Baldwin Man Refuses To Take Down Crosses

BALDWIN (KDKA) — A Baldwin man is refusing to take down his lighted crosses.

Carl Behr said he isn’t going down without a fight at a Baldwin Borough Council.

“They’re not coming down,” he said. “Somebody’s gotta make a stand against these people and I’m here to make it.”

He pleaded his case at the meeting after they issued an order on Monday for the 25-foot cross to come down from his property within five days.

“It’s been about the Lord since the beginning and if anyone tries to make me remove them, they will only anger the Lord,” Behr said.

The council says Behr didn’t apply for a permit. Even if he does apply for one, he has to be in compliance with a new lighting ordinance council has been working on for the past four months.

Ironically, it passed Tuesday night.

“The lighting ordinance allows us to place restrictions on residential lighting that would be deemed a nuisance,” Baldwin Borough Manager John Barrett said.

If Behr doesn’t apply for a permit and doesn’t take down the crosses, then he will face fines.

  • enough already

    if this is truely about the lord then perhaps a compromise can be made. maybe lower watt bulbs can be used or a sheer covering to cut down the brightness but the cross could still be seen. it is rediculous how one perosn gripes and everyone has to be punished for the sake of one complainer.

    • Crystalbast

      If your neighbor put up a huge lit crescent moon in his front yard would you also defend his right to do so? Or Star of David?

      • Confederate Texan


    • Dana

      Why is it that people who aren’t Christians seem to know the most about Christianity?

      • Bones

        For the same reason dad knows how to play better football than the players and coaches!

      • Heather

        I’m not sure, why is it Christians seem to think they’re above the rules?

      • Mike

        Because many of them believe that they are right and every one else is wrong.

        It is their way or no way at all.

        In his whacky mind, he believes he is doing “God’s will.”

      • itscc721

        because it is our right to feel any way we want, just like the JEWS< MUSLIMS and any other religion. WHY is so many are against CHRIST..

      • Mike

        @ itscc721

        What are you talking about “why are so many against Christ?” This nation is made up of a Christian majority… wow, I swear, they come out of the woodwork every where.

        The agnostics, atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus… those people are the ones who suffer intolerance and prejudice in this country much more so than any Christian faith.

      • Dennis Starr

        You are without a doubt the dumbist poster I have ever read on ANY site.

      • Baker

        Why is so many against speaking good?

      • Heather

        @itscc721 – I’ve a feeling so many are against christ b/c those who speak for him (the most vocal of t hem that is) are rather insane. Read the comments on this post and if you keep your mind open a bit, you’ll see. Something as simple as a coding violations has gotten christians in such in uproar,that they’re blathering on about how they’re being persecuted….

        Over coding violations.

      • Watchman

        They don’t necessarily know more about Christianity. Could it be that you think they do, due to your lack of knowledge? Just asking!

      • The Truth Counts

        Beautiful comment! Short and exact.

      • Mike

        Because the more one learns about Christianity the more one realizes it is bull.

    • Joe

      Your comment is ignorant.
      This cross is not this man’s prayers.
      Oh, and the Bible says: “Pray without ceasing”
      Reconcile that with your form of reasoning.

      • Tom


        YOU say this cross is NOT this mans prayers…YOU say that. But this man has said this is HIS HONOR to GOD. It may not be how I honor GOD, it may not be how YOU honor GOD…BUT this is HIS WAY, and between him and GOD, this isa GREAT thing. Now how do you think God views YOU telling this man that his SACRIFICE of all that he is, by putting himself out there like this for HONOR of HIS GOD, isnt worth spit…do you think God will look well on you for mocking this mans approach to honoring the Father and the Son? This is simple to answer, if you ahd a son Joe, and your son drew you a symbol, that showed to you, that he , as your child, believed in you as his father…would you mock him? should you mock him? Of Course not, it would be parental cruelty…But you for some reason believe calling this mans worship of God as trash…I’ll say it again, its hard to believe God will be on your side in this, as your words are just plain heartless and empty…taking zero courage…But this man …has shown some courage in what he is doing…and he is doing it not for men…but to his creator. Let them send him to jail, he will sit in jail for how ever long they forcibliy keep him their for his lit cross…maybe until he dies…but they, they will rot in hell for this move for he wins, not you, not them…they sign their own fate…foolishness and folly is all we are capable of. Leave the guy alone and you actually win. Dumb Dumb Dumb

      • Mike

        @ Tom,

        “YOU say this cross is NOT this mans prayers…YOU say that. But this man has said this is HIS HONOR to GOD. It may not be how I honor GOD, it may not be how YOU honor GOD…BUT this is HIS WAY, and between him and GOD, this isa GREAT thing.”

        So, it si between me and my God that I want burn a cross in my yard and then take dead animal parts and fry them in the fire and then it is between me and my worshiping of god that I want to run naked in my yard during my ceremony and howl at the moon…. is it still okay? If not… join the other hypocrites.

      • Tom


        Oh you could do that if you were not well read in the Bible, see that was before the last sacrifice came that ended all sacrifices here on earth. That last sacrifice came in the form of the man that WE nailed to the tree…there has been no sacrifices since he was offered up for YOUR sin Mike. You need to read your Bible Mike, your ignorance is showing.

      • Mike

        @ Tom,

        you are so wrong for many reasons, but I’ll start here…

        1. You say it is Carl’s right to worship his God in his own way. Are you saying that only applies to those who are Christians? If not, go back to what I said previously and if I want to worship my God by running naked and eating animal flesh around a burning bush, then so be it.

        If you answer is YES, then you are a hypocrite christian who believes in a theocratic society just like the Muslim societies – no difference between your faiths.

        As for reading the Bible, I have read it, studied it and know the teachings like the back of my hands, so my ignorance is not showing… your ignorance (the fact that you believe that only one way is the way) is indeed showing.



      • nellas

        @to mikehunt

        either you are trying to appear as an immature in order to make christians look ridiculous, or you need to stop acting like that, because if so, you’re making us look ridiculous.

      • mikehunt

        You are doing a good job of that yourself

      • nellas


        Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. john 14:6

        despite any previous argument you and others may have had on this thread, i say, even if i had read the Bible in it’s entirety, 1000 times over, The Word is God, and to say i know God like the back of my hand would be to say i can utterly comprehend Him, and that would be blasphemy.

        In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. john1:1

      • Mike


        Jesus said that and so has it been written that other prophets have said basically the same thing.

        In the beginning was the Word – who is the Word?
        And the Word was with God – So, I take it God is God
        And the Word was God – So, the Word and God make up a Godhead?

        Where is the 3rd person in this scenario?

        If your Bible is correct, Why wouldn’t state in John1:1 a triune God that is taught by most Christian faiths.

        In the begining was the WORD and GOD and they were GOD.

        That is only a 2-headed God.

      • mikehunt

        For someone who knows the bible inside and out you sure are an idiot.

      • Baker

        Yes, because to get all the facts about Religion and/or God, we should all read a book written BY MAN centuries old. Bah, sheep, bah.

      • Tom

        Mike ,

        I also just realized you were talking about satanic rituals. not biblical sacrifices. Mike satism was never a condoned religion as it represents evil? It says basically man can kill other people as they see fit , as there is no god, you can steal, you can rape at will. Mike i dont recall ever in US Huistory that being the precedent, so why do you foolishly try to pretend it is one today? If you do that whichis evil today, you go to jail. Thats in perfect alignment with the Judeo Christian principles of the Bible. Mike I have ACTUAL history on my have nothing but made up fantasy.

        Oh one more thing Mike, If God doesnt ewxist, then what is the history of the Jews? Where did they come from? there is no competing history to the story of the jews and where they came from other than the Bible. Archeology shows the artifacts , locations and times of the Bible to be accurate account of the jews . So Mike, for your fantasy to be true…an entire race of people must…disappear off the planet. Ingornance is bliss aint it Mike. man everything you work so hard to justify in your life, zeroized by the fact of the existence of a certain race of people. That must turn the suck way up in your life dude.

