been.

According to the Associated Press, crews from Equitable Gas were also called to the scene. Utility crews say they believe there may have been a combustion problem with the home’s boiler. Gas service was also shut off.

A neighbor was also evacuated from her home.

“They said it was high in my house and I had to get out,” said resident Teresa Bynul. “I wasn’t sick, but all of them went to the hospital.”

While authorities were on the scene, they say they also removed a dog that appeared to be malnourished.

Bob Gosser, of the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, said the dog was kept in the basement, which was also where the carbon monoxide levels were the highest.

“We have the malnourishment, the unsanitary conditions in the basement and the carbon monoxide,” said Gosser. “I did go down in the basement and there is a fair amount of feces on the floor. It’s a cement floor, dry. I saw one bag of food that was sort of chewed up. I mean, there’s no food down there.”

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One Comment

  1. Kelly says:

    I sincerely am angered that all 6 of the people are not going to die. How could they keep their dog in conditions like they described on the news? I wish I could give me piece of mind to these ignorant, selfish, low life people in person.

    1. Dawn Duffy says:

      Well, I believe that same thing for the ADULTS. Those children are too young to know better. The kids and dog should be taken away…..

  2. our tax dollars at work says:

    in the news:

    …In March 2009, several people at the same home were hospitalized after high levels of CO were caused by a faulty hot water furnace.

    This time, the victims included children who are 1, 3 and 5 years old, and their mother, who is eight months pregnant…..

  3. FixPGH says:

    These people are obviously very irresponsible. In a way, I am glad the CO happened because then the dog would never have been discovered. It would have died. And if that dog was kept like that, that makes me question if the children are being cared for properly and I hope that poor dogs condition (not only improves) but leads to an investigation on the children’s welfare also. Is that pregnant woman the mother of all those children? Sounds like she needs tied. If what “our tax dollars at work” says is true, about the same people being involved in the same incident in ’09, then they are truly not capable of taking care of a home, children, and animals. You should have your equipment in your home checked every once in a while to prevent stuff like this from happening.

    1. FixPGH says:

      Also, I hope the puppy is restored back to health and adopted by GOOD PEOPLE.

    2. our tax dollars at WASTE says:

      I don’t know about the ’09 tenants, the house is a Section 8 piece of garbage.

      Thanks to 45 years of institutional Welfare, we the taxpayers are paying for it and the ones living in it , breeding another generation of Welfare recipients.

      I am glad the poor puppy was rescued from their hell hole and from them.

  4. kristy says:

    thank god the kids and dog were rescued. i couldn’t care less about the adults. i hope that their kids and dog are taken away from them and that they at least have to pay a fine for animal neglect. halfwit inbreds.

  5. Thomas J Duttine says:

    Should have rescued the kids and the dog and left everyone else!

    1. kristy says:

      i agree!

    2. CT says:


  6. CT says:

    I hope to God that that poor dog lives and gets adopted by a healthy normal family. I also hope the children are OK and are taken away from those morons. SIck, cruel, and just plain f-in mean. I hope they get charge with child and animal abuse. Unexceptable. Especially when you have places in PGH that will take unwanted pets and at least put them up for adoption. I am sick to my stomach.

  7. JB says:

    Does anybody really think that people who don’t feed a helpless animal aren’t going to abuse the kids in that house?? RED FLAG Allegheny County Authorities, wake up!!!!!

  8. pennylane says:

    I hope the dog survives– who cares about those idiots.

  9. Jenna says:

    How does that have anything to do with this situation?

  10. Carol says:

    I hope that the Humane Society found that dog– at the end of the story, they said they don’t know who took it. I hope that dog is not in the hands of its abusers. Carol.

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