Parkway West DUI Crash Injures 2

ROBINSON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) – Two people were injured in an early Sunday morning DUI crash on the Parkway West.

According to State Police, the two-vehicle accident happened around 1 a.m. near the Campbell’s Run Road exit in Robinson Township.

A Chevy Cobalt being driven by Taylor Walters, 23, of Coraopolis struck a Nissan Murano traveling west in the center lane.

Walters was ejected from the vehicle after striking the guardrail on the right side of the road.

She suffered serious injuries in the crash. Police detected alcohol on Walters’ breath as she spoke at the scene.

The driver of the other vehicle suffered a minor injury.

The investigation is ongoing.


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One Comment

  1. Ace Slick says:

    Let me get this straight.

    Young woman drunk, no seat belt, wrong way on the Parkway, wrecks and could have killed many.

    Most probably yapping on the cell phone at the same time.

    She’ll cry at the hearing and the judge will show sympathy, and she’ll be back out there to do it again real soon.

    People like this should be prevented from driving the rest of their lives. The law needs to get tough with these kind. Now!

    1. Offended by Ignorant People says:

      First of all, no one said drunk. You’ve never had a glass of wine at a friends house then drove home? Really?

      Secondly, if she were on the cell phone, don’t you think the police and media would have run with that? Right. She was not on her phone.

      Third, learn how to read. Where does it say she was driving the wrong way? Don’t you think that would make a much better headline and story if she were?

      And finally, she’s barely alive right now… the last thing on ANYONE’S mind is a hearing. Don’t talk about what you don’t know. She’s got family and friends who are worried about her. Accident’s happen. You’re not perfect. No one is.

      1. ha says:

        ummm she was going the wrong way….guess he knew more than you.

      2. PplonhereareMORONS says:

        Hey Offended, maybe just maybe you should keep your pie hole shut until YOU know what is going on.

        Now all the other stuff about the phone and crying I dont really care about but this girl was drunk and driving the wrong way which shoots down 2 of your 3 points..Not a good percentage if you ask me.

    2. Rachel says:

      sure ace, because you know her so well. it’s easy to criticize other people huh? and the law is tough, don’t worry.

  2. Joe says:

    The incident occurred in Collier Township and 3 people were injured.

  3. Shawn says:

    I agree with ace slick; I could not have said it any better.

  4. Trip says:

    I know Taylor. I went to high school with her. Ace, how many people don’t wear seatbelts? How many people talk on the phone while driving? And don’t assume she was… She works hard,, got good grades in school… A good person that made a really dumb mistake if she was drinking…and don’t assume she will cry to a judge and don’t assume she will be out there again cuz you don’t know her…

  5. samantha says:

    Seriously!! She is my bestfriend and would do anything for anyone!! Everyone makes mistakes in which teaches them lessions in life.. you think after this accident suffering all the pain she’s going though isn’t enough????? I’m a strong believer that she will learn from this and more from the pain and embarrassment from people like you then with the charges she will be faced with. I’m sure you made mistakes in your life? haven’t we all?! She is seriously a good person in heart that will learn from this.. GUARANTEED!!!!!! So until you know someone or even better yet know the facts in hand maybe you should just keep you comments to yourself!

    1. jon says:

      Sorry about your friend but this is a tad bigger than a mistake. She is very fortunate that she didnt kill someone like that moron Travis from Green County.

  6. Heidi says:

    To those of you that are friends or family of this girl, I hope that she has a quick recovery. Nevertheless, an accident caused by driving after drinking is NOT a mistake, it is a choice. She is very fortunate that no one was killed by this accident; imagine the grief your friend would have to live the rest of her life with. People should not wait until something like this happens to learn how to make good decisions regarding driving under the influence. If you drink, don’t drive…period.

    1. Heidi says:

      BTW – not to sound like a public service announcement, but you should always make sure you and your passengers are wearing seat belts…those who don’t are just not being realistic about the consequences of deciding not to do so.