      • Baker

        @Tom You said “I also just realized you were talking about satanic rituals. not biblical sacrifices. Mike satism was never a condoned religion as it represents evil? It says basically man can kill other people as they see fit , as there is no god, you can steal, you can rape at will. Mike i dont recall ever in US Huistory that being the precedent, so why do you foolishly try to pretend it is one today?”

        Really? Cause people don’t go around raping, killing, and stealing? I believe all those crimes are near an all time high. In fact, people have been doing those things all throughout U.S. (and human) history. And most of those actions are done in the name of God, not Satan.

      • Baker

        Okay from here on it, instead of saying “put that in your pipe and smoke it” I am going to say “Reconcile that with your form of reasoning”. LOL. It’s so proper!

    • pedro

      nice missquoting of the bible. if that was the case then why did God honor Daniel when he opened his window and prayed in front of all Babylon? Keep spitting your false doctrine while this town puts ordinances in place specifically aimed at making this man remove the cross from his property.

    • JT


      Because in their hearts they know the truth, and they can only ridicule what they can not reconcile with themselves.

    • Rich

      As long as no one is getting hurt you are allowed to put anything you want on your PRIVATE PROPERTY unless this isn’t America anymore

    • Mike


      don’t speak about what is in my heart and I know what is my truth and it isn’t your God.

    • Mike

      Hey Rich, get this…

      The neighbor is getting hurt by this knucklehead’s blinding structure. Having property rights doesn’t mean you can infringe on your neighbor’s rights.

    • John

      You are right Rafe. And putting up crosses and other images is idolatry and forbidden by God. Christians put more focus on the execution tool rather than the blood of Christ that he gave through the Passover of the New Covenant. It is very sad. Having images of crosses originates in pagan cultures. Wake up you Christians! Keep the Passover of the New Covenant, not man made customs.

    • Jimmy

      Why does the mention of Christs name make people spew hatred? and what the hell does santa have to do with anything? what matters here is that the rights of americans are being taken away one by one and nobody cares, just because you arent a christian doesnt mean you cant stand up for the rights of all americans! jsut because you dont love guns doesnt mean you cant stand up against gun control laws! just because you dont smoke pot doesnt mean you cant stand up for the rights of those that do!! AMERICA!!!!

    • srcamachonj

      How’s this Dana, since you are assuming people aren’t Christians because they don’t want a giant lighted cross in their neighborhood.
      Exodus 20:4-6
      “Thou shalt not make any graven image”

    • Matt

      Yes, it would be because it would be a place of WORSHIP (you know….the kind that are tax exempt/non-profit…….not private homes). He should apply for the right permits to start his own church then.problem for him is that his neighborhood is probably not zoned commercial.

    • Mike

      @ John,

      Sounds like you know about the Worldwide Church of God and its founder, Mr. Armstrong.

    • Marty McFly

      Uh, Jesus is the light of salvation, not the cross. The cross is just a brutal Roman death that Christ overcame and conquered. Scripture states “Take up your cross and follwo me (Jesus)”, not follwo the cross.

    • sarvette

      God also says “not to hide our light under a bushel”

    • pjnmuddlings

      This is about Freedom of religion. The Bible teaches us to speak out about the Lord, not hide in our closets. Apparently you have only read those lines that you agree with like so many that are cafeteria style Christians, Jews, Muslims, government workers, politicians, etc…..

      • Greg

        This is NOT about Freedon of religion…this IS about ANNOYING THY NEIGHBOR

      • juice

        I agree. People are going overboard thinking this is all about religion. Why is it so hard to believe that this guy could just be an A-hole.

    • sarvette

      a cross is not a “graven image” or idolatory,,a image of a golden calf, buddah, would be…we acknowledge the cross as one where Christ died for us and rose again that we might have eternal life with him in heaven. Christ died on a cross. That is not a graven image or idolatry.

      • David

        Well that is dumb. Seeing as its a false witness to what he was hung on. Crosses were not sued they were simply wooden stakes liek a trelephone pole.

        In any even using a cross to depict god or a idea of god is no different then using a goldden calf..the only difference is the shape.

      • JD

        God is a budduhist, haven’t you seen South Park?

      • Arthur

        graven image: a carved idol OR a representation of a god used for worship. (ie, a CROSS)

        idolatry: extreme admiration, love, or reverence for something or someone. (ie, Jesus, God, Mary, a Cross).

        Christianity completely revolves around idolatry and graven images; it is at its very core!

        You don’t look at it like that because you follow the notion “my idea of god is better than you’re idea of god”.

      • Baker

        IDK about that. My god died on a giant lower case T. Sooo….

      • Mike


        Now your replies are cracking me up. lol

      • Ronald Raglen

        i would like to know what graven image does it represent! It ‘s just a cross!

      • Tal Abrams

        Not a graven image by itself but it does represent idolatry to those outside your small minded and judgmental sect….look at the crucifix. Many x-tians pray to this Jesus of yours when the God of the bible said himself,”I am alone, there is none other beside me.” You are assuming facts not in evidence. “Christ”, derived through the Greek from the original biblical Hebrew term moshiach (anointed one) is a personal belief and opinion not a fact. Most personal religious belief systems are called, “truth” by their members because their definition of the word truth is, “that which cannot be proven false.”
        “We acknowledge the cross….”????? Who is this, we? You do not speak for me or the majority of the world. Nothing in your comment can be verified. Prayers to Buddha is idolatry also, according to the bible but unlike x-tianity the Buddhists never brought holy war and slaughter to the nations. I believe in live and let live and to let God judge his people but I cannot tolerate fools, who by some mystical authority in their mind try to force their beliefs on others. One should think hard and know the facts and the subject before presuming to teach others. But hey, you are certainly not alone. History is replete with those of your ilk. The inquisition was not among x-tianitys finest moments. Please, convert to Islam so you will be a more recognizable target when the next war comes.

      • Mike

        @ Tal Abrams,

        Right on!

      • Karen

        Exactly and anyone saying anything different is disingenious. We aren’t looking at the cross as ,”Look there’s God”. We aren’t worshiping the cross. We don’t think it is holy. Only God is holy. We use the cross to remind us of him . We wear the cross to show we are Christian. Too bad those who are always lecturing to Christinas on toleraqnce are the most mean spirited intolerant of all. Idolitry is worshgiping an inanimate object of a pagan God. Christ is GOD,incarnate. Start with the first book of the N.T.Matthew.

      • Mike

        @ Karen,

        There are many Christian denominations that believe the cross is a pagan symbol and forbid its use.

      • dbomb12

        Actually the cross is a graven image according to the Bible which most people neglect to read throughly.

      • cherubim

        you are absolutely right,Sarvette!be a soldier of Jesus Christ….Jesus is proud of you.keep going my friend.

    • sarvette

      Christians don’t think they know everything…We just read and study the Bible and learn more about Christ. No different than if you would study a specific field to learn as much as you could about it….

      • Baker

        Actually, Sarvette, you read about what other men thought they knew about Christ. In fact, some of the Bible was written decades after his “death”. Comparing studying the Bible to studying a biology book is a false analogy. Science books are full of facts. Bibles are full of lies and opinions. Despite what everyone believes, bottom line is, the Bible in any language, translation, or religion was written and edited by men.

