SWAT Team Called To Manchester Home

MANCHESTER (KDKA) – The SWAT team was called to a home in Manchester Monday morning for a possible hostage situation.

According to police, the incident started out as a domestic with a husband assaulting his wife around 6 a.m.

When their teenage child tried to break up the fight, the husband grabbed a gun.

He surrendered peacefully when police arrived at the home in the 1200-block of Pennsylvania Avenue.

The incident lasted less than an hour.


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  • scott

    Do these guy’s need overtime or what.

  • Mr. Soho

    Can it be called News when its a daily occurence, like the shootings.

  • chris

    if only every taxpayer out there had any idea about how much tax money was being wasted on this nonsense . what a joke.

  • lt. eugene

    no they dont need the o.t. but they are more than happy to steal it from us taxpayers. wait here’s an idea, we need a swat team to go out after the swat team every time they steal our tax dollars !

  • One small voice

    The Unions elect the democrats and they reward them with Big pensions, benefits, OT, etc. It sounds like a conflict of interest to me. Who protests for the average Joe when our health costs go up and pensions down.

  • homer

    just alot of ACCIDENTALLY misplaced luggage !

  • mike

    What a joke. To be there is to truly appreciate it. It looks like the keystone kops. Bunch of whackers,hup,hup,hup,. Absolutely ridiculous. Plus the suspect is long gone before they get there 80% of the time. It’s like killing a a mosquito with a nuclear weapon.. I think it’s a scam to get overtime. Disgraceful.

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