Inventors Develop Stink Bug Solutions

By Mary Robb Jackson

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Stink bugs have been bugging us since they invaded our area in the 1990’s.

There really has been no effective way of making them go away until now.

Brett Satterfield at Rollier’s Hardware in Mt. Lebanon says RESCUE! is known for making effective bug traps.

“They will have one for stink bugs coming out in a couple of months and it’s going to retail for $19.99,” he said.

Inventors are touting their stink bug traps online.

Post-Gazette columnist Doug Oster says that outdoor trap is pheromone based.

“Meaning it’s a sex lure trap,” he said. It’s supposedly irresistible within a range of 20-feet.

“It’s going to attract these stink bugs in there and they’re not going to be able to get out,” Oster said.

But what about trapping the ones already inside?

Andrew Strube, who hails from Lancaster County, used to work on airplanes. He’s still working on flying objects, developing a stink bug trap.

“Months of different testing and tried different adhesives and different scents,” he said.

“The Strube” is being marketed on the internet. There’s obviously money to be made, but will they work?

“As long as the pest is out there and becoming a pest for a lot of people I think these traps are gonna be a big seller,” he said.

Bill Todaro of the Allegheny Health Department says Mother Nature may also intervene. Other insects and some birds are already developing a taste for stink bugs.

“Eventually, in a few year’s time they will come into balance and they won’t be so much of a nuisance,” he said.

Hungry? Try A Stink Bug
A Big Stink About Nothing


One Comment

  1. pat pappas says:

    i am dissapointed in your coverage of stink bugs my house is infested you gave no remedy to get rid of them other than dispose of them on a one on one basis they been here since the fall survived all winter i get them at least 5 to 10 a day my house smells like them. I waited for over an hr for your non remedy you said new at 5 it was 6 before you covered them. websites bragg of cures for inside for a fee of 40.00 i can not afford this, they wont even give you any information. i need help not an outside trap in 2 months

    1. Drew Jones says:

      Agree …. total waste of my time reading this!

    2. Chad Whelpley says:

      indoors, you can use a home pest control containing Deltamethrin

      outdoors, you can spray Deltamethrin or Cypermenthrin

    3. JLCH says:

      Here’s a link to an article that actually explains a trap that works and that you can make yourself.

    4. Strube says: If you need stink bug traps that work follow this link.. Thank You

  2. dansuxs says:

    This story is a bunch of sweeps week sensational journalism non-news cra p!

  3. Boots Alexander says:

    If you mix water with blue dawn dish soap and a little bit of alcohol (be sure that it is blue and made by Dawn); add more soap than water. This will not kill them on contact, but it will kill them. My house was infested with them and I used this and it worked perfectly. Within minutes I had most of the the bugs killed.

  4. Gladys Benderhoff from Sewickley says:

    Im told if you wear a necklace made of garlic that they wont come near you. Is this true?

    1. cj says:

      that’s vampires gladys.

  5. Simple Simon says:

    I suggest you gather up as many stink bugs you can and bake them in a pie. After that when stink bugs come near your window and see you eating said pie they will move on to your neighbors.

  6. Stinky says:

    I hate, hate, hate when you promise a story and I have to sit for over and hour just to see 45 seconds of it. Your news is way too long anyway. You are constantly repeating yourselves. Your handling of the news stinks worse than the bugs.

  7. Sarah says:

    I had at least 100 in my house last night! I would kill for 5-10! We are starting to try anything we can! I am desperate!

  8. HK says:

    We did not even venture up to the attic to bring down our Christmas stuff because when our neighbor pulled their steps down the stink bugs just rained down out of the attic!!! THESE THINGS ARE SO YUCKY!!!!!!!!

  9. Dave says:

    Thankfully I’ve only had two in my house in years…but both were this month….

  10. esplanade ezira says:

    We packed a couple of folding canvas chairs that had been in the garage and took them with us on a fall vacation to Hilton Head. When we took the chairs out of their bags about a dozen stink bugs fell out onto the sand. The sea gulls went wild gobbling them up! Either the gulls can’t smell or ate them whole but eat them they did. Had a hell of a time catching gulls to bring them back to the ‘burg, tho…

    1. Cindy says:

      i was just imagining what the feces of those seagulls must smell like. LOL

  11. Ahaha says:

    I believe that stink bugs are aliens coming to take over our world. Aha

  12. Drew says:

    I want to agree with most people here whoever is senior producer for the newscast needs to stop lying. They say coming up at 5 were gonna show you whatever it is they are promoting then it ends up being the last story you show just to keep people watching its very misleading and I end up turning the tv off and watching it online later if you promise something at 5 show it shortly there after the important news and weather. Thank you Hope to see a change in the way you broadcast before I switch to WTAE who doesnt do that.

    1. Dan says:

      Agree. KDKA is getting out of hand withy these “specisl” stories at 5. And all they do during the news cast is repeat the same stories over and over. Time to switch statiopns.

