Borders Files For Bankruptcy, 3 Local Stores Closing

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Border bookstore chain has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is expected to close several local stores.

The company is planning to close about 200 stores total and cut 20,000 jobs.

In this area, the East Liberty, Monroeville and Bethel Park stores are all expected to close their doors.

Large book stores, like Borders, have struggled as more people purchase books online and use eReaders.

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One Comment

  1. Zoeyzotron says:

    Hey oBama, i thought you said the economy was getting better…. Please don’t insult us with your bull unemployment numbers anymore. The real number is 16-17% not counting the underemployed.

    1. Bea says:

      What does this comment have to do with more people buying e-books instead of print books? E-readers & e-books cost money, so that doesn’t apply. Oh, you really don’t care about facts, just bashing someone.

  2. kristy says:

    great. now monroeville mall will be more ghetto than ever.

  3. X says:

    Businesses fail. Isn’t that the capitalism you love so much?

    1. Big Frank says:

      Not if you run the ibusiness correctly, Vaginacrat. If they would have been more customer friendly and much less political, they might have survived. They have no right making comments about books people purchase. They job is to sell the book, not have some 20 something mush head who was educated in a government school, making minimum wage, making comments about something they don’t like. And I’ll bet you’re a union hack who thinks sociialism is the way to go. Moron!!!!

      1. bigfrankhasasmallfrank says:

        “Vaginacrat”? So I assume you are a hugely successful business magnate. Just based on your spelling and grammar alone…and the huge amount of self confidence you have, taking the comments of a “20 something mush head” so personally.

  4. Shannon Nutt says:

    The one in Monroeville wasn’t at the mall…it was a seperate location a few blocks down the road.

    Barnes & Noble is near bankrupt as well…in fact, they were predicted to go BEFORE Borders.

    1. kristy says:

      i know where the monroeville borders is located. i made a boo-boo – i meant monroeville in general’s getting bad.

  5. Gayle-Marie Bender-Tarowsky says:

    Barnes and Noble is far from bankrupt. In fact, Borders wanted them to buy them out and B&N said no.

  6. Bea says:

    It is amazing how a story that is mostly about how technology and people’s use of it continues to change the face of business and modern culture is turned into something political in comments.

  7. fred mertz says:

    Why doesn’t KDKA invite comments for ALL items on this web site ?

  8. t'mara says:

    sometimes when i read these comments…….

    there’s always the reactionary who tries to turn whatever the article is about into an anti obama slam, the angry white man who resents women, the crude racist, the sexual remarks ….

    doesn’t ANYONE have an insightful comment that deals with the content of the article that doesn’t insult or denigrate anyone? oh, except for me i mean.

    i think the problem with a traditional bookstore is that more and more people are ordering their books over the internet. both actual books and ebooks. i haven’t gotten anything at a “real” bookstore for ages, yet hardly a week goes by when a package from amazon or alibris doesn’t arrive. that probably means booksellers as such are becoming passe, which is unfortunate for those in those careers, but ordering this way is very convenient, a gas and money saver for me.

    there! can you handle the fact that i could suggest that without reorting to slurs, insults or meaningless generalizations about people?

  9. Suggestion Box says:

    Borders should try charging about 25% less storewide for starters. Second, encourage their staff to actually help customers who are in the store instead of the people on the phones. Third, why dont they sell Kindles and ebooks in the stores?

  10. Not a Library says:

    The people who put Borders under, are the one’s who use it as a libraray, not spending a dime. Let’s see you do that with E books.

  11. Downgraded says:

    It’s just the times people, technology is subverting the old ways of doing things and if companies don’t strategize to remain competitive then it’s just the nature of the beast. Plus adding on additional taxes for UC for companies nearly doubling coming into ’11, health care going up, etc. It’s tough out there for small/medium businesses to compete with the larger enterprise businesses.

    I myself prefer books over the eBooks, but you cannot deny the price savings of Amazon or other online discount book sellers, or even the local library. Times are getting getting less lucrative for the middle class people and even worse for the lower income class due to a wide array of things and soon austerity measures will need to be put in place to deal with the deficits every state in the Union is facing, just like in WI is proposing. That’s the end result of entitlements – higher taxes for all while those in the entitlement class want more and more.

    I will agree with Zoeyzotron above in that the BLS, CBO and our government are lying to the American people about the economy, CPI, inflationary figures, unemployment, etc.. Inflation is just beginning to reveal its ugly head and it’ll get worse as the USD is continued to be debased even further.

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