Arrest Made After Missing Man Found Dead

PLUM (KDKA) – A man was arrested and charged with the murder of a missing man from Penn Hills early Friday morning.

On Feb. 13, 23-year-old William Anthony King was reported missing by his mother. He had not reported to work or been seen in 24 hours at that time.

Police found his body before 11 p.m. Thursday off a service road near Hulton Road in Plum.

According to police, Vito Pelino has been charged with homicide, kidnapping and dismemberment.

Court records indicate that the murder took place inside Pelino’s mother’s home in Verona. Pelino then transported the body, in garbage bags, to the location where it was found by police.

“The Penn Hills Police initiated a missing persons investigation a couple days ago, during which time they developed some information that led them to believe their missing person was deceased. They brought that information to the Homicide Unit. We then worked with the Penn Hills Police, which brought us to this location today where we believe a crime was committed,” Allegheny County Police Lt. Andrew Schurman said.

Witnesses told Penn Hills police that they believe Pelino killed King because he allegedly caught him having sex with his sister.

He told King that he would take him home, but he never made it there.

Police are talking with Pelino’s sister about the incident.


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Penn Hills Police
Allegheny County Police

  • Thomas J Duttine

    But he looks like such a fine upstanding citizen!!

    • Sick

      Deff not Will was a good person. Kinda slow but very caring.

    • nirwin

      who said king was abad guy did you know him i did and he was nothing of the sort

    • An upstanding citizen

      …So do you !

      You may be the next book to be judged by it’s cover.

      • More upstanding

        “its” is possessive. No need for the apostrophe as this isn’t being used as a contraction.

    • Pete

      No the victim worked up the street from me, nothing but nice. Always greeting people and making small talk. A very nice persons life was needlessly taken. I didn’t know him but this news saddens me.

    • MCGrunt0311

      Did you even know Will? How can you say he was a bad guy? because im pretty sure Will was the nicest person i’ve ever known.

    • cc

      You are totally wrong about bad guys killing bad guys bc King most def wasnt a bad guy!! Terrible that people are gonna post things like this and they didnt even know the people involved!!!

  • Ming the Merciless

    Just another one of the master geniuses we have around Penn Hills .
    who never learn there lesson and the peoples taxes will now pay for another life time of room and board at state prison.

    Wow he is wearing a MMA mixed martial arts T shirt wonder if that’s what set off his rage.

    • A Master Genius

      I think you meant “their”.

  • Bob

    Penn Hills is so ghetto!!!

    • Peoples Comic

      Some parts are pretty f`d up. Its people that do things like this that make the whole neighborhood bad.

    • cassie coffroth

      Pennhills is a very large area and it isnt ghetto in some of the areas.It is the people doing crime that are from Pennhills that make it sound bad!

  • Daniel

    Good job to the law enforcement officers for getting this thug off the streets!

    • Bob Brusman

      It was actually the witness, who was his friend, who came clean about this homicide. That was key, if he had not told police, this may have been unsolved indefinitely.

  • unknown

    I’m confused? Did King witness Pelino and Pelino’s sister having sex? Or did he witness Pelino and King’s sister having sex?

    • dad

      pelinos sister witnessed king and pelino having sex

      • Brandon Mosby

        right! I am confused as well ……..

      • Sick

        “Dad” you need to get your facts right

  • dad

    Verona! Capital of STDs ! they should just burn it down lol

  • Sick

    First off Will was a great guy and was interested in Vito’s sister. Vito knew this. While at the Hula Will was going to leave with another girl. Vito left with Will and “The unknown girl” Vito dropped said girl off at house. Then took Will back to his house and murdered him. After, He went across the street to his mothers house and dismembered his body in her basement. He then called a friend to help him move the body. So who the hell do you think you are making a joke about Will and Vito? You are a cold and cruel person.

  • Disgusted

    People like this need to be removed from the human race.