      • Peter

        And the stories of the bible have changed MANY times over the years. There are HUGE parts missing as well. Additionally there are many inconsistancies. Being pro marriage and pro family. Well, why wasnt Jesus married with children. Also some books such as Timothy and Leviticus talk about woman being subserviant to their men and to remain silent. Well we ALL know woman can not be silent. It also says woman should not wear their hair in braids or wear gold or other adornments. Not to mix certain textiles or eat shell-fish. And if this man named Jesus were killed by hanging would we be adorning a noose?
        And since Ive studied religeon and the read the bible more than once from the 1st page to the last as well as a lot of other studies, there are numerous “books” that were taken OUT of the bible. Mainly because death and destruction was so prevelant that these “books” were removed becasue it was felt to be too depressing for those wanting to convert others. IT IS FICTION.

      • Stephen

        peter you are very ignorant. The books were not removed they were kept out at the council of Nicaea (misspelled i think). The were kept out because they were either not from one of the apostles/those who saw Jesus face to face or regarding as scripture from the beginning of Christianity. You say that you have studied religion but you seem to have studied it with the bias of it being a lie. You are very entitled to your opinion and i respect that, as am i; mine being it is truth. Also, i agree that the prevalence of symbols s a bit much and we have seemingly become a “bumber sticker” Christianity. The true following of Jesus is more about action and the heart than conversion. You can call me crazy and a religious nut. but really according to your disposition only death will prove who is right. Also, the stories have not changed many times over as you have said. The earliest copies that have been found date to within 30 to 40 years of the death of Jesus, well within the lifetimes of eye witnesses.

      • Jerry M.

        Baker-All books are written and edited by men! What’s your next great revelation?

      • Mike


        Many of those stories found in the Bible were written thousands of years before Jesus even existed.

        In the history of the human race, there have been many stories written about a character like Jesus by people from many different races and societies.

      • rev


        I am new here, but I just want to get something straight. Could you give some examples of the “facts” found in science books and the proof from science (not men who study science) that they are true? Likewise, could you give some examples of the “lies” and “opinions” in the Bible. Also, if the bible was “written and edited by men,” Who wrote and edited the “facts” in the science books? Please do not mistake these questions as an angry Christain trying to teach you a lesson. I am simply a man of faith who believes in the Bible, the death, the burial, and the ressurection of Jesus Christ by faith. However, I also believe that science has its truths and “lies and opinions” as well. Just looking for examples of each.

    • vaup

      god doesn’t exist, lets just be honest. Free yourself and your mind from the shackles of religion. Religion breeds hate, ignorance and above all the indoctrination of children into this lunacy. Think with your brain not your heart!

      • Radar

        The way I figure it I would rather believde in God and when I die find out there is no god rather than not belive in God and find out there is God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit in Heaven waiting for me and I cannot get there because I was blinded by my prejudices here on earth before I died. The choice is yours. Use it wisely because eternity is a lot longer than either of us know. I believe and will not let someone like you damper my belief, it only make is stronger.

    • Jwaldrop

      I’m a Christian and I agree with Rafe 100%!!!!

    • RT

      Matthew 6:5 thru 7 is where it says to pray in private. And the reason why non-Christians, even atheists, know more about religion is because we study it rather than receiving anything blindly. It’s about doubt as much as faith.

    • tubaman

      youre an idiot.heres a man who wants to express his religious feelings when fools like you who hate religion stand by and cheer a stupid ruling by a stupid bunch of council members. What would you do if a mosque moved to your neighborhood and broadcast the call to prayer five times a day?Would you go the council and complain that the noise was driving you nuts?I doubt it.You people are so politically correct you make me sick.

      • Mike

        Go play your tuba, man. You are a nutbox just like the other religious crazies.

      • JD

        A 25 foot sign in a residential area is not an area for sharing your views. This is crazy. If he gets to keep the cross, someone should put up a 25 foot “bird”. After all iit is just expressing views, right?

      • Baker

        Man, someone is REALLY upset about the homeowners association’s new ban on tubas, huh?

      • Ralph Edmund

        The question is not “what would you (the supposed religion haters) do. Its “What YOU the Christian would do if a mosque planned to open near your house…or perhaps two blocks away from ‘Ground Zero.” how about answering THAT????

        Stop shoving YOUR religion down your neighbor’s throats, hypocrite.

      • Peter

        You are an idiot. OBVIOUSLY! If a mosque were to erect a loud speaker and use it to broadcast a call to prayer it would NOT be allowed. You KNOW it would not be allowed! If I were to build a huge tower of electrical wire and lights and it wasnt up to code and a fire started and the neighborhood burnt down, who is to blame? The CITY would be to blame for not requiring a permit. Just like adding a structure to anyones home MUST HAVE A PERMIT. DOnt be a bible thumping idiot. At least have an intelligent argument.

      • Confederate Texan

        Honestly, they (the crosses) do look kind of ugly, but thats besides the point. If private property still exists (I doesn’t, but anyways…) what business is it of ANYONE what this man does with his property (assuming it is his)? He’s not hurting anyone, is he? What Constitutional authority does local government have to deny this man freedom of religion on his own property? Is he not paying his electric bill? Liberals preach tolerance but I never see it practiced towards anyone different from them. Christians should also understand that persecution is just par for the course, its going to get worse before it gets better. The Bible doesn’t contradict itself (to whoever said that), unless its taken out of context or an issue with translation from Hebrew to Greek to English. Feel free to google it, lots of website that can explain it. Later.

      • Dwatt

        Allah Akbar…
        He IS the TRUE GOD,,,

      • John

        Actually, Stephen, it is you who are ignorant of certain facts. The Council of Nicaea about 325 years A.D. which was comprised of about 300 bishops, in fact DID “remove” books from the “bible”. If you know what you say you know, you would know that there were originally over 1,000 books considered to be the bible, until the Council paired them down to 66. Incidentally, they also edited them to make them in “agreement” but they did overlook such contradictions as the actual wording of the sign placed on the cross as reported by Matthew and Luke. The Council also decided the Jesus was the son of God. Your arrogance in claiming that what you say is truth and Peter is wrong is embarrassing. Now, Mr. “Truth” please tell me what your version of “truth” would be had you been born in Saudi Arabia of Muslim parents. That idea alone should lead you to the inescapable conclusion the “ALL religions are false”, including yours. As a professed Xian, I am guessing that you believe that some magic man in the sky created the earth 6,000 years ago and then meddled in the history of man. Most religions (Mormons are an exception, regardless of the fantasy of its tenets) began when most people wondered “Who was hiding the sun every night.” Consider also that the DNA of humans is 99% identical to that of chimpanzees, as well as also having genes components in common with yeast. Oh, I forget, god did that just to confuse us, as he did by fabrication dinosaur bones and burying them all over the globe.

        Putting up such obnoxious signs such as this man’s cross is subject to municipal ordnances. If he wants to gaze upon a cross, he should move close to a church.

    • Fanny Forbes Franklen

      People that believe in god are delusional. People that believe god talks to them are mentally ill. People that act on the messages from their unseen imaginary friend are psychotic and may be dangerous.

      • Radar

        For you this earth is as good as it will ever get for you. You refuse to entertain another line of thought. For us who believe, we feel that this earth is as bad as it will get. We have a hope and promise that heaven awaits us. Your choice but I would ask that you do some research and look at some other idea rather than what you wrote above.

    • Kevin Hayes

      Oh, I just hope my neighbor puts up a few 25′ tall crosses. Wouldn’t that be great. Hey maybe we could get most of the folks on the street to do it too. Then try to sell your house…good luck!

    • Iseehateisalive


    • kENDRICK1

      Most of you probably don’t believe that there is a Batman, Robin, Superman, or Incredible Hulk. I don’t get exercised that you don’t believe. I don’t get all bent out of shape when I see advertisement for those characters. It’s your business if you want to worship the Packers, Steelers, Bengals! Fishing! Hunting! Dale Earnhardt, Jr.! And some of you do! Why is it that some froth at the mouth at the mention of God, or see a church building, or, in this case a cross? CONVICTION!!!!!

    • Mike

      I agree, Kevin Hayes.