  13. Mary Toboggan says:

    When my day gets ruined because I have to wait an hour to learn how to get rid of stink bugs pleas kick me in the balls

  14. Big Daddy Dave says:

    What most people fail to realize is that when a topic is said to be on at five, it is referring to “KDKA News at 5” and the lure is to get you to watch the entire program and all its advertisers till a 30 to 60 second segment is aired. All the local stations do this to obtain viewer ratings. So either record it or wait to see it online later. My remedy for getting rid of stink bugs indoors is to make a 50/50 solution of Dawn dish detergent and water in a spray bottle and zap them on at a time. not only does it kill them, but also prevents them from dispersing their stink which attracts more bugs.

    1. MaryMo says:

      I don’t even watch the news on TV. I’ll hear a spot for a seemingly good story on the radio on my way home from work. Then turn on the news and at every commercial break they say the big story is “coming up.” Of course you have to sit through every murder, every robbery, every animal cruelty story (why does so much of this go on here?) before you see the 15 seconds of a not-so-good story you thought you had to see. Lame.

  15. Lek says:

    Today I went out to our sunroom and there were about 30 of them on the ceiling. The nice weather I guess. I hate them. My sister in Florida hasn’t had any.

  16. Hamilton says:

    lol. who cares if your sister in Florida has any.

  17. Puppysmurf says:

    The dawn does work but for the ones walking around on my ceiling that I can’t reach I came up with a solution. I took an old dust mop – covered it with a plastic bag and then wrapped that in cheap tape (sticky side out). When I see them I just poke them with the mop and they are stuck. In the fall I put on the porch light at night and grabbed the ones trying to get in house. Would get about 100 a night. When tape full just pitch it and get new stuff.

  18. emmet ray says:

    one of the best ways is to use a pistola and shoot them point blank

  19. lolz says:

    Now THAT’S funny right there! 🙂

  20. Duckdaddy says:

    I have posted this before but, go to home depot and for around 10 dollars buy “ortho home defense” it comes in its own sprayer then open your windows and spray as much of the house that yoi can from each one. Then spray around the inside of each window and door. I did that in the middle of the summer last year and for the next 2 weeks there were about 50 dead stink bugs around my windows every day.

    1. Chad Whelpley says:

      Ortho Home Defense is not labeled for indoor use and I do not recommend just opening the windows to spray wherever you want. Get a product labeled as an indoor spray containing Deltamethrin or Cypermethrin.

    2. Diane says:

      I saw an inside spray…Iv’e been using raid flying insect spray for indoor use and it works too, seeing a lot of dead ones where I sprayed.

  21. Lauri says:

    I can tell you I only wish I was catching 5 to 10 stink bugs a day. Try 50 to 70 a day. I have tried everything. I tried the dawn liquid it took 20 sprays per bug. Last September I burned up my vacuum motor catching the bugs. My husband and I truly caught TWO TO THREE THOUSAND BUGS IN OUR HOME! This morning I woke up to find a stink bug sharing my pillow. At this point I hope spring and summer never come. I want the below zero temps back. I am ready to burn my house and rebuild or move to Alaska. I also read that people have said they never saw baby stink bugs, well I have them too. I have bugs from the size of the nail on my pinky finger to almost the size of a teaspoon. I need help for inside NOW ! ! !

    1. RP says:

      I too tried the Dawn trick. Not only did it not work very well, it leaves a soapy mess! Last fall I happened to be cleaning my walls with a solution of 1/4 cup of Murphy’s Oil Soap and a gallon of water when I came across 30-40 around my living room window. I scooped them up with a cloth and dropped them in the bucket of Murphy’s solution and they were dead within 15-30 seconds. As I have been seeing more of then in the past few days I now have a bucket of the solution ready for when I spot any.

  22. stinky jones says:

    Murphys Romace is my fave movie ever

  23. stink bug hater says:

    dont be lured to the newest product.It is just like the bags to lure beetles! If you want more bug then buy the product the bettle bags brought more beetles then you can handle the scent attracts more Oh and the added new chore you will have empyting the darn thing! YUCK…. dont waste your money

    1. Chad Whelpley says:

      Beetle bags do not lure more beetles. Each trap covers less than a 1/4 acre. The traps should be placed away from the plants that are being attacked not hung on the tree.

      1. stink bug hater says:

        Chad oh yes they do I know from experience,the scent makes them travel to the bag in droves thats what the new product will do you can buy one and have a field day with the pesty bugs!

      2. stink bug hater says:

        P.S. I no longer have the beetle bags in my yard for that reason and wont have the traps either. One question for you do you have stock in the new product?

  24. MaryMo says:

    I luckily only get a few stink bugs a week in my apartment. I know there are people that try to vacuum them up, but if you leave them in there too long, they will make the vacuum smell. Maybe try to get one of those small, cheap handheld vacuums just for stinkbugs.