    • carolyn

      I agree and where was his mother while he was dismembering thhis young man

  • Brandi

    Will was a great person. If anyone has information on funeral services; or if anyone knows of any assistance his family may need, PLEASE POST!
    This is truely upsetting, Penn Hills used to be such a peacefull neighborhood.

    • Hoss

      Brandi, I lived in Penn Hills from the mid-70s to the mid-80s. It makes me sad to see how far downhill that area has gone in recent years.

      • Brandi

        I agree, I lived there from the early 80’s to the early 00’s, very disappointing. Not only the community, but the school district. When I attended PHHS the school was in the top 10% of school districts, now If I understand correctly, they are n the bottom 10%. And this happened over a 10 year period. How do you fix this?

  • lunna

    i live next to vito and i have nothing bad to say to about vti, the only thing i can say is king said and did something to him to provoke him to defend himself. vito is an upstanding citizen and a good friend to his friends as well as a deadicated father

    • nirwin

      OK well king is like five foot tall and i know his personalty and highly doubt he did something to pelino and everybody that’s a murder is always nice to there neighbors watch any real crime stories on 48 hours lately maybe you should be grateful it wasn’t you and i new of pelino he wasn’t normal

    • kristy

      iyou’re very wrong about this vito character. “upstanding,” “good,” and “dedicated” are NOT words to describe him, trust me.

    • PSC~JOE

      Provoked him to KILL him, Provoked him to DISMEMBER him,…..Really? He made a huge jump over the “I was provoked” line in the sand…..dont defend him,….that’s the job for his legal counsel,…..

      • lunna

        well for one thing you don’t know vito. i happen to know him from hanging out with him. as far as my defending him i will defend him. so i wouldn’t try telling someone not to defend someone they know. there is such a thing as freedom of speech. i can say what i want so can you. but never tell someone what they should or shouldn’t do. may king got what he desrves. who knows. but he dead and nothing can bring him back. this is life we all have to deal with it whether we like or not. the family has my sympathy. but as i said vito is my friend and i will defend him to my death. OK?!

    • Lisa

      Luna I grow up with Vito, so I can say how I feel. He was a good kid growing up but pol change and over the years seeing him he didn’t seem to be all there in the head. The whole race card u don’t pull cuz this 2011 every one has black friends and there is interasel dating and mixed children. And NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE A LIFE U NEED JESUS IN LIFE. End of discussion.

    • Clemcarlson

      Lunna you need your head examined and you need to go back to school for grammar.

      • cc

        i agree with u Clemcarlson. CRAZY!!!!

    • Jess

      I think you’ll find that this murder will never be a case of self-defense. I can understand why it might be hard to wrap your head around the fact that Vito committed such a horrific act. Although I didn’t know him extremely well, I think it was pretty obvious he had some anger issues.

  • carolyn

    This man is a sicko and a real sicko give hime the death penalty

    • Lisa


  • thinkaboutit

    Usually when someone feels the need to hack up a body and hide it, is a sign of guilt. If Vito had killed him through defending himself, why would he want to hide the body?

  • vicki

    This is for LUNNA> I wouldn’t brag about being a friend to this sick S-O-B if I were you. And to say that he is a up standing citizen , and king got what he deservered. I don”t know who is worse you or vito. I don’t know king or vito but I would like to know what is raising these animals that they think it is alright to take someones life. My condolences to the King family.

    • nirwin

      vicki i agree with you 100% lunna you should count your blessings honey and think befor you speak

      • cc

        i also agree with u Vicki She is just as sick!!! She sounds pretty Ghetto to even admit to that on here. GOD BLESS her♥

  • lunna

    try putting yourself in his shoes. you would panick, your not thinking clearly. your running on pure addrenalin. so take it from there. as far as my bragging about being his friend. that is my choice. you all didn’t know vito. so there for no one can throw stones. no one knows what went down with vito and king. we will never know. nor will we know the actual truth the media and the police only tell you what you want to hear nothing more nothing less

    • nirwin

      not true the truth will be heard and justice will be served to vito no one deserves to die or die like that i don’t care what he was feeling

    • Hoss

      Lunna, as you grow older and mature hopefully you will realize there is a fine line between loyalty and stupidity. By blindly supporting someone who dismembered a person he just murdered, you’ve crossed the line into stupidity.