      Why stop there? I will see if my entire street can put up anything they want – naked statues, Nazi images, Ku Klux Klan symbols, devil pentagrams and such and then aim those structures at each other’s homes and then blare very intense bright lights at each home… we would all get along so great then. LOL

    • sarvette

      wow, arthur,,you are just plain nutty..what biblical text are you quoting?

    • John C

      Plug in your Apple earbuds and hang on!

    • Harry Russell

      Leave the crosses up, fight city hall and protect your freedom of speech and religion. Its about time American challenged the commies in this country.

    • Jim

      Here is a FACT – like or NOT, believe in Him or NOT – make no mistake – some day you WILL be talking to God.

      • Sean

        That’s right Jim. One day all these mockers will have to give an account of themselves to God. As the prophecy reads. “For it is written, “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”
        -Book of Romans 14:11 (The Holy Bible)

    • Janalyn

      This world is completely insane! We are not complying with these God-forsaken laws no matter what the threat. Leave this man alone. He is doing the Lord’s work and is obviously harmless and making a point for the Lord in a day and age in society when evil rules from every corner, and a pathetic excuse for a governing body of local imbeciles will fine and harass you for putting up a cross of Christ. But they wouldn’t dare fine or harass these disgusting, murderous Muslims who lay down in the middle of streets all over the world posturing themselves and just daring anyone to defy them or say something! Never mind badger or harass them for pushing their way into Ground Zero to build a monument to Satan at the site of sacrificed lives on 9-11-01. The heck with permits! All law has gone by the wayside in this world. Antichrist Nobama spits on our Constitution, was born and bred in Kenya and Indonesia, and Mr. Behr has to give this stupid asinine town money to apply to put up a cross which they will prevent him from displaying anyway? What morons do these idiots take us all for? Mr. Behr, I applaud you and pray for you. Stick to your guns and cover yourself and claim the blood of the Lamb for your protection, and He will do just that. GOD BLESS YOU!

      • Donna

        Are you insinuating that Muslims do not deserve freedom and self-determination? Do they not have the right to create thier own government based on thier own values and beliefs? here you are complaining that Christians in this country are being fined and harasseed, but you deny people of other religions the right to worship freely or decide thier own fate. What amazing hypocrisy!

    • Sean

      “The message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” -1 Corinthians 1:18

      “For it is written, As I live, saith the Lord, to me every knee shall bow, And every tongue shall confess to God.” -Romans 14:11 (The Holy Bible)

      • Mike

        Carl is a crazy person and any one who sides with him is a loony toon as well.

      • Tom


      • cherubim

        you are absolutely right Sean!

      • cherubim

        let’s fight for a good cause. I’m at your side. God the Father,the Son and Holy Ghost are one. Mr. Carl Behr you are a soldier of Jesus Christ, be strong and hold on to your faith.God the Father bless you for what you are doing.

    • KH

      I’m sure its about the money they can impose in fines. Lets face it, governments can continue to support themselves with out some manner of legal language to enforce transition of money from the private sector to the government sector. Obviously its not about religion, since mosques are going up all across America and Christianity is coming under fire. Its about the money and a political agenda. Always has been!

      • Mike

        @ KH,

        The majority of Americans are of Christian faith. Prove to me where Christians are coming under fire. That is just plain nonsense.

    • greene knight

      really? where did you read that, on a Cracker Jack Box?!

      • Mike

        Who are you talking to? If me, it is common knowledge.

  • Mario Posi

    Typical political garbage as usual. They all think they are the rulers of everyone– in the courts, the councils, senate, congress and so on– when all they are is just the same thing as we are— children of god— in no way shape or form are they even close to being better than anyone else or higher up than anyone else– theres only one person in my life that I need to answer to– and it isnt any of these idiots. Leave the guy alone people— REMINDER— ITS A DEMOCRACY NOT A COMMUNISTS COUNTRY— IN CASE YOU HAVE ALL FORGOTTEN!!

    • Simpleman

      Well put.

    • Bob

      I agree, once again government sticking their nose into someones private business. If anyone hasn’t noticed, they are taking more of our rights away, No matter who we vote in, they turn corrupt.

      • Eli

        Well, having a giant, illuminated 25 foot cross in your yard suddenly makes it a public matter not a private one.

      • Donna

        It is a public nuisance because it is on his roof and lights up the whole neighborhood. If he wants to put it in his living room where it won’t annoy the neighbors, then more power to him!

    • Get Educated

      We live in a Republic NOT a Democracy.

      • Pete_Bog

        I live in a house.

      • Jonathan

        No! We’re officially recognized as a Democratic-Republic. We started out as a Republic – but things have changed since the founding of our nation.

    • Rafe

      You sound like children of first cousins. This IS a democracy. majority rules. Be considerate of your neighbors and fellow man.
      If YOUR neighbor gets on his roof w/ a megaphone yelling prayers through out the day. Well that would be just fine w/ you, right?
      Is god unable to see a 25 INCH cross? Doesnt he KNOW whats in your heart?
      Why not a 50 foot cross. Jesus would have you give the money to the poor. How much did that cost? how much is the electricity? For this prideful display?

      • Jarhead68

        The United States is not a pure democracy. The Founders set up a representative Republic. The Constitution was designed so that the majority could not run roughshod over the minority. I don’t know who taught you American history but they should give back whatever salary they earned.

      • Noneya

        No, this is NOT a majority rules democracy….the US is a republic where the LAW rules…with a constitution and judges to make sure that the laws are fair. If we were a democrary every person would vote on every law and majority would rule. I’m pretty sure blacks would still be slaves in parts of the country in a true democracy.

      • TP Reitzel

        Utter nonsense. Personally, I don’t give a damn how the founding principles of our republic have been distorted by corrupt rulings from the SCOTUS, either. The founders of our country clearly created a republic which is precisely why the unconstitutional 17th amendment should simply be ignored by the states along with every amendment since the 12th. States, reclaim your constitutional rights under the 10th amendment. Let’s fight the Civil War, i.e. the war for states’ rights, all over again if necessary and let the individual states determine their future.

        I wonder precisely how much harm these lighted crosses are doing to his neighbors? Hardy har har … Personally, I support this man’s fight against the fascist policies unilaterally imposed by the city.

      • Marty McFly

        If this were a true deomcracy then Al Gore would have won in 2000.

        I do agree with you with the cross issue, pride and arrogance is a sin that is an abomination to God. This person is not showing the unconditional love that jesus taught. He is displaying a conditional love that is humanistic in philosophy. I think Matthew 15:6 and Mark 7 have good insight on traditions. Clossians 2:8 also has some good insight. I think God would be more pleased to share his faith with the woman, the woman also claiming to be Christian, to pray toegther and worship together. Corinthians states to squash any quarrells within the church.

      • tymtrvlr

        Would’nt that have been great if the demands of the majority of Americans had been recoognized during the obamacare debacle?

      • Baker

        @JarHead Nice use of the word “roughshod”.

      • sonny

        If we were a democracy, you would have to stay home every day to vote on everything that came before congress. Learn the meaning of a word before you use it

      • Dee

        Check out Judas’ words about the costly jar of ointment and see how much your words resemble his.

    • Michael

      It’s a Republic, not a Democracy.

      • trolly

        It’s Idiocracy any more.

    • Joe

      Close Mario, close but not quite.
      It is NOT a Democracy.
      It’s a form OF Democracy and it’s called a “Representative Republic.
      (which makes your argument even stronger)

      • Worried Human

        While you are correct and thank you for pointing that out to everyone…. Your ideology still scares me.

      • Green Peace

        It matters not. This serf is out of line and must be crushed.

    • clarissa

      Totally agree! Everything seems backwards in the world with what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right. My neighbor has a santa still out.. I could care less what my neighbors do with their properties, just don’t bother mine.

    • Linda


      • Mike

        I agree with you, Linda, but why are you YELLING?

