Minivan Bumps Stroller Downtown, Child Not Harmed

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A woman and a child she was pushing in a stroller were not injured when they were nearly struck by a minivan Monday morning.

The incident happened at the corner of Seventh Street and Penn Avenue downtown around 7 a.m.

According to police, the woman saw her bus coming and quickly changed directions in the street.

“I hit a stroller lady. [She crossed] in front of me and I was on my way to work,” Robert Taylor said. “That’s the only thing I was worried about was that the kid was fine. I just bumped the stroller. It didn’t even bend the stroller, they just took the kid to the hospital for precaution to make sure that everything’s fine.”

The woman and child were taken to a hospital to be examined.

It appears that they were not injured and police said it was not the driver’s fault.


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One Comment

  1. dawn says:

    i see women dragging their kids into the street with oncoming traffic all the time. losers!

  2. Mr Soho says:

    She try to file a law suit that her kid is permanently damaged, because its always someone elses fault.

  3. Downtown Worker says:

    I see mothers almost daily, training their children to ignore traffic lights and walk signs. It’s a wonder we don’t see more sotries of children struck by cars.

    I will say though, that there are way too many adult pedestrians AND DRIVERS, who ignore the lights and signs. It’s dog eat dog cometition, and it escalates every year. If you doubt this, just spend a half hour or say and weekday morning rush hour, watching the intersection of Liberty and Stanwix.

  4. Jane & Joan says:

    Gimme a break!

    “Bumps” the stroller and kid is OK. KDKA finds this front page news? Where’s the story about the Oral girls and their fraud?

  5. Shawn says:

    People just walk anywhere downtown especially those people after they leave the benedum center on 7th St totally ignore traffic and just cross n middle of traffic like they have bumpers on their butts.

  6. Yup says:

    Be the mom was on a CELL PHONE

  7. JP says:

    How many of us bus riders, who rely completely on the unforgiving schedule of city transit, have rushed to keep our hectic days on track and failed to pay 100% attention to our surroundings? How many of us with personal vehicles have been surprised by pedestrians while concentrating on the myriad items that require our focus while driving in a city? Personally, I am very thankful that every person involved was unharmed. Not all front page new stories end so happily.

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