Traffic Stop Leads To SWAT Situation In Collier Twp.

COLLIER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — A man is facing charges after a traffic stop in Collier Township late this afternoon sent the SWAT team to a local home.

Authorities say the driver who was pulled over during that stop on Thoms Run Road is being charged with making a false statement and risking a catastrophe. He has been identified as Shane Murphy.

According to investigators, Collier Township police pulled the driver over for speeding and reportedly found drugs and money inside the car.

Officials say the driver told police he had purchased the drugs from the 23-year-old occupant of a home on Ewing Road. Police say they then determined that there was a warrant out for that man’s arrest.

That’s when Collier police called in the Allegheny County SWAT team for back up.

“We had reason to believe there were guns in the house and instead of us sending our officers in, we requested Allegheny County SWAT team to come in and back us up in serving the search warrant. They took charge of the situation there,” said Chief Thomas Devin, of the Collier Township Police. “When they got out there, they found out that the actor was no longer there. He was no longer in the state; he had moved to Florida.”

Police say the driver who was stopped later told authorities that he made the story up. Murphy’s passenger, Cody Kinder, is also facing charges.

Authorities say no shots were fired in the SWAT incident.

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  1. your momma says:

    should have shot and killled him. shoot at a cop u must die,

    1. Dan says:

      F you Jeff….

  2. Turbo says:

    Free Chenzo

  3. Joeb says:

    They brought everyone the cpd had must have been a high value target

  4. 4thAmmend says:

    If local police would investigate their own behavior as vigorously as they do small amounts of drugs, we’d have to build a whole new prison for the county


    I wish I knew where in Florida this guy is because I would tell police his whereabouts.

    1. Dg says:

      Your a puss

  6. DG says:

    Collier cops think there something special for bustin “someeone” with weed they aint nothing. They called swat cause there pusses. Hustle or die.

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