      • lunna

        this is to hoss, i’m 30 yrs old. just to clear that i’m not some teen who thinks vito is the best thing since sliced bread or boxer shorts.

    • Cheryl Ulrich


    • A Close Friend

      Lunna- I would like to say that I am also a very good friend of Vito’s. He is a best friend of mine. He is a good person and a great father. He has gone through hard times. I would also say that I know Will and was a friend of his. He was a gret person and did nothing to deserve something like this. I can also tell you that Vito did not care enough about his sister to do something like this because of who she was sleeping with. There are peices of the story that are missing. The news only know some things, and so do the police.

      I hope we will soon find out what happened, although I’mnot sure we will.

      Will did not deserve to have this happen.

  • frankie

    I agree with Vicki, however lets all remember there is a poor family out there who lost their son in a horrific manner and it has been in the papers, on the news and will be for days. How would you like to hear the ugly details about how your loved one died. Noone deserves to be dismembered or murdered for that reason.
    I believe PA needs to start executing some of these death row prisoners and send a signal out to all these pigs who thinks it is okay to take a life! If King did something and Vito was just defending himself what would happen if this so call up standing citizen felt he had to defend himself against his child, or parent? I don’t think that would be okay. The animal deserves to be behind bars and put to death once found guilty. If King was sleeping with Vito’s sister as some of the reports have said, that is between the sister and King and not Vito!
    Wake up Lunna if this is what you call a stand up citizen, I am sort of wondering what type of person you are.

    • lunna

      you can wonder what type of person i am. but you don’t know me from adam. so who are you to throw stones.

      • Chuuch

        Luna you dont know will, Honkey! Vito’s Italian self was mad cause his sister was having sex with a black guy. Go to hell with Vito!

      • Somethingtothinkabout

        I understand that that was your friend, and you’re going to have the natural instinct to defend him. However, to speak ill of the dead is highly disrespectful to Will, and to his family. Whether he was defending himself or not, I know that Will is not the kind of person to threaten him to the point that he was in fear of his life, and therefore, regardless of the situation, he had no reason or right to kill him and dismember his body. His family and friends will never be able to properly say goodbye to him because of what your friend did.

      • Lisa

        I know for a fact that vito was not at any time threatened by king cuz Vito had a black belt in ti kwon do. So Vito had control of the situation at all times. Luna u didn’t know everything about him

      • Jess

        I think Vito is part Native American..

  • Annetta

    Wow…. Will was brutally murdered and dismembered, and you’re talking about his race? So if he was white, then this would be tragic, but because he’s black, it makes it valid? Maybe you need to take a look in the mirror and see who the real animal is in this situation, because its certainly not Will.

    • lunna

      something to think about and chuuch, now who is being racist here. i have african american friends as well. they all knew vito and they all go along with vito. in this world you have american’s then you have the honkey, but also you have african american’s and then you have the n word. also we are already in hell. some people can’t handle seeing sibling being with someone of another race. as to annetta, i said all human’s are animals in some form or another doesn’t matter what color or your background. as far as anything. vito or king didn’t deserved what happened to either one. king didn’t deserve to be hacked up like he was. but be that as it may. no one should die like that. i guess i didn’t make it clear enough. but if you read the later msg’s you would have seen that. i’m going to look at like this. both vito and king were at fault for both of their actions. king isn’t here to tell his side of the story and to what really went down. so there for we will never know as to what happened. that’s all be can be said nothing more nothing less.

