Elderly Woman Dead After Car Ends Up In Creek

WEST DEER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — An elderly woman is dead after her car veered off a local roadway in West Deer Township and landed in a nearby creek.

Authorities say the 83-year-old driver had been diagnosed with dementia. She has not yet been identified.

Officials say the woman apparently drove off of Route 910 and her vehicle ended up in the waters of Deer Creek. The water there is about five feet deep.

Authorities say a fisherman, who was driving by to check the water, saw the car and called officials around 7:40 a.m.

According to the police chief, the woman got out of her car, put her keys in her handbag and stepped into the water; apparently think she had just parked her car.

The front of the vehicle became submerged in the water and the woman’s body was found about 500 feet away from the scene.

There is no word yet on how much time may have passed between the car going off the road and when the car was spotted.

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One Comment

  1. Curious says:

    Condolensces to the family. But I have to ask if it’s legal for someone with dementia to still be driving.

  2. Seeking balance says:

    I’m not sure about dementia, but stopping a senior driver (who really WANTS to drive and has had multiple accidents) is a LOT more difficult than you can imagine. Talking to doctors, etc…, not always helping.

  3. Need changes says:

    I really feel sorry for the family, but, there is no reason a person with dementia should be driving a motor vehicle. What if she hit a little boy or girl waiting for the school bus? Or if she hit another car with a family in it?
    We have to keep people like this OFF THE ROAD

  4. Danny says:

    It is very easy to keep these kind of drivers off the road. Take the keys ….Sell the car..

    She was laying in that creek for a day and no one noticed her missing.

    What a horrible way to die

  5. Toni says:

    Unless you have had a family member with a mental issue be it a child or a parent, there is not much you can unless that person is a threat to him/herself or others. It is not as easy as taking the car away … it you don’t own it, that is stealing and you can’t sell a car you don’t own! If this individual was diagnosed with dementia, which I would be willing to bet, he/she was not, then it was up to the his/her doctor’s to alert the PA DOT and have his/her license revoked. A family member cannot just go the PA DOT and get another family’s member’s license revoked. Until you have been put in the position of trying to care for a loved one with a mental issue, whatever the issue may be, you have no idea the mountains that must be climbed.

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