      • Linda

        Mike, just trying to make sure everyone saw it, burns me up when somone says we live in a democracy thats all. Sorry!

      • Checkmoot

        Actually, in the most important election, the one for President, the most votes do not neccessarily win. The most electoral votes do. In 2000 Gore beat Bush by about 300,000 votes, and still lost.

      • Mike

        And thank goodness for the electoral college… otherwise people living in LA, NY, and other major cities would be determining who the president would be in every election… those living in the midwest, northwest and other poorly populated states would never have a say.

      • Baker


        At least, that’s what Fox News believes.

    • Dave

      a democracy is majority rule so until it comes up for a vote the folk that were elected are the folks you choose to make the desision for you

    • Mike

      Good points. But to be exact the US is a republic NOT a democracy.

    • Ronald Raglen

      It’s almost like a communist country. Where is our private property rights!

      • RT

        Sillysillysilly. If he lived alone in the middle of the desert, it would be one thing. (Though he might have jets landing on his lawn.) He lives inside a town’s city limits and the the city legally has the right to restrict certain things. If he wants his cross, tell him to move.

    • FaithfulAgnostic

      Democracy has nothing to do with it. Try some common courtesy. Your argument would allow me to construct a giant loud speaker and blast Christian deathmetal. This music type features brutal guitar riffs, massive bass booms, and iconic screaming. Feel free to Google The Devil Wears Prada: I Know a Ghost. However, out of common courtesy, I refrain, as I understand that not every one appreciates the vocal controls and talent f some deathmetal bands. If you still support this mans right, then please respond with the neighborhood you live in, as I would love to be free to play by religious based music as loud as I want.

  • Nobody Special

    Welcome to the Communist State of Pennsylvania…

    • Former PA Resident

      Technically, it is the Communist Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Fixed it for ya!

  • Meerkat

    Landscape the yard up one side and down the other with crosses, just have a little consideration for your neighbours and refrain from having light shine at their windows at night.

    • Linda

      Try living in California, they are all nuts out here. Yours trully is an exception, ha

      • Ralph Edmund

        Actually, we are the sane ones. Its the religious nutters who cause the probs here in Cali. I wish they’d pick up their craven idols and houses of holy stupidity and move to some dump back in christchurch parrish wherever usa where dinosaurs onced lived side by side with Fred Flintstone.

  • Simpleman

    Here we go again. Let’s make this guy take down a religious symbol to satisfy the people who are against God. They are probably the same people who complain about churches having put up a nativity scene. I for one and glad this guy is standing up for what is right. And may all of the inhuman atheists out there all burn in hell come judgement day.

    • rmr797

      I don’t think it’s so much about what it is, but how large and bright it is.

    • Proud to be a non-believer.

      You have named yourself aptly. Simple ideas for a simple man. Modern religion has evolved with the primary purpose of controlling clueless sheep like yourself. The idea of an actual GOD is an hypothosis which lacks any verifiable evidence. I’m sorry that you base your life around fairy tales. This cross/light does not belong in a neiborhood that’s not zoned for it. I would say the same if it wasn’t a religious symbol.

      • Kingfish

        Let us know when u depart this earth, oh wonderful one that tried to climb out of the primordial slim, we will be happy to urinate on your resting place.

      • A Humble Servant

        God still loves you and gives you life everyday even if you don’t believe in him. He is a loving God and he wants us as Americans to stop the hate and promote his love. We are all God’s children

    • Simpleman

      No Im not.

    • William Campbell

      Missing the point, buddy.

      • Simpleman

        No. Im not.

      • The Spirit of '76

        William Campbell,

        No he isn’t. I’m delighted to see some of the people of Pittsburgh stand against the insanity that swept this land with the advent of sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll and the New Left commies of the 1960s.

        “Freedom from religion” is a Soviet concept, enshrined in any number of the various constitutions they would concoct from time-to-time in justification of their oppression. Anti-racism is also a Soviet concept, integral to the “international” part of “International Socialism”. The idea of state control over private property, or the elimination of private property altogether in the name of the “common good” is the essence of Communism.

        Unfortunately for the rest of us, the bulk of the Western Pennsylvania biomass is oblivious to such nuance, and extreme credulity, worship of the state, and fear of official reprisal are dominant in their immigrant’s psyche.

        Heavy sigh…

        While I am a native Philadelphian, my family’s first steps on the American continent were at Plymouth Rock courtesy of the Mayflower expedition.

        I wonder what grandpa Brewster would make of the blatantly oppressive, hostile “governments” of this land. It is worth noting, as a factual matter, the Crown of AD1600 did not oppress Puritanism or any kind of non-conformism. Neither did the Dutch kingdom that welcomed the Pilgrims immediately prior to their voyage. Yet even those mild interferences with their desire to worship our Creator in the way they thought best was sufficient to drive them to a wilderness and suffer great harm.

        How many of you have the testicular fortitude? No, it’s much easier to get elected to some pompous local “commission” and lord it over your fellows, pretending to be the very landlord your grandpappy fled 100 years ago.

        Bloody peasants.

      • Matt

        Yes You are.

      • A Humble Servant

        Did anyone stop to consider that maybe GOD told this man to put this cross up in his yard. When God himself tells you to do something, you must be obedient and do it, even if it means that people don’t agree with you or believe in what you are doing. Remember Noah? I support this man putting a cross in his yard. In this country we need to get back to biblical values and principles, and that my friend is the point!

    • Jason

      The neighbor who complained about the excessive light from the crosses actually believes in God but she doesn’t believe that means she has to be kept up at night because the guy deliberately put them so they shine in her windows. Way to completely miss the whole point of this story so you can spew your own personal hate agenda.

      • Detex

        Thank you!!! Man, people will take any story off the Drudge and go off like it is the end of the f0cking world! Really? This country scares me and it ain’t the government that I am talking about here, it is the crazies that come out of the wood work (doesn’t matter what side you are on!)

    • Mike

      ” Let’s make this guy take down a religious symbol to satisfy the people who are against God.”

      What an idiotic comment posted by a simpleton.

      You are the judge of those people and what is in their hearts, eh?

      • gdfg

        Based on my reading of the article, the lights were one of two issues with the cross. The second was the structure itself.



    • Michael

      It’s about lighting at night annoying neighbors and not applying for a LEGAL permit. He’d get the same treatment if he built a lighthouse. The fact that it’s a cross has nothing to do with it. I’d tear the thing down with my bare hands if it kept me from sleeping at night.

      • anonymous

        So if the moon was too bright would you tear it down too?

      • Simpleman

        “You sould remain anonymous with an idiotoc questio like that”. Hmmmm . You have the balls to comment on my typo. So what is a sould and a questio? Is that like soggy wood like your brain on medication? What about questio? Hmmmm. Maybe that’s something sexual you have been doing to your mother. I think your mother should have swallowed instead of producing such an infectious idiot like yourself.LOL What a LOSER.

      • Mike

        You sould remain anonymous with an idiotic questio like that.

      • Bizarro

        Good comparison, your’s was an idioic post, bare hands, aren’t we brave.

      • Mike

        Ha ha. I knew you would come back about the typ-o, but not say a word about the actual content of my reply. You have no answer, phonygodboy.

        Now, go back to your fat wife and have skins about once a year with her, and while your at it, stroke on the computer as you watch your “prOn” like so many closet-prOno christian’s do. LOL

    • Matt

      “And may all of the inhuman atheists out there all burn in hell come judgement day.”

      I AM A CHRISTIAN AND THIS MAKES ME ILL! We are called on by Christ to love all. It is up to God to judge in the end. NOT US! Attitudes toward other cultures and religions like this one undoubtedly makes God sad for us all. This is not what he intended Christians to act like. I go to church every week, pray often, and follow the Word of God in all aspects of my daily life, but I DO NOT advertise it on my clothes, in my lawn, etc. It is MY relationship with God, no one else’s. God does not want me or anyone else to be nasty or evil in doing his bidding. Judge all you want but take time to reflect and see what people would say if they were to judge you. I know some “Christians” that are the so far off base it is comical, and I have atheist friends that know more about religion than most “Christians” I know. Everyone is entitled to their own choice. THAT IS AMERICA! Leave the judgement up to God.