  7. samantha says:

    Well obviously! Her family and friends realizes that.. but there are mistakes people makes in their life that other people shouldn’t judge the person unless they know them.. PERIOD! She’s not a big girl so she could of had two drinks and this accident could of happen.. where does it say how much she drunk or her blood alcohol content?? Exactly nowhere! she could have 2 drinks and blow the same as a grown man that had 10.. All that the officer said was he smelt it.. Big deal! He could of smelt it from one glass of like I said when all of you know the facts maybe you should be on here giving your opinion until then do your research.

  8. bia says:

    I know this girl, went to the same school. Good person obviously making a bad decision as with most young people.

    As for her friend, you repeatedly mention facts but your statements include he could have smelt that with one wine glass and she could have two drinks compared to a grown adults ten? Do you even know what facts are, do you understand what bac is and how it works? The point isn’t hore many she drank or what he could have smelt it from, the point is she was drunk enough to enter a highway in the wrong direction and put her and innocent lives in danger…I’m glad you show support for your friend, she needs it. She’ll be needing rides for awhile to so I hope your that caring. would you still be supporting her with your horrible points if she killed a person or two?

    obviously theres a reason they say don’t drink and drive

  9. click says:

    I personally think you really shouldn’t comment on the issue until you know the facts. Yes it is a huge issue that she will have to take whatever type of punishment they give her. To sit there and say she would probably cry to the judge so she gets off makes you an ignorant person. I personally know her and she will learn from this. The thing to look at is that no one was killed. Yeah someone could have been but no one was. I was involved in a head on collision. A drunk driver hit me, I suffered saver injuries but I am okay now. I don’t hate the person that hit me because I’m okay now. Also, I know that they have to live with the decision they made that night. As she will have to live with.

  10. k says:

    May or may not believe me.. this girl was sitting near me at the bar. She was incredibly intoxicated. Bumping into everyone, spilling multiple drinks. She was cut off by the bartenders. My question is, why did her 2 friends let her drive? A question I’m sure they keep asking themselves. And if my sober memory serves me correctly…. it was more like 4 white russians, 4 vegas bombs. And that’s just the drinks I heard her order between 11 and her departure. Not the drinks she had from 9 and 11. It wasn’t easy to miss her, she was a sight to watch. The guys nipples she was licking might have had alcohol on them too.
    Speedy recover and maybe some rehab… Lesson learned, I wish I would have spoken up but I was afraid to intervene because she was so angry at the bartender and I did not want any trouble. Thank god no one died…

    1. Rachel says:

      and “K”.. i’m glad you can man up and just put a letter for your name. and i’m also glad you were “so afraid” to do the right thing, like the fake friends she was hanging out with that night. i think it’s also really cool that you were having such a great time at the bar that you couldn’t find anything more interesting to focus on and you know exactly what she ordered. were you the bartender that kept serving her? what was she wearing? what were her friend’s names? how long was her hair? did she did she use the bathroom while she was there? if so, how many times? were you truly sober? i feel bad that your date was that boring. i feel bad that they came out with you actually. or maybe you went alone and you were blogging about someone else on while you were sipping your 4th captain and coke and wishing you could think of something better to do.i mean it’s all hearsay right? might as well keep the story going. but maybe you should have said/done something if you thought it was so bad and you would feel a little better about yourself instead of complaining about it on a message board. i feel bad for people like you.

  11. Change needed says:

    Thanks “K’. Now the truth comes out.

    This poor, poor innocent girl that everyone says keep your comments to yourself about, is a self centered angry drunk.

    I like the others that posted here hope she does some hard time for this. Otherwise people like her never learn.

  12. L says:

    So K sees a drunk girl at a bar and hears about an accident and assumes it was the same girl. That’s funny…. especially because she wasn’t drunk. Anyone here see the police report? I did. No BAC. He just smelled alcohol on her.

    Just saying…

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