    Last year they also showed you ways to patch up older homes that are probably getting bugs through old windows and such, Google that stuff to find out the tips.

    In a way I feel bad we want to kill these things. They are annoying but they are a creature that deserves to be on the planet too. We have become so use to living a life of luxury and we see even one ant and we are going out to buy things to kill them with. Sad.

    1. Chad Whelpley says:


      We need to get the stink bugs under control. They are not a native species to this area and are starting to destroy crops. It is our fault for importing them, but they can’t be allowed to infest our region.

  25. Bugeater says:

    Sting bugs are an excellent source of protein.

    Mmmmmmmmm. Delicious.

  26. Junebug says:

    They’re so sluggish, I have no problem just scooping them up with a paper towel & throwing them in a pan filled with soapy water. Then flush, or throw outside because by the time you’re ready to they’ll have died from the soap solution. If you think these tiny little stinkbugs are bad, try living in Florida. That you are this perturbed over these creatures is laughable. Palmetto bugs REALLY stink – absolutely horrible stench – they are a lot faster and more resistant, and they’re nearly as big as a mouse. Stinkbug, indeed. And if these things are now a delicious treat for birds, let’s hope they don’t get gas. (Pew!)

  27. leo says:

    im in north new jersey and i have had these damn things since last year.. never before that… but i was born in russia and we did know about them… i cant believe there is so many now… i dont want to turn my tv sound up because then i cant hear them landing next to me or wherever i am.. i hate my house right now… it makes me feel gross because i have no idea where their comming from or if theres like 20 in the room that i DONT see because their hiding… AAAAAAAAAAAAH

  28. Paul Christeson says:

    I have 400 on order and taking deposits on then. They sould be in mid March. R.C. Walter & Son true Value in Boston PA 412-751-5500

  29. Sue Mathis says:

    I love to open my windows and doors in the spring, summer and fall. These critters have invaded my home and my peace of mind. No longer can I enjoy the smell of fresh air.Every night I have to climb on a chair and collect at least 12 of these bugs in my hallway upstairs before I can get some intermittent sleep at night. I don’t care if bugs stay out of my home where they belong, but they are in my home and there is no real way to get them out of the my home permanently. It is time to do something. I don’t need promises. I NEED A SOLUTION !!!! We put men on the moon. Come on now…Help!!!!!!!!

    1. Diane says:

      I feel exactly the same way…it’s like they are ruining my life…I cant have the windows open anymore, my sun room stinks, those freakin bugs are everywhere! I did but a can of raid flying insect spray and sprayed them on the window sills and the patio sliding door frame all the way around, I find dead ones where I spray…that thing on the news is disgusting!! I will never hang that in my home, nor do I think anyone will….that is dirty to have hanging in the house!!! I hate stinkbugs with a passion, and thet are ruining my quality of life but there is no way on earth I will hand that nasty thing and have to look at dead stinkbugs stuck to that nasty tube!!!

  30. Geri says:

    My house is infested with these stink bugs. We flush as many as 30 in one day down the comode and that is just in our kitchen. They show up everywhere. Can’t leave your food uncovered because they fall from the ceiling into it.. The other morning I had one on my toothbrush. YUCK! that’s the last thing I want to see at 5:30 a.m. Someone’s got to come up with some solution. I tried the Dawn. All it does is make a soapy mess and the bugs crawl away. Have to check your clothing before you put iton because I had one on my sweater and took it to work with me. Someone noticed it on my chest aroung 2:00 pm. That thing waswith me almost all day. UGHHHHH!

  31. Strube says:

    If you need stink bug traps that work great inside your home see us at

  32. Lyndie k says:

    I had stink bugs all through my house and especially in my bedroom. I was so paranoid and I could not sleep. I took some window screen and cut it to size and securely taped the screen over all of the vents that suck in (not blow out) the results have been incredible. The only place they where getting in was through my vents. I really hope this helps someone.

  33. Indy says:

    I think my bugs came in through the window air conditioners. Wonder if I tape screen material on the air vents inside. Figure the outside vents need all the air circulation so I wouldn’t try putting screen on that. . I had wood boards cut instead of the side louvers and that didn’t help cause they still got in. Dreading putting the 5 AC’s in the windows. I

  34. Lisa says:

    I agree we have window airconditioners and the sink bugs (the majority of them) got in our house through the cracks in the a/c’s. Now we will not put them in the windows this year but will get another form of airconditioning. I just bought two traps the asian beetle trap for indoors and another trap for outside so we will see how they work. This winter we saw a few. here and there of course on warmer days they came out more often needless to say I hate them!!!!!!!!

  35. Bev says:

    Bugzooka … buy it online. My husband got me one for catching the little creeps before they stink ya, and its great. It has a little trap door that opens to let them in, but they cannot open to get back out. It also projects longer for taller ceilings. Love it for handling this problem – stink bugs !!! I really dislike them.

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