      • Matt

        My quote in this is from an earlier posting on here by Simpleman

      • simpleman

        Save your psycho babble bs for someone who cares. Do you really think I care how I make you feel. You sound just like a milk crate minister. You know the kind. Give this man a milk crate and a microphone and all the sudden he’s a superior minister. I feel honored though that you had picked my comment to cry about. Preach to someone who actually gives a s$%t what you say.

    • David

      Hate to bring it up but most of the founding father were VERY Anti-Religious and objected to any signs of religion any were other than church property

      • Ron

        Uh, sorry to burst your bubble, but the White House was used by 4 different religions as a church for over a hundred years. 39 of those that signed the constitution were clergy. OOps. Don’t let facts get in your way.

    • SlayFalseGod

      Simpletonman – laughing at you buddy. Guess you wont mind a Mosque on your street , huh ?

    • Peter

      Isn’t that nice? A God fearing “Christian” who damns anyone who doesn’t beleive what he beleives to burn in hell. And “what is right” is all relative (adjective) isn’t it? And to call people who don’t beleive in what you beleive in are “inhuman”. This guy has some nerve! That sound like Dictatorship if you ask me…mixed with some obviouse inbreeding!

      • simpleman

        Inbreeding? Hmmm. Why don’t we asks your mother about that.

    • Mike

      @ Simpleton.

      Let’s take a look again at the nonsense you spew.

      “Here we go again. Let’s make this guy take down a religious symblo to satisfy the people who are against God.”

      That statement is not only laughable, but it is moronic, wrong, idiotic, and without any fact to support it.

      Taking it down had nothing to do with being either for or against God. To make that coment really shows supidity.

      “They are probably the same people who complain about churches having put up a nativity scene.”

      Nativity scenes erected on government property and putting up an unsafe and a nuisance of a cross on one’s own property have nothing in common and only an idiot would think otherwise. I presen to all in cyberspace, idiot Simpleman.


  • A. Christian

    Since when does lawfulness fall beyond the scope of Godliness. This guy has it all wrong.

    • Marty McFly

      I totally agree.

  • Chris Dawson

    He only erected the Lighted crosses after his neighbors complained about his construction vehicles being parked in front of their homes. This guy is a loser. he is not a true Christian.

  • Bizarro Mike

    Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques need to comply with local laws, and with common sense, and courtesy. His neighbors need to erect a illuminated Menorah, and see what his reaction is? This so-called Christian is just being a pain in everyone’s butt. He is making a great example for Christianity!. Turn the lights of, take down the crosses and get on with your lame life! Loser! How many times have you prayed to the Porcelain god? Everyone needs to write him up on

    • Mario

      Oh so youre ok with a synagogue being built by someone that will take your life away in a second when youre not expecting it, right next door to be exact— you know… on american land— we ll say to keep it simple– Hmm…. and no before you reply I am missing the point— Im not– because simply put– its a real life scenario thats in the works of being done– you know it and i know it and everyone else knows it—-and since youre so hung up on the GREAT POLITICAL LAWS— Well who would have to approve this to be built? Politicians…. oh yea i forgot— the ones that take away rights and give jobs away to other countries and money in less than a millisecond to other countries but nothing to help out as much here— hmmm……… yea oooooook. Oh yea…. I forgot you said porcelain god in your paragraph— oops….. no meaning of religion I would have to say….or wait— no sorry— BUDWEISER is your religion. Oh well– No sense in going on anymore— its a loss cause anyway— Our great law makers will always win– thats until they get to a certain place later in life anyways…… Well THIS BUDS FOR YOU!! Drink UP!

      • Mike

        “Oh so youre ok with a synagogue being built by someone that will take your life away in a second when youre not expecting it, right next door to be exact”

        Surely, you can’t be serious? Who are the people that build synagogues and will take your life away in a second? LOL

      • Michael

        What exactly have you been ingesting? Wow.

  • Steve

    Take down all the street lights ! ! ! !

    • Mike

      strawman fallacy doesn’t work, Steve. And, that comment as the one below really shows how ignorant you are.

      • Joe

        To call Steve ignorant shows just how obtuse you are.
        Steve’s comment was full of wit and highlights the true problem.

      • John Doggit

        Steve and Joe are both nuts and probably think a strawman argument is something that happens around harvest time…



  • Heather

    Leave the crosses up, just take the bulbs out. He could even aim dim spotlights at the crosses to illuminate them at night and still be in compliance. People can see them all day long anyways. I’m a Christian and am all for displaying Christian symbols but this is a little over the top.

  • Roz

    Perhaps they could leave it up if they nail him to it…thats what a cross is for…

    • James H

      Roz..why would you advocate crucifying someone??? That is what the Romans did to all those that spoke out against the Empire. The Bible tells us to live peaceable with ALL men. Even those of you that are ignorant of the Truth. But what do YOU expect when those that would have you exterminated for your beliefs or at least silenced because they are faced with the depravity of their own lives. I suspect that is the cloth you were cut from…your liberal colors are showing…Acts 4:12

      • Peter

        Surely you can’t be serious? Why doesn’t your God help those starving, raped, diseased, murdered, killed children, the 2 million gassed to death (werent they Jesus’s people). Why doesnt your God help those who need him the most. Why would your God let the suffering suffer? Why would he care about some guys need to erect a wooden object adorned with xmas lights when mothers are being raped in front of their own children, or people starving to death. I mean come on. And don’t give me that stupid excuse “it’s part of God’s plan”. This is the easy OUT the bible thumpers use becasue it obsolves them of any guilt. GOD DOES NOT EXIST!!!

  • gingerboots

    Build a Mosque–they’ll let you do that!

    • Mike

      Idiotic reply, Roz, which makes no sense what so ever.

      Gosh, there are so many stupid people in this world.

      • Michael

        I thought her reply was perfect!

      • Mike

        You are right, Michael. I commented about the wrong poster, sorry Roz.

  • Dr Michael

    WOW It is the guys belief so whats wrong with the Cross???? If people understood what the cross represents and is all about,, this country would not be facing the issues we are now. Jesus is Lord

    We also have to follow ordinances and other laws, Im sure there is a loophole that can be found so the Cross can remain in place.

    • Mike

      You really believe your own bull, Dr. Michael?

      The cross represents what you want it to represent. Others see it another way.

      People shouldn’t need crosses to lean on, but only to have a heart that shows empathy and love for others.

      • A Believer

        Empathy and love for others is all in vain without Jesus Christ and the Cross. Loving others and doing good wont get you into Heaven. John 14:6 “I am the way and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but through Me.” It also says in Matthew 10:32 says “Therefore anyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven.” This man is confessing and should be left alone. I have a feeling that even if he turned off the lights, they would still want him to take it down, just like the memorial cross for the veteran’s in the middle of the Mojave desert that you have to drive miles just to see.

      • Mike

        A Believer,

        I am happy that you have found a religion that makes you feel good and secure about yourself and your future… but never think it applies to everyone. It doesn’t.

      • tubaman

        wont see you in the next life.have fun with the likes of Hitler, Mao,Stalin,etc.They are going to make your eternity so much fun!!!!

      • Mike

        “wont see you in the next life.have fun with the likes of Hitler, Mao,Stalin,etc.They are going to make your eternity so much fun!!!!”

        I will. Thank you and have a nice day.