    • PSC~JOE

      MURDER is never a valid act, DISMEMBERMENT is not a normal behavior, white black, brown yellow or red. Tragic ,Yes. Race issue, NO.

      • Annetta

        That is exactly my point. The fact that race is even being brought up here is disturbing…

  • lunna

    also it was also told that king and vito sister were doing drugs. that came from inside source. i’m not going to mention names. that’s what the police and media left out. and we all know that it’s never going to get out. if king and vito’s sister were shooting up then you never know what king was saying let alone what he might have done to vito. but as far as anything goes. all human are animals in some form or another. there are some that can kill without thought and some they can kill and feel giulty about it. but there are a few that just don’t respect human life because of what we people to do ourselves. yes i agree what vito did was not horrible by any means and king shouldn’t have died. but like i said before we can’t go back to the weekend and change the outcome. but also with someone doing drugs as what was said to me. vito may have blamed king for his sister doing drugs. who knows.

    • Sick

      Lunna, I would just love to know who you are. Your inside sources. I get it I would not expect this sort of thing form Vito but come on I knew Will as well and he aint like that. So don’t tarnish a man’s name who can’t defend himself.

  • lunna

    i meant it was horrible. sorry.

    • nirwin

      your are crazy no one deserves to die like that no matter what was going on Vito was and is wrong i don’t feel sorry for him i feel sorry for his kids i do feel sorry for the king family and his sister is a grown women so i think she can make her own decisions

  • Unknown

    Lunna are you crazy? you are defending a MURDERER right now? Do you realize how crazy you sound? “may king got what he desrves””
    IS THAT A JOKE? You’re saying he DESERVED to get murdered? Who says stuff like that? I understand you “know vito”, well did you know him well enough that he would kill people? What if it would have been you who “got what they deserved” I’m sure if it was someone you knew who was the one who was murdered you would feel completely different.

  • ....

    I think the reason why the case of Will being black was brought up and Vito being Italian was because throughout history it isn’t a shocker that it would be looked down upon with a white person having sexual affairs with a black person, and vise versa. Even though we have come far from the terrible days of the 60;s. there is still a negative stigma with interracial dating/sexual affairs….

    The fact that race was brought up makes me sick to my stomach, but it was only a matter of time before someone mentioned the difference.
    I mean you have to look at it from all angles.
    As for the crime, it has to do with pure hatred…. I truly feel sorry for Will’s family.

    As for the time being, I think it is nothing but disrespectful to talk negatively of the dead. May Will rest in peace…

    • Big Daddy Kahuna

      Right on!

    • John

      If vito is predudise then why does he have kids to an Asian woman he is not. He just didn’t like the fact that his sister was gettin it in.

      • chris

        yea, and why is CYF investigating him because he threatened to kill his childs my 2 weeks ago. look it up

      • wow

        You can be PREJUDICE against any race. Just because he has kids with an Asian woman doesn’t rule out that he can’t be prejudice against african americans?

  • lunna

    to unknown, i have been there, but i also look from the other’s perspective as well. maybe i am a little crazy. considering that i work as a informant. maybe he did maybe he didn’t but one thing is for sure. that the task force that deals with the drugs knew that vito’s sister was selling and buying, im not saying he deserved to get murdered. i know vito real well. i know the only way he would have hurt someone is if they were trying to hurt him. but like i said we human’s are animals as well. some just hide it better than others.

    • A Close Friend

      I can tell you that Natalie WAS doing drugs. She is having a hard time with that…

      I can also tell you that Will was not.

  • Unknown

    Lunna I truly believe you don’t mean to sound as horrible as what your originally typed came out….I think you just need to clarify what you are truly trying to say

  • lunna

    if i wasn’t clerifying it enough then i’m srry.

  • Big Daddy Kahuna

    Well folks, he is innocent until proven guilty, but looks like they got their man!

  • lunna

    it’s more like our guilty until proven innocent. even if you found the body or anything for that matter. your atomatically on the susspects list until your innocence if proven.

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