    • RT

      Hope you’re not a diagnostician, Dr. Because the article plainly says he needs to apply for a permit, which he refuses to do. And there’s a lot wrong with a giant lighted cross in a residential neighborhood. Does length, height, lights per square foot somehow denote greater or lesser faith? Would it really diminish his faith to have a tiny wooden cross hanging from his kitchen wall?

  • Do unto others

    I wish KDKA would find this guy’s pastor and church and find out what the church and pastor think of his behavior. More to the point, if he such a good christian, why isn’t he aking himself what Jesus would do. You know, love your neighbor as yourself.

    • MARIO


      • Mike


        First, why are you yelling?

        Second, two wrongs don’t make a right and you don’t know anything about the other neighbor.

      • Michael

        Would Jesus keep his neighbor from sleeping with bright lights?

      • RT

        Ummm, turn the other cheek? And then turn down the lights on your giant freakin’ cross!

    • Do unto others

      Hmmmmm, let’s see what Jesus said, If a man strikes you, turn and offer him your other cheek.

  • Mike

    You Christians who think you are holier than everyone else, whether those people be Jewish, Muslim, Atheist, Agnostic, etc., really crack me up.

    This idiot is not doing anything for God, but for himself and is annoying his neighbor in the process.

    I love it how religious people claim to be going to heaven or their holiness, but don’t even know that their actions are not of the ways of their own lord.

    • EB

      YOU sound holier than thou.

      • Mike

        Sounds that way to you and maybe others, but at least I am not a hypocrite like many so-called followers of their faiths posting on this board.

    • tubaman

      you are such a have no idea about what it means to be a follower of Jesus,but you will find out pretty soon what the consequences of not believing in him will be.

      • Mike

        I have forgotten more about the Bible than you will ever know.

        Save your scare tactics for the other fools who believe in your nonsense. It won’t work on me.

        Use your god-crutch, I’ll be my own person.

      • SlayFalseGod

        Hell would be listening to your tuba playing.
        I dont believe you are a man either.

      • RT

        Ah yes, a follower of the Jesus Christ who threatens other people…

  • A Realist

    Just wondering how many of the folks that don’t see a problem with this would be OK if their neighbor built a 25 foot, brightly illuminated, crescent moon and star in their front yard. I’m not in any way suggesting I’m in favor of this… I’m just saying that by your logic they would have a right to do it. I don’t know the man or the neighborhood but as a Christian it sounds to me like this guy is about as un-Christian as you can get.

    • Scott

      Actually it would be a crescent moon on either side of a full moon or a pentacle. Before you go judging a religion you should become educated in what it is about. Besides you wouldn’t see that outside any Wiccan’s house, religion is personal and private and they tend to believe that.

      • A Realist

        Whatever… I wouldn’t want a 25′ lighted anything…

      • A Realist

        btw Scott… a crescent moon & star is the symbol of Islam… not Wican

  • fred mertz

    Another idiot hiding behind religion, like those fools in the mideast.

    • Mike

      I agree, Fred. There is no difference between any of them.

      • EB

        Your comments are priceless.
        One after the other…just a friendly, neighborly kinda guy aren’t ya, Mike? I bet you’re the one who has all the neighborhood get-togethers. I bet you’re even on an HOA welcoming-committee.
        Or, you might be the guy who speeds through school zones, tailgaits in rush hour traffic (then flips everyone off who doesn’t get out of your way). and can’t understand why everyone in the neighborhood avoids you.

      • Mike


        You don’t know me from Adam’s off ox.

        In fact, because I am a neighbor who would never put up a blinding 25 foot cross in my yard and shine the lights directly into my neighbor’s home is all the reason why I do throw block parties.

        It is called being respectful towards your neighbors. It is called having empathy (if you know what that means).

        Carl does not. And anyone who defends this moron is a moron themselves.

  • annie

    Wake up! They OWN us with their of licensing, environmental laws, greenie laws,…some man had to close his barber shop because he forgot to renew his license. We don’t even own our own property because if we don’t pay it we’re thrown out on the street. You think you have rights? Think again!

    I wish this man good luck and salute him for taking a stand on his “own property”.

    • Mike

      Annie, everything you posted in your reply doesn’t make sense and is not the issue. The issue is there is an idiot who wants to “blare” his cross into his neighbor’s home and cause them grief.

      Yeah, right, that is the Christian way to treat your neighbor [sarcasm].

      • EB

        Wow! This is exactly what I mean about you and your comments. You are speaking hypocritically…talking out of both sides of your mouth here, man. You get on here blasting anyone and everyone who disagrees with you…whom most don’t even reply to you…just here to comment. Then, you call ppl morons, fools, idiots, etc. Say horrible things about Christians and anyone who makes a simple defense of this man whether it’s his Christianity or no mention of his religion at all. Hypocrit. You can judge all you want…you can blast me all you want…as you did above…but, from your comments, your rantings, your name-calling, and your flagrant rudeness, you’re no better than what you’re accusing Carl of…which in comparison to your hateful rants, I’d rather have him next door than you!!!! YOU are what you are throwing at him and others here. Get a grip on your emotions.

  • smith

    To all you people claiming communism, give me a break! He is violating local laws. Building permits are there for a reason. Public safety. Would you like this guy’s cross to fall on your car at night or your child walking home from school because it isn’t properly supported?

  • To mike

    You are just another blind idiot. Talk about judging. I bet you are one of the first ones to kick and scream when the planes hit the buildings saying “waaaaaaa they should all die”. Give me a break stupid. Check the constitution about freedom of religion. That only applies to only some religions like islam and certainly not christianity.

    • Mike

      Your ignorance is abound.

      I find no joy in any person’s death, whether family, friend, or foe.

      We are not talking about his freedom of religion and rights here, we are talking about a public nuisance blaring light into his neighbor’s home.

      There are all types of rights and there are building codes which promote safety and harmony between neighbors.

      I lived in a community where 8 foot fences weren’t allowed to be constructed, That was the law. Change 8 foot fences to 8 foot crosses – no difference.

      It is idiots like you who give your own religion a bad name.

      He has all the freedom in the world to be a Christian as he wants to, but he can’t infringe upon his neighbor’s right to not be blinded by his non-sensical 25 foot cross.

  • jgants

    if everyone seems that this big punk is right why don’t you put a cross in your yard and see what happens or why don’t you jerks go out to country and live together and put up all the crosses you want, or maybe that lady will sell her house to you and live across the st to this jerk!

  • To mike

    Duh. Blah blah blah. Duh. Blah blah blah. Hahaha.

    • Mike

      That is all you got because you have nothing.

      Debat over with you, you lose.

  • To mike again

    Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Hahahahahahahahaha. Stupid.

    • Michael

      Grow up.

  • GSC

    1 Corinthians 1:18 For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

    • Dr. Blatherwell

      People that believe in god are delusional. People that believe god talks to them are mentally ill. People that act on the messages from their unseen imaginary friend are psychotic and may be dangerous.

      • Rowdy Boots

        People who call other people names because they believe in God are just witless, uneducated derelicts.

        Don’t tell me you went to college, that is where most idiots are bred.



      • Steven J Anderson

        i dont care who talks to the guy, its his property

      • Michael

        The property his bright lights are shining in the windows of isn’t his.

      • Worried Human

        Oh my God! Get over it! It’s just an expression that we say b/c as children you are beating to believe in a God and so the expression spins from its importance.

        Geez, get a brain and think for your self

      • Watchman

        Hey Michael, if you don’t like the view, just change the channel or shut it off!
        (excuse me, I meant to say, Pull the shades!)

      • Mike

        I shouldn’t have to change my ways – leaving my window open – because an idiot like Carl wants to shine 100s of lightbulbs at my bedroom window.

        It is scary that there are so many ignorant and biased-minded people posting on this blog. I thinkt he blame goes towards a lack of education or some serously inept parenting skills.

      • SlayFalseGod

        hate to say it but the religion Of Love – Christianity – has become one of the most intolerant and hate filled groups in America.
        Cling to your guns and religion and pedophile priest’s …..
        Hateful people – is it no wonder America is on its knee’s.

      • To slay

        SO are you. Go suck off your satan.

      • Radar

        The Bible has not changed in 2000 years but men’s thinking has. There are about 13 words in the Bible that have been changed in all these years. But those changes do not take away from the meaning. Get your facts right.

        Christianity is not intolerant, man is. The hate filled groups in America are the liberals who hate Christians and Jews because they sand for something whereas liberals don’t. I’ll cling to my guns because that is the only thing liberals understand. Yep there are pedophile priests in the Catholic religion because they are not Christian in that they worship man made idols rather than Jesus Himself. That is unless they put Jesus first and the pope second. Then they have some hope. God bless you in your self centeredness.

      • Mike

        @ Radar,

        So, you are saying that liberals cannot be Christians? LOL


        Hmmmm. Like yourself..

      • Team AMERICA

        Mike, you are working against the U.S. Constitution and against the residents of Baldwin Borough. This is the United States of America, and like it or not, the People are free and have rights.

        If Baldwin carries out their threat, then they will have violated more of the U.S. Constitution than just the First Amendment.

        Therefore, I hope in earnest that Baldwin backs off this now. However, if they choose to continue on this path, then so be it. I have offered to take them on, pro bono, and they would certainty have to settle this out of court.

        Baldwin shall not be allowed to further dismantle the U.S. Constitution.

        If Baldwin makes the wrong decision here, even an out of court settlement will impact the residents of Baldwin in one way or another.

        A word to the wise: Baldwin residents should act now, contact their elected officials and tell them they had better not attempt to violate the Consitutional rights of another resident.

      • Jeff

        Our country is in disrepair. Because it is NOT his property if he does not, or cannot, pay his taxes.

        It is the state’s property.

        And that is a fundamental “wrongship” with the condition of our country.

      • Mike

        He doesn’t have the right to shine blinding lights into his neighbor’s windows.

        Case closed, Jeffie boy.

      • Bullet

        Dr. With respect for what you think you believe. Have you ever said, “oh my god” or “god help him”, or “g__ d___”? if so, I believe that you don’t believe what you are trying to convince yourself you do believe. If there is no God creator then how do you explain “YOU”? Please in thinking about this break yourself down to the most basic level. How could any living being “be” with out a life giver or a God? If your answer is evolution then please use your God given intelligence to really investigate and see if you can find even one piece of “provable evidence” that is not subjective which proves this THEORY. A theory that even Darwin denounced without tangible provable evidence. I have a theory: “every single human being will someday acknowledge a belief in God.” If my theory is correct, many are in jeopardy. I hope not you If I’m wrong but in my worng I strive to live as God asks me to then all I’ve done is good. What could be wrong with that? The problem isn’t the God I believe in, it is human beings taking wrong actions based on their incorrect interpretation of God’s will. Because of this many simply give up and say “I don’t believe in something” when they really mean, they don’t like it. Personally I think it takes a far greater faith to believe there is no God than to believe, IF you truly do not believe, I compliment you on your abilities of faith.

      • Mike

        Hey Bullet,

        If we didn’t evolve, and were created by a God, who created God?

        Also, nice way to take the conversation about this idiot and his blaring lights on a cross oft topic.

      • Bullet

        Mike, “WHO CREATED GOD?” – I know the answer but you would not believe me so feel free to ask Him when you get your chance. My response was directly on subject by the way, sorry you missed it. I’ll make another attempt for you with only that part of my comment as follows: “The problem isn’t the God I believe in, it is human beings taking wrong actions based on their incorrect interpretation of God’s will.” Hope this helped to clear it up for you. In closing, Mike I completely understand your having a problem with religion when you try to combine it with God, He hates religion.

      • Mike

        I respect your respect, Bullet, but no one knows the origin of the univserse.

        it is what you and others believe.

        There have been many people who have truly believed in what they thought was real or right since the beginning of civilization.

        To me, God is a human made being.

        I don’t need a God or a “way” of God to tell me what is right and what is wrong. I know what is in my heart and that is good enough for me.

        This Carl guy is a moron and a nuisance to his neighbor. A man that call himself a Christian or whatever, but is nothing more than a self-centered moronic fool.

      • Bullet

        Mike, thanks for the respect and acknowledgement of mine. Glad you have a heart that somehow from somewhere lets you you know right from wrong. Sincere wishes for you in finding that root source.
        I believe you are right that someone who truly lives the TRUE Christian life would never have this lighted cross. I certainly will not call them personal names but then again, like all the others on here, I certainly do not possess your great intelligence so I’ll back away and hope that someday you meet someone capable of imparting their wisdom on you should you ever find one that is more intelligent and capable. I believe that will happen, I just hope it doesn’t come too late for you.

      • Mike


        Please don’t concern yourself about me. I find that condenscending and in poor tasted. I don’t have to find any “root source.” What is in my heart is a result of both my genetics and upbringing.

        I will call people names when they so deserve it, and that idiot Carl, deserves it.

        I believe that in your own Bible, Christ called people the names they deserved. If it is good enough for him, it’s good enough for me.

        I don’t pretend to possess “great intelligence.” I believe that life is a journey of continued learning and that is how one becomes wise.

        Don’t hope for any one imparting their wisdom on me… I allow that to happen every day of my life and is why I am where I am at now, today.

      • Tom

        well there it is folks, proof that God does not exist. if Dr. Blatherwell declares it so, then it is so. Following a creator is stranger than following this guy who uses a fake name over the internet? Hmmm. Have we really become this stupid a people?

    • Joe

      Dearest Dr. Blatherwell
      People that do not believe in God are delusional. People that don’t believe God can talk to them are mentally ill. People that don’t act on the messages from their unseen friend are psychotic and are very dangerous.

      • Michael

        Nice opinion. That’s all it is.

      • kookoo

        Religion is just so silly. If I told you I prayed to a guy named Jack at the end of a beanstalk, you would call me crazy. But you pray to a guy who walked on water and you’re perfectly normal. Both are fictional characters in a book and you’re nuts to believe in either.

    • Worried Human

      Joe – I know you are but what I am I?

    • fungible

      People “that” use “that” in place of “who” have their own special place on the short bus.

    • Joe

      Worried Human
      Ahh… You are obviously a Marxist Liberal.

      • Worried Human

        Wow, you really jumped to conclusions there didn’t you? Actually I am of neither party, I am somewhere in the middle. But I really like how you can take a comment that was meant to point out how little you were actually contributing to the story and turn that person into a Marxist?

        What’s even better is, Dr. Blatherwell is right. Religion is for the most part the major reason for war on this planet (other than oil but that’s another story). If there was no religion then I believe it would be a much more peaceful place. Kind of ironic don’t you think, that when religion preaches peace but wages war in the name of peace, that if it wasn’t here at all…. it would be a more peaceful world.

      • Tracy Gross

        If there were NO religion there wold also be almost NO hospitals, universities (Harvard was started as a seminary, do a little research hun;) Q: How many people were killed during the Inquisitions? A: 3,00 AGAIN! The ignorance on religious issues of John Q. Public in America NEVER ceases to amaze me!

      • Tracy Gross

        sorry 3,000

      • ithappensthatway

        More people have died in the name of a loving god then for any other reason.

      • spock

        intersting lie, WW2 and 1 was not about GOD, neither was Vietnam or Korea

        Oh and also neither are the Terrorists they are just using religion as a scapegoat.

      • Mike

        WW2 was about what Hitler thought was God when it came to which race could be saved and which race couldn’t or shouldn’t.

        Besides that, Non_spock, there were countless wars in the name of religion, cherry-picking a few means nothing but the display of your biased and ignorant mind.

    • Michael

      That power doesn’t have to be 110 volts.

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